ATG Chapter 222

Chapter 222 is brought to you by Scrya and not much of alyschu.

This chapter is the last regular chapter of the week! alyschu is totally not double posting because she forgot about it. Nope. Teaser set for 222 shall move in with 223 since it’s still relevant :D..

Edit: I realized I wasn’t clear about this but when I say last regular chapter of the week, I’m just talking about the regular chapters that we’ve committed to a week. It doesn’t mean that it’ll be the last chapter of the week! There will be a chapter tomorrow! I say this with full confidence because I spied on 223 earlier. Yes, I am a ninja.

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    1. that ninja saga or something? i remember playing it.. to bad that there weren’t a lot of game content.. as fast you became maximum level.. it got boring since you had already become “the strongest” and
      there were nothing left to do… (it´s a solo game with guilds, but they haven’t developed the guild system enough to make it fun enough to play online)

  1. Suddenly, the rocky walls of the fissure began to shake and my life-saving mattress began to shift. My eyes bulged out and I began to look around for something to hold onto, but I wasn’t fast enough! The mattress slipped free from it’s perch and sent me tumbling down into the darkness. I thought I was done for, but suddenly, I was blasted upwards by an geyser of icy cold water. The giant geyser carried me far past the entrance of the fissure, sending me hundreds of meters into the air before it ran out of power. I stared up at the sky as my body began to make it’s journey back to earth.
    “To have chapter 222 so soon after chapter 221 has truly lifted my spirit sky-high…”

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