ATG Chapter 221

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  1. I hung on as long as I could, my arm trembling and my fingers screaming with pain. Alas, my tired hands suddenly slipped from the rocks I had been clinging to. I scrambled desperately for a moment, but it was no use. I fell through the empty air, the wind of my plummet whipping at my clothes as I took one last look at the sky that looked suspiciously like my computer screen. I closed my eyes in quiet acceptance as the desparing darkness of the chasm swallowed me up. Suddenly, my body hit a surprisingly soft and bouncy surface that absorbed the impact of my fall and then sent my body back into the air for a moment before I was finally allowed to rest on the strange objects surface. I cracked my eyes open cautiously and look around to see that the object that had stopped my fall was an air mattress crammed between the two rocky walls of rhw fissure. I looked over the edge of the mattress to see that the bottom of the chasam was still shrouded in an impenetrable darkness. Then I looked I up to see the sliver of sky that still shone down on me and my salvation.
    “Ah, I see, chapter 221 wasn’t a simple rope, but instead a holy life-saving mattress of the highest caliber…”

    Thank you for the chapter!

    1. Lol and the dramatic conclusion of books fate. Now how will he escape from the chasm’s edge? Will chapter 222 be a flying beast to carry him away? Will someone come rescue him from atop the cliff? Or will he dive further into the chasm and hope for salvation? Shall he ever escape this perilous fate? To be continued in chapter 222(comment section).

      Thanks for the chapter btw

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