ATG Chapter 220

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  1. The following chapter will be so delicious 😀 .
    You don’t play with fire in front of yun che .
    Poor burning Fen Juebi clan.
    Ho ho ho.

    Also thx to all who made this chapter possible.

  2. Such a terrible cliffhanger. Funny trying to burn a guy who can’t be burned. Foolish Foolish Burning Heaven Clan. Never stood a chance at all. I’m pretty sure the older brother could hop up on stage and still not stand a chance.

    Thanks for the Chapter.

  3. OMG, mad wait for chapter 221…Chapter 220 is such a cliffhanger n i feel like thats precisely why theyre holding back next chapter from us…but I do think that next release will be double chapter…hopefully

      1. ur probably right. Though the anticipation right now kills, i guess it’s worth it in the end when u get to read consecutive chapters. N honestly, the rate at which they release chapters is pretty damn fast, especially considering they’re probably busy with school at times. Hopefully, the chapters will be out by tomorrow morning.

  4. Rocks cut painfully into my hands as I hang desperately from the massive cliff, a dark ravine tens of meters below my dangling feet. The blood trickling from cut hands begins to make the rocks that are my handholds slippery and hard to grasp.
    “A rope! Quickly! I need the rope known as chapter 221!!!”

  5. There are previews until CH 224 so hopefully they will release a handful of chapters together! BTW I haven’t thanked alyschu and co. in awhile so thanks a lot for getting me addicted to ATG!

  6. ARRRRRRGGGHHHH!!! I can’t complain bc i’m not a donor and the translators are already awesome for translating any chapters for free but this cliffhanger! why stop the daily release now of all days!? :'( this is torture I wanna see Yun Che whip out a can of whoop ass already on Fen Juebi x_x

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