ATG Chapter 216

Chapter 216 is brought to you by Scrya and some of alyschu.

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  1. it´s frustrating when theres so many ATG chapter but no DE chapter, it makes me sad
    i don’t mean it in a sense that DE is better and that there shouldn’t be any ATG chapter, just that i i miss those good DE mc who´s less of a playboy….

    1. You’re complaining about the main being a playboy in a story with a harem tag lol And playboy would imply he just uses women for fun, which he doesn’t, he cares one way or another about all of them.

      1. well, actually.. his first plan with the princess girl were to make her fall in love with him or something in that style so he could use her.. imma not sure 100% what he wanted but I’m pretty sure he wanted to use her! that should count in the playboy category tho, heh!

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