ATG Chapter 211

That feeling when you’re ahead of your planned schedule of releases and regular chapters of next week appear early.. and wow, thursday is probably the earliest a regular chapter has come out!

Chapter 211 is next week’s first regular chapter brought to you by 7ofSpades and touched by alyschu. Enjoy~!

Edit: The queue is huge, so don’t worry about not having any chapters next week.

20 thoughts on “ATG Chapter 211” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I can’t wait till he pulls out that sky rank sword he stole from that stone giant lol. People in the audience are going to be like WTFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. U guys are playing with the souls of so many mortals! just 1 chapter :/, i was hopeing a hundred! haahahahah that would be shocking beyond belief! just like Yun Che eheheh…

    Thanks for the chapter 😉

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