ATG Chapter 209 and 210

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  1. Two more chapters!?! I love you alyschu! Can I marry you? Or not, since that’d take time away from your translating… 😛
    Oh, I love Rainbow, Scrya, and the rest of the team too… don’t get jealous! >. <

  2. Thank you, Amazing job. Nice stopping point also. Kudos to the team of translators. The ball is now rolling! The faires know Smirk che training is abnormal. And people can see he is not simple. ATG is getting so good.

  3. Ty for the chapters. I swear reading this makes me feel like some sort of addict. I must have checked the homepage 70+ times today checking for updates…..between this an MGA I don’t know which one I want to have chapters for more…

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