ATG Chapter 204

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  1. I´m really confused, didn´t fen juechen not go to the tournament because he was humiliated by Yun Che? Seeing as there is only 1 name on the Blue Wind participant list.

        1. A lot of the names are fairly similar because they come from a different language that when translated means different things. So, despite the fact that it’s a one letter difference, the meaning is actually something else entirely. Not to mention Fen Juecheng was brought up before Fen Juechen and they clearly pointed out the power differences in earlier chapters. Fen Juecheng is in the Earth Profound Level which is much different than the Spirit Profound Level that they mentioned when he fought Fen Juechen.

          1. Thanks for the clarification, i have been thinking that the stalker guy who likes princess was the same Fen as the one with rank 1 in blue wind academy.

        2. Remember, these characters were originally written in CHINESE characters… so it’d be more obvious to Chinese readers…. sadly, in English, its just hell…

          And easy way to remember who is who for these siblings

          1 was a loser that didn’t go, and it’d focus on that.
          1 is actually participating
          1 is chasing the princess and isn’t a part of the tournament.

          Ignore their names and just use at as a reminder for it being those siblings, then check their actions to know who is who.

          If he’s chasing the Princess, he’s the eldest, and if he is fighting in the tournament, he’s the middle.

          That way, you’d easily know which child is which.

  2. Ehm, lately while reading ATG, I have been quite confused about the different levels of Profound Realms.
    If i recall correctly, i understood that the levels were ranked as following:
    But lately it sometimes seems as if the Earth Profound Realm doesnt exist. If anyone can help clear this out for me, i would really appriciate it 🙂

    1. How does it look like the Earth Profound realm doesn’t exist? It is mentioned often and most of the people shown able to crush our MC were of the Earth realm…

      1. Recently a lot of characters have been either spirit realm or sky realm, i assume it´s so that the opponents can easily split into “beatable for Yun Che” or “unbeatable for Yun Che”.

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