ATG Chapter 202 and 203

Even I didn’t know that we’ll be releasing three chapters today…

Chapter 202 is brought to you by alyschu and OverTheRanbow.
This chapter was sponsored by Jordan M and thomas c.

Chapter 203 is the secret surprise chapter brought to you by Scrya and not much of lewdchu that’s going to be the second regular chapter of next week. Enjoy your chick tea and happy belated 200th chapter!

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  1. Eventhough im a total Xianxia addict, im new to the whole comment thingy spare me some slack in case in mess up. ^^ First of, hi all, second thing, all of u heart warmingly good ppl called translators ..u do such a terrific job here on WW ..u got me completely hooked up, well yeah i somewhat blame you guys.. but i guess ill stick to the being all thankfull perspective. THX Guys. 🙂

    Oh and FYI ..if thats what we get out of you guys not knowing what you’re doing … stop planning already! *Bows* to Alyschu-sensei *bows* to OtR-sensei im in your care from now on, yeah u kind of got to live with that, thats what u get for sellin the good stuff!

  2. Holy Molly!!! U guys are the best!!! really , one of the best novel i have ever read , and is getting more and more interesting!!! A million thanks for all the effort all off u put to make it happend!!!

    Thanks to de donators to!!

  3. Thank you alyschu, OverTheRanbow and Scrya for the chapters you have brought to us today. Extremely happy to read about ATG. hehe Its such a awesome way to start the new day with new ATG chapters.

        1. I would hope not. that’d be kinda ridiculous, i mean there’d be not real backing to the story at all. i mean unless ur fine with having a story where you have no grasp on the MCs or the characters surrounding them. besides that it would really shorten up the book as a whole. personally im looking forward to him dropping some jaws in the tourney and how he’s gonna get out of the situation with all 3 of the women hes involved with in one area hahaha

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