ATG Chapter 193 and 194

A brand new week, starting with two brand new regular chapters and a new member! I have started to open up translator recruitment again so throw yourself at me if you wish to join us here for ATG~

Chapter 193 is brought to you by RedWingedXyl.. I mean RenWoXing and not much of alyschu.
Chapter 194 is brought to you by 7ofSpades, some of gloo, and some of alyschu.


Edit: I saw some comments here. FYI guys, my laundry comment had nothing to do with 193. LOL.

14 thoughts on “ATG Chapter 193 and 194” - NO SPOILERS

  1. No matter how hard you try to deny it Alyschu the commenters know the truth of the Laundry!!

    Cheers for the chapters all! Including that newbie RenWoXing!!

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