ATG Chapter 190, 191, 192

A triple whammy! I need to do my laundry so this post will be quick.

Chapter 190 is brought to you by choco and some of alyschu. This chapter is sponsored by Caleb G and Rosalio C.

Chapter 191 is brought to you by alyschu. This chapter is sponsored by Rosalio C.

Chapter 192 is brought to you by Scrya and some of alyschu. This chapter is sponsored by Rosalio C and anon. Thanks guys! Enjoy your read!

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  1. Thanks for this amazingness *.*

    This whole week you played with me, first so many releases then back to normal and then one day . . . nothing. I was devastated. I needed my fix. Then you returned and i calmed down.
    And now . . . overdose
    you are killing me but i love it!

    Keep it up and know: you are awesome!

  2. You know, Crackdealer translated chapter 200, and basically gave permission for you to take it… so please take it so that you could directly work on the 201st chapter and speed things along (though you should mention that he gave permission to take it and treat it as a bonus chapter).

    Why do extra work when you don’t need to do it? If someone did it for you, just thank them and accept it.

    That’s all I’m gonna say about this XD

  3. I happened to reload the page after I read chapter 189 and was pleading in my heart that the next chapter was available……but 3 chapters is just too much and made me scream like a maniac…. or bieber fan girl 😀

  4. wooohooo freaking awesome. ty very much for the translations and the ppls that have sponsored. Its fantastic getting 3 chapts today, esp on a saturday. I hope that we get some on sunday too. 😀

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