ATG Chapter 189

Everyone was a bit busy lately with their own closed door training but here’s Chapter 189!

Brought to you by alyschu and some of gloo, this chapter was sponsored Caleb G! Thanks Caleb!

I’m not going to bring your hopes up but I’m going to have some time tomorrow because Saturday. Enjoy the chapter!

20 thoughts on “ATG Chapter 189” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thank you, alyschu and gloo!

    I just started reading Against The Gods and I’m really enjoying it. Now I have 4 series to read here at WuxiaWorld! Although I did temporarily stop reading one of them for now (BTTH.)

    I’m really enjoying the story so far, especially how Yue Che is similar but different from Chu Feng. While Chu Feng is outright and bold in his destruction, Yue Che is a master of manipulation. It’s interesting!

  2. Alyschu, my thanks to you!
    Don’t worry I ain’t forgot about Gloo!!
    You both receive my thanks O F C!
    Now I’m off to read this A T G!

  3. so ATG went back to it’s former pace…..????
    I just found out that Alyschu is translating a novel novel named ” Demonic king chased his ass ” or something…… where does all this time come from……???
    While we Desperate ATG fans wait in a Baden land

    1. Hey, I just found out that alyschu also spends like 2-3 hours a day eating, spends 8 hours sleeping, and even spends a few hours each day in class! How outrageous! Where does she get time to do this when she should be translating ATG instead?!

      (this is irony, btw)

      Be nice.

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