ATG Chapter 188

Chapter 188 is brought to you by choco and some of alyschu.

This chapter was sponsored by Catalina I and Caleb G. Thank them!!

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  1. I was just thinking, “Man I hope there’s a new chapter of ATG by now!”
    And lo and behold, Chocolate and Sneezy have given!
    (see, sneezy is my new name for alyschu because it sounds like “a-choo”)

  2. On the right it said: Support Skyfire Avenue!

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    Had the Skyfire donation bar instead of the one for Against the Gods… O.o

  3. Oh god! its what i feared the most!! When ATG goes at a super fast pace, and then suddenly within in a normally decent time there is nothing!! ahhhhhh!!! i can’t take it!!! *bang!*

          1. best thing would be if this is just a small hiccup and that were back or close 2 the pace we had the last week or two within a short time 🙂

            in anycase it would be really great to get just some info wether or not we should expect realeases or if there’s gonna be a break/hiatus and the length of it, if possible 🙂

            EDIT: imma just gonna leave this post so ppl can see how stupid i look, since the next chapter of atg was uploaded while i wrote this post! LOOL

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