ATG Chapter 179

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. cant wait to find out what his new power(s) is and if “little fairy” going to follow the princess footstep of loving yun che.

    more chatpers plz plz plz. ill be your slave!

  2. this story is getting repetitive as hell, isn´t it a bit wtf to get a new bloodline for every 30-40chapters? we haven’t even hit 200chapters and our mc is getting one girl and powerup after another

    the current biggest unsolved question in my life is probably, why the hell I’m still reading the novel? it´s plot sucks but i still read it, thats a quite confusing thing ugh!

    1. The answer to that is easy. Because its so good that you can’t stop reading it but its not good enough to where you won’t stop complaining about the story.

    2. the way i see it is although he’s getting all of these benefits at the moment….if the story ends up going too the point of him confronting his parents enemy (which are apparently pretty powerful from how there described early in the story) and if he also goes against whoever put Jasmine in her current predicament…he’s gonna need all the help he can get if you ask me…though things could be spread out by a few years maybe but then you would be stuck reading a bunch a crappy filler stories then right? but whatever i leave that to the author to decide.

  3. Thanks for the release/chapter! On a side note…

    Quick translation idea/question: Why don’t you guys make two donation cues?

    Have one cue be the normal donation cue and have another cue be for quick extra chapter translations, and have those cues not overlap with each other. Make the second cue accordingly more expensive by some amount in order to make sure that you don’t get too many requests at once (and so that you get money that makes it worth it to translate that much quicker).

    I think fans would be pleased by the idea since it wouldn’t take anything away from what already is there, and it would just give people the possibility of paying extra to guarantee faster releases once in a while if you guys are willing.

    Thanks for reading this question.

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