ATG Chapter 178

That feeling when you’re going to class and your professor left a note on the door:
Emergency Notice
I’m sick
no class

Chapter 178 is brought to you by RWX (that new guy) and not much of alyschu. This chapter is sponsored by Hab H and Tim H. Title is spoilery so I only left the first letters there. Take a guess at what they stand for!

26 thoughts on “ATG Chapter 178” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. LoL considering that “Intelligence” describes someones ability to “read between the lines” (inter – legere) you @Owl certainly are in a class of your own 😉
      And thanks for the chapters to all who were involved in creating, translating, checking them.

  1. so good as long as it is a “no class” notice… a little bit more annoying when the notice is for an exam… especialy after you have woken up early in the morning and spent 3 hours in the car during a snow blizzard -_-‘

  2. Usually when that happens, i see my friends are sitting in the canteen before i get to the classroom. Also don’t they have a notification system with text messages sent to class when that happens? We get a text if a class gets canceled.

  3. Screw teachers. Most of them are just there to get their paycheck. They barely care about the students. So i just skip every lecture unless it’s mandatory. just reading the material and books needed is enough to pass the exams. Been doing that for 3 years now and I’m ready to receive my business degree.

    Books > Teachers.

    1. I know what you mean, I’ve been doing a DiBus and a paper I’m in I attend the lecture to assist others in deciphering the shit the lecturer puts on the board so they aren’t confused XD

    2. Or you can do both and learn even more? Don’t give the new college students bad advice lol!
      Tip 1: Don’t skip class! (even if the professors will skip on you)
      Tip 2: Study ahead of the class! Come to class having already read the chapter that’s going to be discussed!
      Tip 3: Don’t go to your room too quickly, stay on campus as much as possible! I never got anything done when I was at home “studying”, but could study for hours straight in the library.
      Tip 4: Unless you’re doing something like nursing or teaching where jobs are guaranteed as soon as you graduate, do as many internships as possible! Experience will give you a huge edge over people who merely got their degree!
      Tip 5: After shampooing your ahoge, make sure to follow up with a natural oil based conditioner. Allow the conditioner to remain in your hair for at least five minutes. Rinse and dry with a towel, but do not use a blow dryer! Comb your ahoge and walk outside, proud and confident.

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