ATG Chapter 175 and 176

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    1. There was a long debate-ish debate here, so read it at your pleasure.

      My stance is to ignore this malicious individual and I’m requesting that you edit out his “group name” out of your post or else I’ll be doing it myself after a while because I do not want any part of him here. Thank you for your time and enjoy your read.

      1. Humble suggestion from yours truly: why not *try* to make these chapters already released elsewhere as regular chapters and keep the queue for fresh chapters?

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        1. the problem is that those “chapter relesed elsewhere” are of the lowest possible quality (well not lowest since they are still better than MTL… but just above that…) even going as far as missing some important point… due to that they are most likely (and considering how Aly&co work I’m actualy 100% sure that it is actualy so) completely retranslated… so it’s not like they are actualy easier to translate because they already have a basic translation that only need some polishing ^^’ they have to be fully retranslated just like every other chapter… only “the other place” have the advantage of skipping chapters translated by Aly&co becuase they are actualy fully translated and worth reading and there is no way he would be able to actualy porduce similar quality translation ^^’

      2. My apologies. hadn’t read that and was unaware of the reaction or I would’ve deleted the groupname. Thank you for your continued efforts to bring us these great translations.

  1. Ugh a new guy working on ATG. Hopefully he doesn’t bring down the quality of wuxiaworld :D. Seriously tho Ren you a beast and the best! Glad to see you helping out the other translators when they are in need of helping clear out queues

  2. Hum so your sect has recrut some new disciple, do you have enough cultivation pills for the new guys because i know a genius doctor XD (don’t bully the new guys because i sense in him a hidden profund cultivation)
    Thanks you guys and good cultivation on your way of translation.

  3. What is the point of the link to “Manual Progress Report” below the Sponsor bar?
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  4. Thank you for the chapter!

    Been lurking here since the beginning of the site. Never make any comment, this is probably (I wonder? Do I have made any post?) my first post in this site.

    Just want to say my piece toward Alyschy & co, Again Thank you for translating ATG. You guys have been translating this series from beginning, just go at the usual pace. I’ve been following this series from your blog (WordPress), so please do continue until the end. I’m still going to ride abroad this journeys.

    P/S: Alyschu, are you not gonna update your site anymore? I still prefer wordpress though. Haha… sorry about it if this thing add more your burden. Feel free to ignore this post….

  5. I hope you guys are not pushing yourself 2 hard…. Really this is a f*cked up situation. Well either way thanks for the chapters guys and even if it doesnt mean much, i will stay here on wuxia 100%!

  6. great , thanks for all that you are doing , i only read from here and i actually dont know the other site and i dont even bother searching since i heard the quality LOL , thanks and can’t wait for more !! stay healthy !!

  7. I wish to thank the entire team of ATG including Alyschu, OverTheRanbow, Gloo, Choco, RenWoXing, and all the others apart from James who have helped to date. I also wish to thank the donators. I don’t write many messages but I appreciate your hard work and I’m sorry you had a deceiver and liar and thief pretending to join your team to poach your story for money. I have not and will not visit his site. I say f*ck him for his evil and greedy ways. But I love you guys and your hard work so please keep it up and ignore all the haters. From a loyal financially poor leecher, Hairy Dan.

  8. ty for the chapter and wellcome to mister RedWingedXylophone … I have hope for this new translator… maybe one day he will become someone worth of shouldering his own project…


    /me run away

  9. Thx for the chapters guys.

    Its a real shame for the donated money to overlap the same chapters though… But in any case, given the website and the user name, i dont think decency is his first priority… So im not fully surpised that u cant work together with him… That aside, if i were u, i would just retranslate a bit on what the other guy did, but repost that outside of your donation queue. That way, no donations are thrown away for double chapters… In any case, u guys have about 500+ chapters to go on right?

    Just my two cents…
    Btw, feel free to delete this post if it bugs u.

    1. Friendly reminder that alyschu and her team have repeatedly said that they would like to ignore the issue. We, as a community, would be respecting their wishes by not bringing it up anymore. Of course, you’re free to do what you want! Cheers!

      1. Well, water under the bridge….

        The other guy gave up. Apparently ren managed to convince him to retire…
        Hope this wont slow down the whole site progress…

        In any case, thx to all translators that works hard and giving us these great novels. Such a shame if we have never read any of these stories…

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