ATG Chapter 170

I feel like I’ve fallen back into my summer habit of squeezing in a chapter before bedtime.. Chapter 170 will be the last regular chapter of next week brought to you by choco, gloo, and alyschu.

Scrya has been knocked off the throne of Swagilicious Justice and thus, next week (tomorrow, actually today, since it’s past midnight) shall be choco the Exam Conqueror’s Reign of Pikachus and Reindeers! Since it’s past midnight, happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone!

16 thoughts on “ATG Chapter 170” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thanks Alyschu, Gloo, Choco and everybody else participated in the translation. You guys did an awesome work, and yet the it seems you don’t take any money. From what I’d seen, the sponsor ‘meter’ never decrease for months. You guys even pump up the chapter release. That is very awesome.
    Again, thanks a lot. I really love this book. When it reach its peak, I think it will be equally awesome as Coiling Dragon.

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