ATG Chapter 169

Hi all, it’s a bit early but Chapter 169 is going to be one of next week’s regular chapters! This chapter was brought to you by Scrya, choco, and alyschu.

ps. I also found out that Scrya’s favorite girl isn’t Saber but Astolfo

You guys may have to bribe him with pictures of her because Scrya’s one week vacation has now ended :(!!

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        1. Yes, Astolfo’s a boy, it has been confirmed in the novel but his “status plate” indicate “le secret” for his gender. So people can see and imagine whatever they want, maybe in another Fate series, Astolfo’s a girl 🙂 !

    1. I apologize but with only three comments on wuxiaworld, two being the same message of somewhat advertisement, you are being suspected as one of his throwaway accounts.

  1. soo why is it a regular chapter in advance instead of a sponsored if the thingy is 400% , idk it feels more and more that the other translator is in the right here…

    1. Scrya has been translating almost all the sponsored chapters this week, and it is time for the other translators to get a slice of the sponsored amount next week. We have a sign up sheet for our translators and I assign the chapter their type to make it as fair as possible in hopes that nobody will get the short end of the stick. I can’t believe I have to give an explanation for this when it has been evident that Scrya was such a beast this week.

      In the right? Go have a read since you’re interested in this drama that should have already died down..

      Edit: I apologize but since your account is newly made, you are being suspected as one of his throwaway accounts.

      1. this is getting ridiculous, if you suspect every newly made acc as “one of his throwaway accounts” then ain´t that like telling new people that, they shouldn´t join the community?

        and to the guy you accused defense, i would like to say that it´s impossible to know that only Scrya have translated since your name pops out on every chapter, now let me explain to you how a reader/leacher thinks.. two names= 50%translated each.. 3 names= around 30% each.. that´s what one would normally think!

        Hope i ain´t being suspected as having one of his “throwaway accounts.”

        1. ugh, sorry about this.. imma just annoyed at the recently deleted and edited comments, and the so called warnings! if you can see his IP, then why do you have to send warnings to anyone new? it´s simply scaring away people who maybe don´t know the fullstory by warning them, and that´s probably not the right thing to do! Sorry for everything i have said and peace out!

          1. I apologize if you’re irritated but it is extremely easy to change one’s IP, and I only edited out the link to the other person’s site on one person’s (discounting the perpetrator) comment. If otherwise, the person himself would have said something about it. This person just happens to be within the set of newly made accounts that just happened to be coincidentally linking his website here. My warning and actions may be over the top or impulsive at that time but you should scroll down to where Ren linked all those malicious comments. Maybe then will you see a little bit of where I am coming from even if you don’t agree with my impulsive action in telling him that I suspect him to be a throwaway, not to mention the fact that I’ve also been repeatedly asking people to not link or mention the other party here as well.

            Considering the fact that the other party in question has done this before on multiple accounts, I believe that my paranoid and rash comment should be at least a bit justified. I suppose that part of it is my bias for I am really getting sick of reading comments related to said malicious individual. I don’t see why commenters can’t just leave it alone. I am usually an amiable person but I have to admit that constantly seeing something I do not want to see and is trying to ignore is beyond irritating.

            Edit: by the way, I did not edit rodrick’s comment at all if that’s what you’re accusing me of

  2. Thanks for the chapter. I rather patiently have a steady stream of chapters here than a dozen chapters faster somewhere else and then nothing. I am new here. Less than a month on this site. I am already up to date in ATG, CD, MGA, TGR and DE. What I like about wuxiaworld is that I feel sure that these stories are gonna be carried to the end.

    P.S: Sorry for the broken english, it’s not my main language.

  3. deleting and editing comments. how shameful. you are a disgrace. so weak and pathetic. Ren, you are a good man and you must know that power corrupts. they shouldn’t be able to delete and edit comments for personal reasons. this is not reddit. btw even if you are going to edit or delete this, i will still email Ren about this, its getting ridiculous.

    1. Why would I edit or delete your comment? I am removing his self advertisements and any links to his website on wuxiaworld, and I have already explicitly stated my reasons why. I have constantly repeated that I will be ignoring his malicious attempts to egg me on and will not be tolerating his rudeness. You may think what you want about how greedy and corrupt I am from anyone’s false accusations but nobody needs to get involved in such a minor crisis, nor do they need to know about a vicious plague.

      You may be heavily bias, but I don’t see why I can’t be considering the actions and language he used against me and my team. My irritation does not stem from him poaching the series and instead comes from the fact that he did what he did while still in our folders and obviously had the intent to continue to do so while pretending to be innocent if we had not found him out.

      1. didnt say anything about greed, i’m just a leecher. i dont care either way, more chapters for me. i was talking about your use of power here to delete and edit comments. just because you dont like it doesn’t mean that others shouldn’t be able to see it. you are obviously trying to frame the argument to your favor by controlling comments.

        1. The only comments I’ve edited here are the ones linking to his website and that was all the comment talked about. My stance from the very beginning was to ignore him. If you don’t agree with that, then so be it.

          1. they have weapons of mass destruction. lets bomb them. a president once said. your words mean nothing, what you are doing is still cowardly and pathetic. i cant trust you when you do something like this. who knows what else you edited or deleted? i dont, no one does. we see only what is filtered by you.

            lets both ignore him, we both can agree that his attitude is childish and im sure he did something wrong too. but by editing comments, you are not ignoring him, you are just giving him more attention. thats all im saying. its dishonest and ugly to control thought and thats all im going to say.

        2. The way you frame it makes people think alyschu is doing evil censoring things behind the scene. If that were the case, there’d be way less explanations of what’s happening and more praises towards rhubarb pie.

          Which…isn’t happening. We know what’s going on and we’ve been given the facts. That’s above and beyond what we would normally be given. Quit giving leechers a bad name with your noncommital behavior and holier-than-thou attitude.

      1. I don’t think you’re in the wrong in terms of not wanting to see his chapters being advertised here. However, I DO think you’re in the wrong in terms of censorship of light novel chapters being posted, as many external links to other light novels/chapters have been posted in the past, and there has been no precedence of censorship which would allow you to do such a thing. I’d understand if the links were of a vile nature(i.e pornographic, grotesque or obscene). Ren, take a look at it yourself, this is just plain bias.

          1. so because he did it, its ok for you to do it too? we get it, he is a bad guy. but come on. lets be a bit more mature about this.

          2. Be it a buzz word, that is what’s happening here, isn’t it? And I read that you guys gave him access, complete access to your files. That’s like giving a disgruntled employee or a thief the keys to your vault and not expecting anything to go wrong. You can’t predict human nature. This is why many companies compartmentalize as well as provide access control. I can’t see how you would blame the thief for taking intellectual property(well, it’s not really that since it belongs to the author or publisher) when you’re the one that gave him the keys lol. Here’s an idea, keep the raws on the Google drive folders, and allow limited people access, and all submissions would have to be given to them, or something along those lines. However, either way, retaliation on your part by censoring his links out on this website seems like a coordinated assault on his being as well. But hey, no one’s in the right here, and I’m just here to leech and read some chapters. I just wish you guys would come to some kind of truce, instead of wasting time and resources on redundant work being released and then re-released, even if it was differently translated. I wrote that up from the phone, so no idea how long it will be. LOL As you can see, I have quite a bit of spare time. I get paid at work to read novels, watch movies, T.V. shows, and chat around. I.T. work is good work on weekends, especially 40 hours in 2 days haha.

          3. Why should they come to a truce? The only thing that should happen is everyone ignores the other group and doesn’t donate to them. I read their 169 to compare it to this 169 and the quality isn’t even close. The only version I will read is here on wuxiaworld. Think of all the new reader that will be reading the story from start to finish. It would be nonsense if you had to go back and forth between sites not to mention any chapter translated by the other group is just rushed and poor quality. Horrible grammar, full of typos. He isn’t even releasing chapters fast. He is just waiting for a chapter to posted here and then rush out the next one in order to talk shit when Alyschu & crew are releasing already translated chapters.

        1. Actually, Snaggles, when Nightbreeze/Rylain was working on ST at the same time that a WW group was working on it, I removed all comments and links pertaining to Nightbreeze’s translation. WW has never allowed links to ‘competing’ translations, because quite frankly, it is completely disrespectful and inappropriate to be advertising another translator/translation on the first translator’s website. If you go into a McDonalds store and start putting up posters for Burger King, what do you think will happen? If you go to your local deli store and start putting up flyers for a competing deli store, do you think that’s going to stand? So why do you think it would be appropriate to do the equivalent here at Wuxiaworld? Describing this as ‘bias’ is like saying Apple is ‘biased’ against Google because it doesn’t allow Android flyers to be put up in its Apple Stores. I’m sorry, but it’s just silly.

          And that’s aside from the fact that the comments were all being posted by the same person (I can see from the IP) using shell accounts and quite another host of issues on the backend.

          1. today i will steal your shoes and tomorrow you will find yourself homeless. a troll once said to me on 4chan. its really scary to know that someone can just push a button and make you disappear. deleting spam and links is fine, but it can escalate and maybe it did already. who knows? maybe you do and thats why you dont see it as a problem.

            its funny how you make a business analogy. you dont like competition as a businessman, but when some shady dude next to the mcdonalds sells you the same burger for 80% less and you have rent to pay.. its not a hard choice.

          2. plusikplus, feel free to go read on his site. Nobody is telling you not to (heck, we have no right to tell you not to!). That being said, this is our site, and we’re not going to be advertising his on ours when he is directly competing, even aside from all the shady stuff he has done and did. Go eat all the shady burgers you want. Just don’t hold signs advertising the burger in the McDonalds.

            As for escalating and making things ‘disappear’, take a look at this, and tell me, is this the type of stuff that James is posting under various shell accounts that I should let ‘appear’? And this is AFTER he reveals personal information about her.


          3. I see, well now that you’ve confirmed it, there’s not much else to say. Stay spiffy, AwesomeSwagGod Ren! Also, guys, don’t take it to heart. I just don’t want the repeat chapters as a leecher, so I’m attempting to put some kind of truce in your minds. 🙁

          4. Here’s the reason why there’s no truce possible:

            Seriously, what type of a person doxxes a female translator, then starts posting that crap using multiple shell accounts (but which we can track through IP)? Would YOU want to work with someone like that or call a ‘truce’? Just look at that.

          5. LOOOOL And your McDonalds to Burger King analogy gave me a pretty good laugh, thanks! Good luck with your grandparents man, and be safe in China!

          6. Thanks! Coming home tomorrow. I should be asleep, but I drank absolutely stupid amounts of alcohol earlier, so uh…somehow I’m actually more awake than ever =X

          7. Holy crap, yeah! I forgot your time zones keep shifting, and you’re currently the complete opposite of me, so it’s 3:55 A.M. there. Take care of yourself man, and catch you later!

          8. Oh my god Ren. Thank you for sparing us from seeing that disgusting behaviour. Keep them buried.

            Enjoy your family stay.

          9. I shouldn’t be reading this, it’s making me sad.
            Why do people have to be dicks :c

            Please keep up the awesome work, Alyschu, Ranbow & co.
            I will steadfastly ignore this fellow whose name I refuse to actually remember.

  4. guys come on. this matter has already been brought up a lot of times. Just chill and enjoy your dose of ATG instead of bickering about this and that.

    saying that, thanks for the early release, alyschu and the team.

      1. I think its only that other site owner who din’t get it he probably using cafe IP now or something else to create new account i mean cmon aside from him who else will speak so much crap about deleting advertisement comments XD if possible just ip ban such people. so yea if someone is being so disrespectful there is no need to explain them stuff.

      2. Don’t mind Alyschu, all you guys must first think of ourselves, because it must be difficult to have things done when you’re being offended all the time. It’s already not fun to be under pressure to translate, don’t give yourselves more stress. You all explained the situation enough already.

        I, at least, hope some of us readers will manage to ease your concerns.

    1. Holy crapamoly! Is that you Maxie? Off QQ? :O It’s Andrew! If not, then my mistake. I can’t verify since I’m at work and on from my phone xD My friend Max uses that same exact picture! But it’s a big world, and me and some other friends told him to read CD many times lmaooo!

  5. Hi, im new here and im extremely grateful to all the translators and their work. Drama here will lead nowhere so i hope everyone can keep their hateful comments and drama away from a great website. If you like to read here or there is up to anyone to decide.

    In my opinion some competition is not bad as we get motivated translators releasing more chapters for all of us to enjoy.

  6. Now that i seen both side story. they both in the wrongs.
    if you look at the evidence that crack dealer gave on his site. he work on 4 chapters. he only got paid 45 dollar… i can understand that he mad that he work on 4 chapter and only one was sponsored and the 3 became reg…
    But that dont give him the right to go and start a site and put out chapters without quiting the team and not telling them ahead of time. then pretending to act all innocent like nothing was wrong and asking why he was lock out of the folder.

    i dont see why Alyschu cant just work on reg the chapter and paid people who work on sponsored chapters. she still get the cut from editing chapters and what not. Its like your hired someone for a job and they work 5 days and you only paid them for 1 day of work. i would be mad 2.

    1. Actually…you shouldn’t be translating this stuff to make money. If you wanted to make money doing translations, you’d apply for a job as a professional translator at some company.

      I’m pretty certain the intent of these translation sites is to share good stories with those that can’t read the language. The money should be a nice bonus only.

      If someone was being greedy and was caught embezzling, it’s totally his fault that no one trusts him now.

      1. that where your wrong. nothing is free in this world. Do you think everyone can become professional translator?? that why people have editor and what not
        if Alyschu did this for free. Do you think we would have this many chapters out by now??? Money move people.
        that why i respect ren. he put out a price and he always deliver and if he cant he will tell people ahead of time. rens spend hrs and hrs doing translation, you think he doing it for free? if he did it for free, we would never have all these group at one place giving us good novel to read. the site cost money and its not cheap. As it grows you need more money.

        1. Straw man argument.

          Your original premise is on who to assign responsibility for the situation.

          A discourse on how money encourages people to step up is not related to this premise.

          Nor can you call it the ONLY conclusion.
          Take this site for instance…
          And tell me how many of the scanlators are in it for a profit instead of providing a service for readers without a foreign language proficiency?

          People do volunteer. And they give as best as they can.

          1. then you tell me why do so many sites have sponsored chapters and not free chapters everyday?
            on people put out chapter on there free time and not everyday and most of them are comic which is short.
            so your argument is not valid. your comparing people who translate 2400-4000 per chapter to 100-200 words per comic chapters…..
            show me a site that put out chapters everyday for free without asking for any donation.

            Novels not comics

          2. I’m not sure if you’ll believe me but I translated ATG for a good month or more before activating a donation system due to reader suggestions when summer rolled around. Then, more people wanted to join in to help because they enjoyed the story. Most of them didn’t even want the money. It actually took me a bit of convincing and reasoning to make some of them accept it.

            Considering the fact that everyone on the team had access to all ATG related files, there is no way that the other party did not see the file with distribution rules that I wrote so contributors could get a slice of the pie. I don’t believe that the person himself actively complained to me about his cut either. All he did was ask for the amount, then made that side website the same night.

            Edit: I have to add in that I actually have not received a single word of complaint from anyone on my team.

          3. well done i admit im wrong about the totally free. your the better person.
            your probably right about the sponsored chapter, but if you look at the you donate we translate site( cant post link might get ban lol) on chapter 163 it show proof that alyschu is paying her translator for there work, so she hired him and did not pay him for his work.
            i am not saying he not in the wrong either. they could of work it out.

            p.s dont know how we got so far from the topic. sorry for bad english not my first lang

        2. There’s Chaotic Sword God on Gravitytranslations that’s really good! They release a chapter a day, and The Kings Avatar as well I believe. I could be wrong about that last one though. But a lot of people don’t charge. There’s also Flowerbridgetoo, who we all love for his work on MGA. He releases two chapters a day (sometimes in bulk).

      2. Tama, I know your intentions are good but don’t feed the troll. Alyschu and co have told us again and again to just ignore the drama. Just pretend it didn’t happen and maybe we can all be happy again.

    2. You guys, respect alyschu and co’s wishes please. They have told us again and again to not bring the issue up. Just ignore and move on. Don’t talk about it on alyschu and co’s website, that’s just straight up disrespectful. Also, regardless of whose side everyone else is on, just don’t talk about it. If a troll comes on and talks about it, ignore him. Easy.

        1. It’s fine, I think it’s normal for you to respond since this is your team’s website and people are asking questions. However, I think we as a community can help out too by reminding everyone to ignore the issue. If new people really want to find out what everything was about, they can do some digging on their own time.

      1. It’s hard not to with people getting their “crack” and waving it around the world like monkeys for people to see. The fact that links to the competitor’s side are deleted, the competitor being damned as a really bad person, also generates interest, ironically.

        The stupid thing is that people don’t really care where they get their “crack”, as long as they get it. The idea that alys&co are forced to fall into his pace also really irks me. People are running around and screaming, “oh, the competition has forced the other side to put up more chapters. They must be withholding chapters from us. For shame!” when it’s really just you guys going the extra mile to put out those chapters.

        I’m sorry, but I really need to get this off my chest. Since Summer Madness is over, shouldn’t you guys be shifting down your pace, clearing the queue, and closing the donations for the time being? I really don’t want you guys to be burnt out.

        Also, to not talk about it… It’s the internet. Even if we don’t talk about it here, people are going to bring it up at chat groups, forums, etc. You can’t ignore it forever.

        Just my 2 cents.

        1. The problem is that it is nigh impossible for us to clear the queue. Very rarely have we achieved such a feat, and it also makes me feel a bit guilty if there is any leftover (as in the left over does not add up to 75) if we actually decide to close it.

          As for the thing about withholding chapters, that sounds a bit weird unless they’re saying that it is my fault that I haven’t had the time to edit/tlc a few chapters that have been translated. This week has been speedier than most mainly because this was Scrya’s vacation week and some of my translators, who are back from their exams, pitched in to help me get them out.

          Edit: To be honest, the ones who came back are pretty casual themselves so there is a hint of truth in that some of their motivation stems from how much the other party had angered them. >.<

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