ATG Chapter 168

Squeezed in a chapter just before bed! Chapter 168 is brought to you by a happy Scrya, a hyper Gloo, and a piece of alyschu.

This one’s for you Sayath!

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  1. Just a suggestion, since theres a competing translation, is there in anyway you guys would cooperate rather than compete? Its a waste to all, both of u especially… If u work together, you both will complement each other, not wasting efforts, and we readers will get faster translation and not waste any money in the process…

    Again, just a suggestion…


      The other guy was on our team and he was the one who made the side website while still having access to our folders and chapters. Due to his breach of trust and etiquette, he has disappointed me greatly with his backhanded actions.

      If you sympathize with me I’d like everyone to stop talking about it and just read ATG whether it be on chicken little’s site or mickey mouse’s site. We will not stop translating ATG even if a thousand poachers come banging down our doorstep so stop worrying and enjoy the story instead of pouring oil over a dimly lit fire. The fire will always be lit if someone continues to talk about it. Thank you for you cooperation.

      1. Thank you very much for everything so far. I hope you come out of this stronger, I know it’s rough at the moment but keep it up. You are doing the right thing by continuing the fight. It’s awful that someone would do this, but these things happen. I hope you are strong enough to ignore that idiot and continue your amazing work. Again best of luck and thanks again.

  2. I tried reading the translations made by the fart who must not be named. I guess im too spoilt by alyschu and co.’s quality work that I cant even finish a sentence on there.. Anyway, im glad I looked into this drams, albeit a bit late, I came to know the actual difference between great work and a pile of dung. Thank u for spoiling us with great works so that we dont have to settle for garbage.

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