ATG Chapter 166 and 167

Hi guys, for this post I am just a messenger delivering good news so bear with me here as I transform into an inanimated object. *Whoosh*

Ya hoo~ Telephone here~ I am alyschu’s true alter ego and don’t you let anyone else tell you otherwise! What happened here today is that alyschu came online and Chapters 166 and 167 were magically finished by Scrya, Gloo, and choco! When I say finished, it was already polished too! alyschu almost fainted in shock because of their swiftness so she is in low battery mode while recuperating from wide-eye syndrome (aka closed eye cultivation) and immense excitement. Have no worries because the only long lasting effect wide-eye syndrome gives are bigger eyes, and who wouldn’t want bigger eyes!? The more to see you with my dears!

Chapter 166 was sponsored by Brett G!
Chapter 167 was sponsored by Brett G and Sayath!

Telephone thanks you all for reading! Enjoy!

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  1. being an alter-ego is kinda useless when the said alter-ego leaves her signature as, (Posted by Alyschu) 😆

    and no, i don’t have a grudge against any kind of telephone >.>

  2. Thank you for your post.

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    Cuz no one gives anything away for free without a way to get back the loses.

    1. well… alys crack is the double the price…but she´s got a more refined crack.. now the questions is, is it high level cracky enough to be worth double the price?

      1. I’m sorry but it really looks like you’re trying to blow it up and continue to engage in a drama-related discussion when the best thing to do is to just let it go. I’m not sure if you are doing this on purpose after I have given my point of view a couple of times, but can you please stop it? Of course, I can’t stop you from voicing your opinion but please do not bother other readers who came here just to read ATG out of pure pleasure, they do not need to know about something so wretched.

        All in all, readers will decide for themselves who’s translation they want to read and the he-said she-said drama will die down.

        edit: Sorry, I’m not purposefully singling you out but I really just want people to read ATG and not have to worry about anything else.
        edit2: Re-read my reply and I think I just accused you of bothering other readers when I just wanted you to not say anything about it anymore. I really can’t speak well when it comes to things like this and everyone just continues to talk about it, ugh.

      2. Do you not realize we’ve been doing two committed free chapters every single week? Before summer ended it was actually three committed chapters per week.

        If you are disillusioned, committed chapters does not only mean it will definitely come out this week, but it also means that it’s FREE and doesn’t affect the donation queue in the slightest. No one gets anything.

        Also, please read my statement regarding the truth of this matter.

      1. Allow me to refer to this incident for the first and last time. I really appreciate the whole team for consistently digging holes of excellent quality for us. I think that most of the people here would stay here even if it was just a competing project, now that such underhanded means have been used only the most selfish and ungrateful would ever support someone who pulls off such things.

        So, no matter how much this matter blows up, I believe that the vast majority of all readers here would shun such behaviour instead of rewarding it. Once again, thank you for all your efforts.

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