ATG Chapter 163

Chapter 163 is brought to you by Gloo, Scrya, and a bit of alyschu.

This chapter was sponsored by Aleksander B, Shirley E, Ronald S, rosalio c, and Tim H.

This chapter is only out today because Scrya went into overdrive!! Gloo doesn’t have his own little website so we can’t thank him with pictures personally, but I’d like for anyone with free time on their hands to search up cute pictures of Saber from Fate/stay night and post them on his wordpress as thanks for his hard work.

Oh right, here’s this chapter’s preview if anyone missed it!

17 thoughts on “ATG Chapter 163” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. I honestly find this whole situation laughable. don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to be mean. the easy fix – just hire CrackDealer as a contractor. He is willing to do a chapter for $40 donations here are $75 per chapter. Give him the 40 and aly and gang get 35 (because the donations came from this site). Everyone wins; Crack gets his money that he needs, Aly and gang don’t need to fight it and work so hard to compete with him, and we as viewers benefit cause we can get more chapters out a week.

      Thats just my take on whats going on, Thoughts?

      1. Well, could have been good but the only reason crackie guy left were cause he got 45bucks after translating around 5 chapters… or that´s atleast what he said.. Since aly have never told the public how she handles the donations, we can´t know what the truth really is!

        1. Ignoring him was my plan and my translators have been nice enough to listen to me until the person in question began to spout untruths and baseless lies that totally blew OverTheRanbow’s lid. If you truly wish to know about what happened, his angry reply explains it all.

          I will be sticking to my statement of refusing to make a public post addressing this problematic individual because he doesn’t deserve the attention he wants. I am willing to answer those who ask and are curious, but nobody should be forced to read drama when they’re here for ATG! As always, I wish for cooperation to not mention the person in question anywhere.

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