ATG Chapter 162

Chapter 162 is a sponsored chapter brought to you by Gloo and alyschu.

This chapter was sponsored by Greg B, anon, and Aleksander B.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I waited eagerly for you to release it, to not read some scammed version we-know-where ~~ Don’t get discouraged and keep up your great work! 🙂

    1. “scammed” … people donate of their own volition and he actually provides the service he describes. Its not even a crappy translation, its certainly higher accuracy than MTL. I don’t know the last time you looked at a dictionary, but using the word scam to describe him is quite wrong. Or maybe it was stolen or maybe it wasn’t. Time will clear that up.

      Prick would be a more appropriate description, while no one owns the right to translate a series ( its all fan work) it out to be communicated. He should be working with them or at least dividing up the chapters so everyone can benefit. I respect the work of alyschu, He’s given us 159 chapters of ATG before anyone else which is one of my favorite series to read. All I can say is that I hope they can form some resolution, or the other guy finds another series.

      1. Whether or not his claims of re-translation are true or not, he was on our team as a newly joined translator, aka had access to everything there when he released those chapters on a side website. Not only did he do that and think he could get away with it, he even had the nerve to ask why he was kicked out of our folder and files after he made his alternate website. (Now that I think about it, he didn’t ask, just told me that he was locked out)

        I will not be working with him any longer because of his breach in trust and etiquette, nor will I be working with him in the future. It is one thing to poach for money, but it is another to do so while still on the team translating said series and basically pretend that you aren’t until the evidence is right in front of you.

        As always, I ask for all of your cooperation to not bother to mention him so he doesn’t get the attention he wants.

        1. Alyschu my love dont get too stressed over that, just keep your own pace.

          Remember, I love you, and a lot of others here do too.

          if you get sick and your will to translate is lost, you will break my heart.

          sorry my bad english :(. I can read, but not sure how to write… >.>
          anyway, I think I made my point here.
          I love you <3

      2. You apparently have no idea of the situation about scamming but why are you here if you like his translations so much and commenting on the comment of a chapter release post of a chapter you have apparently read I fail to see the point.

        or maybe this is an account by him or his minions and he got stung by caladbolg’s comment who knows ?

        Although I also want faster chapters I would much rather prefer stable releases and not allow the situation to deteriorate like ST. Alyschu and Gloo are doing a fine job and we the readers are thankful for it.

        Derp ! alyschu posted while I was typing

  2. Thanks for the chapter Gloo,alyschu,Greg B, anon, and Aleksander B.
    I wont read scammed chapters.
    Please have faith in our community and continue at your own pace because
    he wants to demoralise you guys,can’t let him win.
    Once the stolen stash finishes he won’t be able to keep up.
    Take care 🙂

  3. “Alyschu, I translated 5 chapters and tlced one chapter for her. Got paid 45 bucks. If that isn’t thief, then what is. When asked if they could release chapters faster since there’s queue, bitch tell me no since she’s busy. Now she’s not busy at all it seems. Well, let’s see if she can keep up.
    oh btw, she haven’t translated a single chapter since forever. Bitch been editing the whole time.”

    this is what he said in his latest comment, if that´s true then who am i supposed to believe in? Sure, he begun translating in the middle of everything, but didn´t thunder also do that? he didn´t get any crap for doing that and Ren also begun posting his chapters here in WW ? so if the crackie guy is saying the truth, should he really be called a thief and a lot more?

    ooh well, not that i care.. good luck for finding out a way to solve this problem, only solution i can see is crackie doing some other translation!

    1. I’d trust the one we know over the one that has been said to be a recently added team member who then created a new website and started posting chapters as if they are his own and asking for money for them. To me that discredits anything he might have to say as he is the true thief and thus is trying to discredit the person he stole from so he doesn’t look bad.

      1. That´s the problem, how do you/we know that he´s been posting chapters that weren´t his?
        he only got 3 chapters posted, 160-162 and all of them were posted quite a few hours before alys chapters.. how could he have stolen them then? that´s what makes me confused, if both sides tells different stories, what aly and ren said in the comments were that took like 160chapters or something, or did i misunderstand them?

        And that´s the problem, it´s dumb to judge a side without knowing the whole story, if what crack dealer guy said were true then, is aly the bad guy? so before coming up with a solution it first be needed to know the circumstances on both sides but going rage on one side won´t solve anything

        1. Well, Dragon Overlord, people fueling the debate here is rather useless, I say. Just drop it. If people want to read his work, let them be.

          I personally tried to read a chapter there, I don’t quite agree with you about their quality, that was crap. So even if he reworks on them afterward, I’m rather satisfied with the quality here.

          Also, according to his policy, he won’t translate if people don’t donate. I’m eager to see how fast his pace will be in the long run. Heh.

          Anyway, even if he posted some chapters before they were posted here: he had access to their folders and files, so nothing surprising there.

          I don’t see the point even talking about this here anyway. Like most people, I don’t care much about who’s right or who’s wrong. I don’t even give a damn about who’s translating and who’s editing, I’m just grateful for being provided with a novel I like: I thank the team working on it as a whole.

          It’s kinda annoying seeing people trying to find out what’s right and what’s not. Doing so will just frustrate the translators, and slow down the releases’ pace even more. Just leave them alone.
          I’d rather see this controversy disappear over time.

          All answers will eventually be obvious over time about who’s in the wrong.
          Though, I’d like to say, an Azure Dragon clansman once said, “Sometimes, it’s best not to be too greedy. Greed can cause you to lose your life. What belongs to you is yours. What doesn’t belong to you will never be yours.”


        2. According to everything they both said, one can confirm that a) he was a person who had previously worked with Alyschu on ATG, and that b) they had a falling out and he left to start his own translation.

          Here comes the parts where it differs: Alyschu says the reason for them kicking him out was that he took their unedited translation and posted them onto his own site. The other guy says that he was cheated since he translated 5 chapters and was only getting $45 from it all.

          Actually, what they said didn’t really differed that much, and they haven’t refuted each other’s claims either… Anyhow, right and wrong is a social construct, and because this is the internetz, nobody cares. It does, however, leave a sour aftertaste for the audience members.

    2. We shouldn’t give the guy any attention, but since you mentioned it. I am not going to trust the misogynistic guy with completely no scruples, hell the guy admits it himself.

      Anyway thank you Alyschu and co. Keep up the great work.

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