ATG Chapter 160

Chapter 160 is brought to you by Dodo and alyschu.

This chapter was sponsored by keenan e, Muhammad F, and Axel S. Thanks guys!

Also, I see that some of you have questions and things you want to say and ask me personally, feel free to contact me via email for a response! Though my answer to all your questions would be: I know!

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      1. No they probably weren’t paid at all. they just released it so that others would know about their sponsored chapters system. basically advertising by releasing some chapters.

          1. HOW COULD THEY!? >:((((((((((( doesn’t really matter tho tbh, I doubt anyone on wuxia would read this project anywhere else bc of how awesome wuxia world and staff is. I don’t care who it is bc ill never visit give them even a single view humph >:(

      2. In the last chapter’s comment section, RWX said this:

        “Not going to air all of the dirty laundry, but essentially, it was a former ‘collaborator’ who offered to join Alyschu, then soon after he got in, was unhappy with some things so he set up an ‘website’, took the unpublished/unproofed draft chapter 160/161 chapters which alyschu had (done by another translator on her team), edited them slightly, then posted them as his own. He was foolish enough to then self-advertise on WW (see the earlier deleted/banned comment), so we know from his IP exactly who he is. We aren’t going to make a big deal out of it, just deny him any attention.”

        So it’s definitely stealing, lol.

  1. Alyschu,
    Thank you so much for translating still.. Please just ignore the IDGAF group…I was mortified when I saw it, but I must confess reading it. Love your work and thanks for all the hard work. thanks

  2. Thank you for the chapter, but I’ve read it already!
    It’s not a matter of who translates the work for me. As a leecher, I take it from whoever is willing to give it out, there’s no matter of ethics on who to support in this case. Wherever the chapters are, that’s where I am!
    Why don’t you just collaborate and let him take some chapters as regulars, as well as those that have been donated towards him, and you take the chapters donated towards you, as well as some chapters as regulars? In that case, both of you profit, and the chapters come out faster.
    I think I’ll email you that, since you probably don’t check Wuxiaworld @Alyschu xD

    1. Well, Ren commented on the last chapter “It’s an unfortunate situation, because these were draft chapters Alyschu had nearly completed, and one of the ‘collaborators’ took them, edited them, then posted as his own.”

      So… that guy’s way worse. I assumed he was just one of those guys who thought he could post it all and would burn out in a few weeks, but it looks like he’s actually way more directly problematic.

    2. have you read Rens take on digging holes and the problems with translators trying to take other translators proyects? even if you are not one of the people here that love alychu and her whole team, you should actually read on how that “I am a leecher and take whatever I can from wherever” attitude actually already killed a proyect right here, thats why there is no more stellar transformations so you might want to rethink that approach

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