ATG Chapter 159

Another regular chapter of the week brought to you by Dodo and alyschu. This is a special thank you to all our sponsors, casual readers, and witty readers! We love you and your wishes shall be granted (to the best of our ability)!! No cliffs today! I’m going to tackle that queue when I find the time. Here’s the chapter.

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  1. I have just created an account just to thank you, Alyschu for all the hard work you’ve done. I’ve truly enjoyed reading Against the gods. I hope the jerks that are trying to poach, do not discourage you from being as Awesome as you always have been. Thank you again so much.

    1. Yes. It’s an unfortunate situation, because these were draft chapters Alyschu had nearly completed, and one of the ‘collaborators’ took them, edited them, then posted as his own.

    1. Can’t believe you’re advertising them here, especially after Ren’s description of what happened.. You probably didn’t mean to advertise them but come on mate, remove that link… It’s disrespectful to Alyschu and the team who got wronged in this matter…

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