ATG Chapter 146

Chapter 146 is the first regular chapter of the week brought to you by gloo, OverTheRanbow, and only a bit of alyschu. Enjoy!

14 thoughts on “ATG Chapter 146” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Checked out a website with the raws. had google do auto-translate. read a chapter. Returned here to give my thanks to you translators. i greatly appreciate it and hope that you do not drop this novel.

    Yun Che’s character is one of the best i have seen so far. Decisive little fker, Thinks about his actions and consequences unlike some other MCs’.

    This novel is personally in my top 3 and i am sure if i read up to chapters 200+(when they’re translated) it would quite possibly be my favourite novel.

    so once again, Thank you translators and donors ^_^

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