ATG Chapter 136 and the somewhat bad news

First of all, Chapter 136 is here, brought to you by alyschu, gloo, and OverTheRanbow.

This chapter was sponsored by Michael Du and gleb c. Thanks guys!

Now onto the somewhat bad news. I decided that Summertime Madness is now officially over today. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, Summertime Madness was what I called the sponsored system active for this translation that was only suppose be effective until the end of August. Now that August (and our summer) has come to an end, it is suppose to have ended and releases should have went back to the casual “at least one chapter a week” non-commitment. However, there are still sponsored chapters in queue and we don’t want to not repay all of your kindness so what I’m going to do is decrease the number of regular chapters per week from three to two and just leave the sponsored system up. My goal now is to try to at least get one out once every two days! Unless an extremely free person joins our team, I don’t think it’s likely that we’ll have time to translate.

If you guys want more chapters, go throw translators who are free at me.

Enjoy the chapter and the dancing bunny.

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  1. Thank you for giving us more Smooth Che! We need Smooth Che in our lives! Please free translators, join the team and spread Smooth Che to the whole world!

    *This message was brought to you by Smooth Che inc. So smoothhh~*

  2. Thank you for your hard work XD

    And dear translators out there, get my telepathic message and help out this project…

    This is like, “da best Xianxia ever!!!!” (Well, one of them) and it needs more people… join the heroes who are working on it and help them out….

    We need you… please…. with a kitty on top >.< okay, 2 kitties…. you strike a hard bargain…

  3. my reaction after reading this was : “WTF !! heck no !! you ain’t gonna do that !” but then i remembered that you also have a life so thx for every thing and go do the translations the way u want and of course the way you can.

  4. Thank you for your hard work!

    Luckily i saw hope in “My goal now is to try to at least get one out once every two days” so i might surivive without ATG-drug. Once again thank you so much for the Summertime Madness!

  5. Thank you Alyschu, Gloo, and OverTheRanbow, well, things are just the way they are, I’m glad that you all translate that much, and is not that the project is halted, so, from the deepest part of my heart I give you all my sincerest thanks.

  6. fair play ^^ it’s been good, loads of novels are easing off after summer and you’ve held on a bit later than many so i’m happy 🙂 that said… MOAR xD

    no, thankyou for your continued efforts

  7. After I read this post I was a like *sob* *sob* I need my ATG fix and I even started stress eating again…. okay the mini pizza was soooo worth it haha, but like @rapture said you guys have RLs so it’s understandable *sigh*…..

    Haha on a brighter note, thank you very much for all the wonderful chapters so far 😀

    1. “My goal now is to try to at least get one out once every two days! ” -alyschu

      Read the post to the end man, haha. Don’t lose all hopes just yet.

  8. Damn you Real Life!!. We need moar Troll Che in our lives. Just one or two chapter(s) a week is not enough. Noooooooo.

    *gets dartgun with tranquilizer darts and goes hunting for Chinese translators on the interwebs*


  9. Ladies and gentlemen, A man died yesterday when he found out that one of his most beloved novel is not going to be translated as often anymore. It is sad to announce that aashish has left us.

    ^ that’s gonna be the headlines tomorrow morning

  10. Sucks but we accept it. We do have to thank you for all the work and time it takes.
    Also, I have to thank you for another reason. Turns out that the dance Sapphire, a dancer at a strip club, was doing few nights ago is the same dance the rabbit .gif in ATG137 is doing, the Victory Dance. Who would have known?

  11. Still , thanks for the translation, though it is possible for the raws to be machine translated, it will be full of wrong grammars, which won’t be so pleasant to read, so yeah we only have you guys to depend for translation. Thank you and continue the good work.

  12. The HELL with that! if school is the problem find Ranchoddas Shamaldas Chanchad! and it will be an instant DIPLOMA w/ flying colors! (if you get what i mean keh keh keh)

  13. Thanks for everything, Alyschu & Co.

    ATG has really soared in popularity thanks to your hard work, so the Summertime Madness was definitely a huge success. Perfectly understandable that you’ll have to cut back a bit now that people are going back to school or taking care of other real-life matters. So thanks again! 😀

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