ATG Chapter 113

Chapter 113 is the second regular chapter of the week that was translated by gloo, poked by OverTheRanbow and touched by alyschu.

I thank Red Winged Chicken for helping me brainstorm the skill name at the end of the chapter, and I implore all my readers to watch the teaser for the next chapter! Must!!

13 thoughts on “ATG Chapter 113” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thanks… I wanna ask a question(no offense please) the raw is updated daily and the translation also updates daily ,is there any chance translation can catch up to the raw ???

      1. So no chance then well it was as expected …Anyways then its a race to decrease the gap of 300(exact is 305) chapters hope you can do it(hail translator)….and to go through the horror of google translation….

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