ATG Chapter 105, mighty morphin’ Lan Xueruo

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_Marauder_: gg11 is the sky falling near your house too?
gg11: Yeah

6 thoughts on “ATG Chapter 105, mighty morphin’ Lan Xueruo” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Many thanks for the new chapter, speedy as always 🙂
    Gratitude aside, holy fluffy camel humps am I tired of Lan Xueruo and her “merciful” combat style. You can just tell that it’s going to bite her and everyone around her that’s not a bad guy in the ass. Why can’t she be like Yun Che and just kill the bastardos in a painful and humiliating manner? Stab their rapey dicks instead of these non-lethal wounds >_<

    I actually made an account on this site solely to vent my frustration at these "compassionate" type characters. It's like giving a murdering rapist a hug and cookie before telling them politely ,"Please don't do it again okay?"

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