ATG Chapter 104, the calm before the storm?

Hi guys, this is a sponsored chapter brought to you by Neko, choco, and alyschu.

We, as a team, wholeheartedly thank our donors Erik G, David K, and Pazin T for sponsoring this chapter!

I’d also like to say that this chapter would probably have been released tomorrow (mainly because alyschu was slacking off) if choco didn’t swoop in and help out. Let’s all telepathically thank these awesome people for this chapter 🙂 I think people enjoy the random spotlight thing I’ve been doing so I’ll probably continue doing them!

Translator Spotlight
alyschu: phoenix is a prehistoric beast LOL. dinoosaurr

9 thoughts on “ATG Chapter 104, the calm before the storm?” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thank you Erik G, David K, and Pazin T.. contributors and then the translators as well, especially choco. And Alyschu, OverTheRanbow.. not sure who else, PHOENIX? Thank you!

  2. I bet when Yun Che goes there he will find a little phoenix fledling and take it as his flying profound pet xD

    Because a phoenix is always in a cycle of death and rebirth ;3

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