ATD Chapter 62 & Short Hiatus

2nd regular chapter of the week.

Chapter 62

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TL: Rainbow Turtle

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Important Announcement:

I am going to take a short hiatus on ATD as I try to figure out some things regarding the author and other stuff. I feel like this is an appropriate place to end since the next arc will start in the next chapter.

I don’t know how long this hiatus will last, as I am supposed to be discussing it with Ren. However, regarding everything that happened in the last day and how busy Ren will probably be, this might take a while.

I will also be posting additional chapters of Breakers and GOC to make up for this, so the number of chapters released a week will still be the same. Sorry for the ATD fans but I hope you understand.

11 thoughts on “ATD Chapter 62 & Short Hiatus” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Yea, I really hope that the author comes back. Even if he can’t keep writing because of whatever reason, it’d be nice if he’s at least try and write a dozen chapters to wrap the series up.

  2. Thank you for the chapter! Is it possible to simply double the amount of GOC chapters without translating more breakers than you already do? I usually like Korean novels but Breakers almost looks like a typical Japanese harem story.

      1. I’m glad I’m not the only one bothered by harem stories.
        I like breakers, but yeah I’m really hoping it doesn’t turn into one of those.
        Also thirded on pouring that effort into the awesomeness that is GOC.

  3. i wish you continue to translate this series even thou the author its having troubles… it may or may not continue in the future but at least we will have the series up to date thanks to you. im having fun reading most of you work(and i mean all of it) since i saw it on a wikia page with the lms. if you drop this series it wont be that easy for someone else to finish it 🙁 on later dates

  4. Thank you miss turtle.
    Amazing translation as always, i am big fun of your work since ARK and LMS.
    Loved Demon Hunter, Dimensional Sur. amazing too.
    Lets see how the wind blows, hope we can finish this series too , if not, at least was fun =D
    Have a great day.

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