Arrival and TGS Volume 5, Chapter 10

Hi everybody! Tannhäuser here! The Grandmaster Strategist (一代军师) has officially moved to WuxiaWorld!

To celebrate, here’s a chapter: Volume 5, Chapter 10

There will be another chapter released tomorrow!

20 thoughts on “Arrival and TGS Volume 5, Chapter 10” - NO SPOILERS

  1. Sovereign of all the realms Grandfather of 9 Mountain and Seas Dao Protector ofAlchemy, Harem lord, Face smacking Zhang's bro, Paragon Warlock of the mothaf***in Magus world, "Reverend Monkey butt"

    Awsome!!! Welcome to the family!! Really looking forward to read the grandmaster strategist!! I hope you have a great time here!!

  2. This is my current fix!!! Only got up to Volume 4 or so, but I must say this is one of the better reads. I has something for everyone and then some.

  3. Tann.. I follow you here from GT, 😀 even I already follow WW almost two years..
    But again, because TGS and Jiang Zhe and of course our Little beloved Lan Lan I finally made my account here to comment for the first time like in GT.. I’m sorry Lord Fifth-bow down-bow are still my first idol here :D..

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