16 thoughts on “Are you watching Groups day one?” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. Woah hello there! That was quite a game and honestly, the most fun one to watch on day one. Here’s to a better day two!

      (And you’re a SOTR reader??)

      1. I sure am!

        I’ve been into LNs for over 2 years now and discovered SOTR like 9 months ago if I remember correctly. One of the few I keep on reading on a regular basis (cuz work in esports…time-consuming aha)

        Hopefully we have better results ahead of us for sure aha

  1. FNC was lost in tat game. They had no idea how to counter the play GAM made.. Soo eager to see GAM vs Longzhu. As usual faker with god like plays on mid lane. And the ballsy plays from bang. SKT is back in form.

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