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      1. Tbf, I’ve found the ninja releases quite amusing, and as long as only one person is doing them it’s clear what’s going on, still loving perfect world, long live fatchinee and pika, you must’ve heard it, but, how do you get pikachu on a bus?

        Poke ‘im on

    1. actually intelligibly witty, not knowing which story it is makes your curiosity force you to click it. if only it was one i was currently reading *sigh*.

    1. Assuming your arithmetic is right, then 17 of these series label their releases clearly, so a brain dead sheep could still work out that anything else MUST be PW

      1. I take it you have never heard of the phrase “never assume”? One of the other translators can’t have had a brain dead moment and forgot to put the title in? Or that some people DON’T read PW and don’t know the translator’s idiosyncrasy?

        Or are you telling me you follow ALL the series on WXW?

  1. LOL!!! The curiosity!!! Hahahaha! a ninja chapter really made things unexpected! okay… I think the dosage is enough so let’s use the medicines to the fullest tonight! LONG LIVE PIKA AND FATCHINEE!!!!!
    (I wonder if taffy will still come back…. sigh)

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