Announcing: Martial God Asura, Chapters 1-92, on Kindle!

Hey guys – Ren here!  Big announcement for all of you.  As you might have guessed from the last video, in recent months, Wuxiaworld has been in close contact with and Kindhearted Bee about how to further broaden the reach of these Chinese webnovels in general, and Martial God Asura in specific.  We’ve had a lot of discussions, and while I can’t get into details about the agreement we signed, one of the top priorities for me was that everything would still be readable for free, here at Wuxiaworld.  I am very happy to say that this has been locked in!  WW will always remain a place for everyone to read.

Over the past few months, we’ve been going through an intensive, professional, paid editing process that is still ongoing for MGA, but I am ecstatic to announce that the edited and perfected Book 1 of MGA, Chapters 1-92, is now available on Kindle on  Bee has a special video coming for us soon, but I’m so excited that I wanted to let all of you know first.  WW is now a publisher!  Kinda ;).  Bee would greatly appreciate your support, as well as your feedback on Amazon, as the more successful this is, the higher it raises the profile of Chinese-English Xianxia translation, and the better a chance we all have at expanding our little nook and bringing more people into it.  So I thank you as well for your support, and I know FBT does as well!

NOTE – While the link is for, this is actually published across all of the various Amazon networks, including .ca, .de, .fr, etc.!

Oh, and for the conspiracy theorists among you; no, this has nothing to do with the reason why FBT has been busy (he really does have school); I’ve been honcho’ing all the work on this side.  😉

Much love,


One last thing; for the MGA donors, this is the reason why FBT asked you to email him some time ago.  We plan to put up either the handles (or first name, last initial) of every single person who has donated to MGA at the front of every book as a way of expressing thanks to you all.  Again, if you do NOT want this official recognition, email FBT and he will take you off the list!  We are still compiling it (it will be in the next ‘edition’), so just let us know!

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  1. Although I don’t read Martial God Asura, it is really rare to see an author who reaches out to his fans and gives credit to websites like Wuxia. I really respect this author.

  2. Although I don’t read MGA… I will start because of this. Thank you, Ren, for your translations and thank you, Kindhearted Bee, for your efforts in writing the novel and accepting international readers and translators.

  3. Hey, Ren. I hope you don’t mind if i make a suggestion. Since you want to broaden the reach of these Chinese webnovels and also bring more viewers at Wuxiaworld, why don’t you try and advertise through 9gag? If you are not familiar with 9gag then let me explain a few things: It’s a community that has hundred of thousands members(i’m one of them). And it’s of course FREE. You just have to post something related to the chinese webnovels(a picture or something like that). And if you ask the members of Wuxiaworld to upvote your post it will easily reach the hotpage(of 9gag) and everyone will see it!
    I did the same thing in order to advertise my book and i got almost 9.000 upvotes. The 9gag community is really supportive. I hope you find this useful. 🙂

  4. Hi! I was wondering if you guys are also going to release it on the Apple Bookstore. Yea, i know there’s a Kindle app but just for convenience, I’d like all my books in one place 🙂

    And thank you so much for this! Bought the book two days ago and I am about to finish it xD

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