Announcement: The Move (at last) + CD

Hey guys, just a quick PSA for everyone; my travel orders have finally gotten sorted out, and I -should- be flying off to Vietnam Thursday! Yaaay! So, assuming a few days to get over jet lag (although I’ll translate on the plane as well), we should be back to the regular schedule on…August 12. Mark it on your calendars. Cheers! It’s like a 20 hour flight, but with a stop-over in Seoul on Friday, so I’ll post in Seoul (South Korea) on Friday. There should be no disruptions to your reading, although the hours WILL be weird!

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    1. hehe it’s hard to control the tremors from CD withdrawal so I know how you feel 🙂 still eternally grateful that Ren is still doing us the kindness of 1 chapter per day ! many many thanks !
      Oh and safe travels

  1. Have a safe flight! You might have mentioned why you are moving to Vietnam, but I missed it… However, as a Vietnamese person who went there last year for a few months, I’ll give you a bit of advice. Be careful eating food in Vietnam! The food is delicious but can be unsanitary so you may get sick after your first few exposures if you are used to food from America or the like. You should definitely eat stuff like Pho (obviously), Mi Quang, and Banh Xeo if you get the chance! Hope you have a great time, and thanks for all your translation work!

  2. My hours are already as strange as hell, so this won’t affect me much!
    But it’s good to hear that you weren’t forgotten about and now you finally get to move 😛
    Keep us updated with how your life is going in Vietnam! We want to know everything!


  3. Have a safe travel, and welcome, Ren to our SEA. Finally I can get to read it on my daytime instead of in between of 3-5am. Thank you so much for your hard work

  4. wow he intends to keep chapters posted even while on the go. what a great guy. you ought to take the week off. sit back, relax and maybe enjoy a cup of tea or something.

  5. Hi Ren, i hope everything will go well with your move.
    And more CD on 12th of august would make for a nice birthday present i can look forward too, but if you’re too busy or groggy from the move you should give priority to taking a good rest 😉
    Taking care of too many things at once will wear people out…

  6. Hmmm I could have shared you with my divine realm and gotten you there quicker. LOL
    Have a safe trip, move around the plane once in awhile to avoid getting deep vein thrombosis!

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