Announcement regarding today’s SR and ATG chapters.

Hello everyone,

Alyschu is feeling really ill from being 3amchu and 5amchu for the past few days, which has finally caught up to her. Thus, she is now dead from a horrible headache and will revive tomorrow.

She’ll be home all day tomorrow to make up for the chapters, and it’s a promise that today’s chapters (ATG Chapter 622, SR Chapters 57-58) as well as tomorrow’s chapters including Dabuyu’s birthday event extra chapters will all be released tomorrow. We apologize and hope you can understand.

Please give alyschu your blessings.


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  1. I love the way you guys do announcements. Its so creative. “Alyschu is ill from being 3amshu to 5amchu”. Anyway, hope you get well soon (although more for my selfish need of this guilty pleasure). Don’t push yourself too hard, if you have to take a break now and then, you don’t even need to ask our permission.

  2. *Spoiler Alert* After getting some much deserved & much needed time off to catch up on sleep, the magnificent alyschu made a full recovery & released a flurry of chapters to celebrate! Thank you, alyschu, for all of your hard work — I really appreciate you!

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