Announcement for DH + PW

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of chapters recently. I decided to take a leave of absence from school, so there was some things to deal with. Now that everything is settled, I am going to give full-time translating a test run for a bit. If it works out, I might just stay!

During the test run, I will try to do 2 DH releases a day and 1 PW release a day.

Patreon changes may be incoming as well, if any of you are kind enough to want to support me!

Once again, sorry for the chapters that were lacking recently!

20 thoughts on “Announcement for DH + PW” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. While it is your decision what path your life takes, and the extra chapters will be gratefully received, I hope you aren’t surrendering your academic career just for the temporary shelter of a bit of money from translating? Of course, I don’t know your circumstances, and if such a choice is necessary I apologise for any assumption I made.

    1. i completely agree with you, i honestly hope that Pika would continue his academic career and not just go full-time translation.
      cuz honestly, finding a good book to translate is not that easy, and having an academic career could stay as a back up plan if something goes wrong.
      whilst i have to say awesome for more chapters, Pika’s life is a lot more important.

    2. There’s no need to apologize! It is exactly as you say, where it may be just a temporary shelter. I greatly dislike my academic path and would love to translate full-time, but the risks really are high. If this test run fails, I will continue on my academic pursuits in a year from now!

      1. Just don’t think that way, you’ll regret later, no matter how much you hate your academic path, it’s still 100x times better, translating is something not consistent, you won’t be translating for the rest of your life, just don’t give up and keep pushing through! good luck.

      2. I admit when I first studied (at university level) I did it simply because of family and peer pressure, and did not study what I loved or because I wanted to. I quit uni and got a job. Years later, I resumed my studies this time doing what I wanted and studied what I loved. If this is your intention, then more power to you my friend!

      3. Academic paths can change. I was studying business admin and changed to English Lit. I work as a ui/ux designer now. But still, the education makes a difference. Resuming the education later on becomes harder so I really hope the best for you.

      1. Yeah right now perhaps, but qualitatively speaking, I think DH is quite a bit better. Give it some time with good release pace and we’ll see which will be more popular in the future.

    1. But Dh has more quality. Also for popularity Dh has been translated for a shorter period than perfect world. 1 year and ten months ( or more?) Demon hunter has 4 months.

  2. Just checking in, I quite appreciate your daringness to jump into full time translating, hope it works out for you. Should you open up an attractive Patreon for DH, I will be happy to support you.

    Don’t worry about your academics, you should be able to make it through the month quite easily with translating for a while, and if it really doesn’t work you can just resume your studies a year later or whatever. No biggie, your education won’t run from you.


      1. Sorry, but just because you like one more than the other it doesn’t magically make it more important. DH is at the beginning phase and needs fast output to gain a following.

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