Announcement – Changes to Rebirth Thief’s Regular Releases and Sponsored Queue

I guess this will be good news to the readers, but a bit of a pain for me. Starting from chapter 109 to chapter 130 (as far as I’ve checked) and onwards, the chapter length of Rebirth Thief will increase significantly, more accurately by a little over fifty percent. The average chapter length I’ve been working with so far is between 2200–2300 characters. That has now increased to 3400–3600 characters on average. Chapter 114 especially is roughly 5400 characters long.

After much discussion with other translators and friends, and in order to be fair to myself while I balance translating and school, I’m going to be lowering the regular releases to two a week, which means my regular workload will stay the same, and you’ll still get the same amount of reading done as before for regular releases, just in larger content packed chapters. As for the sponsored queue, there’ll likely be an increase in price, but not by some huge amount. I’m honestly not sure if Mad Snail decided to slow down his releases during that period and compensate by releasing bigger chapters, or whether this change is permanent, but if it falls back in the future, I’ll revert accordingly.

In consideration of this suddenness of this change, there’ll still be three regular releases this week.

Thank you for being understanding.

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  1. Rebirth is a good novel it doesnt have that usual rushing of mad snail he takes it slow, i’ve read up to chapter 888 (painstakingly as it was machine translated), but overall it’s pretty good! Recommend it.

      1. Maybe for 114 since it’s 5.4k char long? As much as we want to drown ourselves with chapters of this great novel, we don’t want to implicate or drive you and the team mad. Thanks a bunch Shanks and co. 🙂

  2. Fair enough, you have to live your life aswell !
    You’re doing great, thank you for the chapters and translate you are providing !

    Sigh, if only I had learned Chinese earlier..

  3. So that is what happened. I was going to get a little worried that you might be sick or something. well I’m a little sad I don’t get to read it every other day like I have been. But I am glad that you are still translating and I will be patient.

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