Hey guys, it’s he-man! I just want to let you know that I’m officially back, with a vengeance. The novel I have chosen to translate this time is Upgrade Specialist in Another World.

You may be wondering, and deservedly so, how the hell I’m going to finish a novel that is even longer than ST when I dropped ST halfway through. Have no fear, guys. The fact that WW is a big success and that many of you still support me even though I went MIA for over a year has given me a reason to take the translation of web novels more seriously. And I’ve made arrangements at work so that I can translate for WW on a part-time basis. From now until the end of Feb 2016, I’m doing 5 – 6 chapters/week. I really want to translate more during this period but it’s impossible because there’s lots of stuff I have to do around the Chinese New Year. Afterwards, I’m gonna release 8-9 chapters/week, depending on the lengths of the chapters. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish this novel in 2.5 years time.

Once again, thank you all for your support over the last two years!

Yours truly,



  1. hi He-Man

    can’t you please finish Stellar Transformations first?

    i much prefer your translation of it and for whatever reasons i simply cannot get into the story with other translations hence have dropped it.

    Nevertheless i am v glad to hear that you are OK (a lot of us were worried that some deviant cultivator had cut you up real bad) and that you’re back to translating albeit not completing Stellar Transformations first. 🙁

    1. Hi kenshinX, thanks for being a fan of my translation of ST. But I’m sorry to have to say that I’m not going to pick up ST again for as long as it is still translated by other translators.

      1. hi creepy

        yes, i know ST translation is being hosted at Translationnations, i read Swallowed Star there.

        but the “flavour” (can’t think of a better term at the moment) is different hence i’ve lost the taste for ST and dropped it.

        It’s like 2 curries cooked by 2 different cooks, still curry but the flavour will differ.

        thanks anyway.

        1. Well of course it’s going to be different considering parts of it have been cooked (Translated) by multiple different chefs (Translators) with different opinions since the translation started

    1. Hi Edecast, as soon as I finish translating a chapter, I’m probably gonna post it to WW. There is one exception though, if on a certain day I decide to do 2 chapters, I’ll only post them when I have finished translating them both.

  2. There goes my new year resolution to read a little less of Xianxia/Wuxia and a little more of Biography and Be The Best of You! Well, new year resolutions are meant to be broken, so welcome back ^^

  3. He-man i just wanted to say i truly thank you for introducing me to Chinese, Wuxia, and Xianxia Novels it have become my favorite genre since and It’s all because of you i’m so happy your back and your new novel seems very interesting i’m just about to start it 🙂 can’t wait once again glad your well and am Glad your back

  4. I’m curious about what kind of character the MC is. I hope he is not too stupid/violent. I prefer my MCs smart calm and ready to do what need to be done but without being cruel (outside of the over exageration of the usual paybacks :p).

  5. i subscribed today to welcome he-man back & thanks him for starting stellar transforfation. it was the first Chaina based novel i read. thanks to this particular novel that made me a xianxia fanatic.

    thanx Ren for starting & of course finishing Coiling Dragon.

    AND thank u everyone related to this site be it translator, editor, donator, fans

    thanks for creating such a nice & friendly place

    “…finish this novel in 2.5 years time.”
    just came back and already counting the years for a novel to be completely translated! that’s he-man for you! lol!

  7. I can’t waaaiiiiit, this looks awesome I just finished coiling dragon and i’m sad that I missed the hype or who gets first and the cliffhangers, I’m so stoked to begin this adventure with all of you ! Thanks for your hard work, you’re the (he)man !

  8. this is absolutely magical!

    i’m truly happy to finally be able to comment on a post of yours. i really appreciated your translatin of stellar transformations, and have neen looking forward to this new one.

  9. I am ashamed that it has taken me this long to finally register for an account. But I just had to do it to welcome you back!

    Welcome back he-man! You have been missed =)

  10. The first chinese novel I read was ST and since then I am always searching for interesting and addicting chinese novel and the translator I am always searching was he-man but sadly you went hiatus. That is why I am very happy to hear that you are back and I registered just to tell you that the reader’s community is very happy for you to be back.

    “Adam: By the Power of Grayskull!
    [Adam is turned into He-Man]
    He-Man: I have the power!”

  11. The fact that you like this novel is weird… i read up to 105 and got so fed up with his indecisiveness and naivety… like seriously?.. He let that dude off way too easily. If someone has read farther, please tell me he gets more ruthless -.- anyways, welcome back. Wish someone would translate transcending the nine heavens.

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