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AGM 526 – How Could I Forget

Those from the Medicine Sovereign Valley all halted their steps because the Holy Maiden had suddenly stopped, standing there unmoving.

Several of the white-robed maidens stared at the Holy Maiden, shocked beyond words. Tear stains could actually be seen on that world-shocking countenance? What exactly happened?

The other maidens couldn’t help but turn to the two in the lead beside Mo Qingcheng, “What’s wrong with the Holy Maiden?”

“I don’t know.” Right now, panic could also be seen on the faces of the two maidens. “However from her words to us earlier, the Holy Maiden seemed to have recalled something from her past.”

The eyes of the other maidens from the Medicine Sovereign Valley shone keenly. The Medicine Sovereign’s abilities were simply too heaven-defying. Although the Holy Maiden had been seriously injured, condensing her life force into a pill, hanging suspended between life and death, he was still able to save her. The Medicine Sovereign did say that the Holy Maiden would suffer short-term amnesia but once an intense stimulus triggered her, she would recover sooner or later.

Could it be that the Holy Maiden had regained her memories?

But…when was she ever exposed to an intense stimulus?

They had always been at the Holy Maiden’s side and nothing out of the ordinary had ever happened. The only exception was earlier when that young man had dashed over. To them, such a minor matter was totally disregarded. They simply wouldn’t be able to link this event to an ‘intense stimulus’.

Their Holy Maiden continued standing there, seemingly out of sorts with tears flowing down her face unceasingly. Not only that, one of her hands were clutching her chest as though she was in extreme agony. At this moment, nobody dared to disturb her.

“Mhm?” Ye Kongfan and his cronies started in surprise, they were stunned by this scenario. What had happened to the Holy Maiden?

Nobody understood what she was going through now. It was as though a bolt of lightning flashed through her mind, the countenance of the young man continuously appearing within.

The first time they met, was in a forest outside the borders of a city. She saved a young man but chose to remain anonymous.

The second time they met was in the royal capital of Chu. At that time, the Emperor Star Academy was holding a disciple recruitment event. She was sitting in a sedan chair with her friend, as she noticed him standing in the streets among the crowd. She locked eyes with him for an instant and flashed him a dazzling smile.

After that, during the training exercise in the Dark Forest, she had misunderstood him, causing her heart to be bombarded by an intense guilt.

Scene after scene of their meeting flashed through her mind. All the way until the Jun Lin Banquet, that silly guy who was once a youth had already grown up and had become a young man. His unrestrained and carefree temperament constantly imprinted itself into her heart. Gradually, she discovered the feeling of being in love. This feeling was truly beautiful, as sweet as honey. She thought about him often, and saw him every time she closed her eyes.

And the next scene, she arrived in the Pill Emperor Hall, she finally understood that the feeling of longing for someone was even more terrible than pain. But, he travelled all the way from Chu to the gates of the Pill Emperor Hall to find her. For her, he killed Hua Xiaoyun of the Hua Clan. For her, he stood proudly and arrogantly atop the Heavenly Fate Ranking battle arena holding her hand, proclaiming to the world that she, was his woman. At that moment, she felt as though the entire world was hers. For all eternity, she would never forget the moment when the multitude of gazes landed upon her. The determination and resoluteness in his eyes told the various chosen that even if he had to stand one against all, he would still hold on to her hand tightly.

Her tears soaked her robes yet nobody understood what was going on. It appeared that she recalled something, but what memory was so impactful that it would caused her to be in so much agony?

Mo Qingcheng felt as though her heart was being ripped apart, both her hands were now clutching her chest. She thought back to that last scene… Qin Wentian feeding his blood to the demon sword, transforming into a primordial great roc and splitting apart the Pill Emperor Hall, doing all this just to save her. She remembered him being surrounded by countless powerhouses, and getting heavily injured by Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants to the point of hovering at the border of death. How could she forget this? HOW COULD SHE HAVE EVER FORGOTTEN THIS?!

Suddenly, the crowd saw Mo Qingcheng turning, as she dashed with mad speed towards a certain direction. Her tears continued flowing unceasingly, akin to sparkling crystal tear drops, landing on the ground.

“HOLY MAIDEN!” The maidens from the Medicine Sovereign Valley as well as the experts from the Violet Thunder Sect turned pale with fright. They instantly rushed after Mo Qingcheng, what exactly happened to her? Why would she react in this manner?

Mo Qingcheng had experienced her lifetime once again in the span of a few short moments. How could her emotional state not be affected when she recalled the memories between her and that young man whom she treasured so much?

However, earlier when Mo Qingcheng simply walked past him, Qin Wentian had also felt an intense pain tearing his heart.

What was going on? Qingcheng, had she really forgotten him?

However when he recalled that Qingcheng had used the majority of her life force to condense a pill, he suddenly understood. He didn’t blame her in the slightest. Wasn’t just seeing her still alive already the greatest blessing from the heavens?

Once, he feared nothing more than losing her forever. But now since she was still alive, wasn’t this already perfect? Although she didn’t remember him now, he believed that she wasn’t doing this intentionally. She has only forgotten due to the aftermath of that terrible injury. Mo Qingcheng would eventually remember him, she definitely would.

As he thought of this, a smile appeared on Qin Wentian’s face once more. Everything was good.

Lifting his head and staring at the brilliant sunlight, he felt that today was truly a beautiful day.

Since she was alive, nothing else matters.

“Junior brother, you truly broaden my horizons. Although the Holy Maiden is an ultimate beauty, how could you rush up to her just like that? You are too ferocious.” Liu Yun patted Qin Wentian on the shoulder, staring at Qin Wentian with hints of admiration in his eyes.

“Junior brother you are too impulsive. The Holy Maiden of the Medicine Sovereign Valley has an extraordinary status. As members of the Battle Sword Sect, we must take note of our reputation.” Qiao Yu added. Qin Wentian’s behaviour was truly too impulsive.

Qin Wentian nodded his head lightly yet didn’t bother to explain anything, That smile on his face still remained there, unfading.

Ye Lingshuang was totally speechless when she saw Qin Wentian’s reaction. It was one thing to be lecherous. But right now, the Holy Maiden was the one responsible for treating her father. She didn’t even dare to imagine the consequences if they offended the Medicine Sovereign Valley.

“Junior Brother Qin… In the future, just treat it as doing me a favor, please don’t pull any more stunts like the one you just did, okay?” Ye Lingshuang didn’t feel good about blaming Qin Wentian. After all, he was part of the escort which protected her all the way back to the Ye Country. She could only try to persuade him gently.

“Senior Sister, that was my mistake earlier. I won’t repeat it.” Qin Wentian also understood where Ye Lingshuang was coming from. The Medicine Sovereign Valley was her only hope, Ye Lingshuang naturally wouldn’t want to see any conflict occurring between the Battle Sword Sect and them.

“Thank you for your understanding.” Ye Lingshuang softly replied.

Qin Wentian nodded his head in apology. There were a few other experts from the Ye Country on the side of the Human Emperor who were now staring at him with unfriendly gazes. As for those on the side of the Qi King, their eyes were filled with a mocking laughter.

“Qingcheng.” Sighing silently in his heart, Qin Wentian turned and said, “Didn’t the members of the Violet Thunder Sect say that they wanted to go to the battle arena? Let’s go there as well.”

“Mhm” The others agreed and headed off in that direction. Ye Lingshuang went as well, there would be attendants taking care of the Human Emperor.

However, right at this moment, they stood there stunned, unable to believe their eyes.

Ahead of them, a figure of stunning beauty was sprinting over. That beautiful face was actually covered in tears. Just a single glance at her would cause people to feel like their hearts were about to shatter.

“The Holy Maiden from the Medicine Sovereign Valley?” Everyone was dumbstruck, they didn’t know how to react.

The Holy Maiden was actually crying and she was rushing their way.

Qin Wentian was also stunned. He swiftly smiled as he saw Qingcheng rushing towards him.

Mo Qingcheng’s footsteps stopped. She stood in front of these people, lowering her head slightly. She lifted her hand as though she wanted to wipe her tears away, yet… she didn’t succeed. When she inclined her head again, the tears still continued falling but now, beneath the falling tears, there was a pure and flawless smile in her eyes. Such a level of beauty left all the guys in the Battle Sword Sect dumbfounded. Even Ye Lingshuang was deeply mesmerised.

Qin Wentian walked to Mo Qingcheng’s side. He stretched his hands out, gently placing them on her face as he wiped away the tear stains for her. Smiling sweetly at her, he spoke, “Don’t cry any more, we are together now, aren’t we?”

His voice was extremely gentle, Mo Qingcheng couldn’t help but to laugh at his words. However, her tears still had no way to stop. She trembled there, before lunging towards Qin Wentian tightly embracing him as though she was afraid that she would lose him once more.

Those from the Battle Sword Sect stood there dumbly like idiots, rubbing their eyes and wondering if what they just saw was an illusion.

Liu Yun’s mouth was wide open in a ‘O’ shape. He then gulped down his saliva and cursed silently, “Which bastard is using illusion techniques on this daddy, me?”

Ye Lingshuang’s heart also pounded violently, she didn’t dare to believe what she was seeing. The Holy Maiden from the Medicine Sovereign Valley knew Qin Wentian before this?

“Holy Maiden.” Those from the Medicine Sovereign Valley finally caught up. They too were badly shocked by this scene. All of them stood still as wooden puppets, looking on as the Holy Maiden of their sect was currently embracing a young man tightly.

Were the tears earlier all for him?

Was the agony she felt earlier all for him?

That intense stimulus that the Medicine Sovereign was talking about, was because of him?!

They felt their heads spinning. They had no way to reconcile what they were seeing with reality. Did their Holy Maiden and this guy once have an unforgettable love story deeply etched in her memories?

In that case, the impulsive actions of the young man earlier weren’t because he was affected by the beauty of the Holy Maiden? But instead, they were lovers?!

The members from the Violet Thunder Sect had ashen expressions. They hadn’t expected this at all.

Especially Ye Kongfan, he was a chosen from the Violet Thunder Sect, a prince of the ancient Ye Country. He had initially wanted to take this chance to build up a good relationship with the Holy Maiden and slowly steal her heart. But now, the impact of this blow from reality directly smashed his hopes into pieces.

Even an idiot could see that not only did the two of them know each other, they were lovers.

However, despite the love the Holy Maiden held for him, how could this man be worthy of her love? As he thought of this, a cold glint of light flashed past Ye Kongfan’s eyes.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” Mo Qingcheng kept uttering these words. She hated herself, how could she ever have forgotten him? Even now, she had no way to forgive herself, she hated herself for it.

“Qingcheng, don’t act like this, it’s okay.” Qin Wentian felt his heart trembling when he saw Mo Qingcheng being consumed by her guilt. But didn’t he also feel the same way? It was all since he was weak which caused Qingcheng to almost die, losing her memories.

“Mhm.” Mo Qingcheng nodded her head, yet her embrace was as tight as before. At this moment, it was as though they were alone within the world, with no one around to disturb them.

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      And the worst part is, Qin Wentian has to work hard to get his strength to a level that is ‘good enough’ but Qingcheng doesn’t have to do anything to be good enough for Qin Wentian, oh no, she has a pretty face.

      Also, didn’t the guy who took Qingcheng away say that they were going to raise her up to be a wife worthy of Qin Wentian? Then why the f*ck did they leave her at someone’s doorstep with f*cking amnesia. They didn’t do shit with her, they just moved her away from Qin Wentian so that there’d be more drama.

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      2. “However, despite the love the Holy Maiden held for him, how could this man be worthy of her love? As he thought of this, a cold glint of light flashed past Ye Kongfan’s eyes.”

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      Yes, I know the novels are fantasy, but the themes in them do bleed through into the readers mindset if they are impressionable and especially if they live in a culture in which misogyny is more pronounced. It’s fine to have a target audience (young males) and tailor your story to that audience, but to promote or perpetuate a theme of misogyny just to attract them is to do a disservice to them – even if such a theme is notable in your culture. I enjoy reading Xianxia and other genres of fiction from Asian nations, but I do wish the authors would look at their writing as promoting progressive values, rather than catering to traditional inequality.

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