AGM: Chapter 428

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AGM 428 – Meteoric Rise

It had already been over twenty years, and the baby that he once held in his arms had already grown up into a real man. With determination in his heart, disregarding life and death, dragging the demon sword a hundred thousand miles towards the Pill Emperor Hall.

What more could he ask for?

Looking at the demonic divinity great roc, the eyes of this mysterious man were filled with gentleness as well as deep emotions.

He desperately wanted very much to act way before this; however, he once promised him that he would never ever do so. Qin Wentian’s life would be his own to walk. Only then one day, Qin Wentian would be able to depend on his own strength to support the piece of sky he had achieved.

If Qin Wentian grew up underneath their care, then whenever Qin Wentian ran into danger, he might always look to them for protection, instead of fighting on his own, achieving strength with his own efforts.

The he back then, how lofty had he stood, how awe-inspiring was he? How could his child ever be mediocre? Growing under the protection of others instead of his own strength?

Today, it was only because he heard the rumors of a young man dragging the demon sword for a hundred thousand miles that he chose to appear here to take a look. Looking at that baby he once held in his arms, he finally saw a shadow of that man he respected.

He was happy and gratified.

There were so many more trials waiting for this child in his future. Since he knew what sort of storms and tempests the child had to experience, he had no choice but to allow the child to be tempered by the fires of the world, walking step by step and confronting them directly, alone, even in the face of death.

Life was a long, long path. Today, when he solely barged into the Pill Emperor Hall, although he might die here, wasn’t this also a brand new beginning? A rebirth in the flames of nirvana?

And even though he had been here since the beginning, not one person could sense his existence. Everyone’s attention was drawn by the great roc and Qing`er’s appearance. The only one who could sense him was that evil skeleton down at the bottom of abyss.

Right now, the bone fragments in the sea of corpses joined together and formed a gigantic skeletal arm, shooting straight towards the mysterious man.

And as the mysterious man shifted his gaze over to the bottom of the abyss, ice-cold fire could be seen burning in his eyes when he stared at the sea of skeletal remains.

As he slowly stepped towards the gigantic skeletal arm, each and every step he took caused the entire space to vibrate.

As though his steps formed a mysterious resonance with the world.


The light sound of a foot step crackled. As a thunderous shock wave shattered the gigantic skeletal arm, the resounding impact rocked the bottom of the abyss, instantly turning all of the withered skeletons into a cloud of dust. That mysterious figure had his hands held behind his back, as he gazed at the cave dwelling the monstrous existence was in. In the direction of that cave dwelling, there was also a terrifying fluctuation of energy, a palpable sense of undeath.

“Peng…” Yet another crisp sound echoed as the entire cave dwelling shattered into pieces. Over there, a shimmering figure could be seen, as handsome as the devil, yet as young as a teenager. His skin was sparkling clear, yet the eyes of that shimmering figure glinted with an extremely terrifying crimson light. Inclining his head and staring at the mysterious figure in the air, the monster spat out, “Who are you?”

As the sound of the monster’s voice faded, terrifying chains appeared in the air and fired towards that mysterious figure. The fearsome chains directly bound him, as the evil flames, born of the aura of undeath, combusted violently.

Yet, the mysterious figure merely calmly took another step downwards; his hands still crossed behind his back, completely disregarding the flames. “Kacha!” The chains shattered, the evil flames still burned, yet it did nothing to impede his movements.

Above the skies, yet another resplendent constellation was birthed. It not only enveloped this sacred land, but that constellation also enveloped the entirety of the vast Pill Emperor Hall.

At that moment, it seemed as though the Pill Emperor Hall had been totally separated from the external world. Nobody could see clearly what was happening within.

“What’s going on? Another constellation manifestation?”

The spectators inclined their heads, their faces filled with endless shock. The two Ascendants belonging to the Pill Emperor Hall was already badly injured. Who was the one that manifest this constellation?

Those from the Chen Clan, Hua Clan and Star-Seizing Manor had long retreated from the Pill Emperor Hall, yet their perception had never deviated from it, even for a single second. But now, they could no longer ‘see’ anything that was happening inside.

Earlier, they only felt a supreme might pervading the atmosphere, as a mysterious figure appeared in the air. He simply stood there, with his hands behind his back, yet the imposing presence he emanated seemed as though he was shouldering the entire heavens.

Who was that person?

Why had that person come?

Nobody knew, not even Qin Wentian and Qing`er. And right now, Qin Wentian was already unconscious; he wasn’t aware of the things that’s happening right now.

Qing`er was still carrying Qin Wentian on her back. Her beautiful eyes stared at the constellation at the air.  A powerful spatial energy enveloped her and Qin Wentian, as a wind kicked up from where they were. At this moment, she only wanted to bring Qin Wentian away to leave this god-forsaken place.


The spatial waves were directly disrupted, the energy emanated by the constellation locked down this entire space. Even if her insights into space were more powerful, there was no way for her to leave this place.

Her gaze contained hints of ice as she stared at the constellation in the sky, as though she was extremely infuriated by it.

“Hey little doll, you are really not bad.” A voice drifted directly into Qing`er’s ears. Only she could hear this voice transmission.

Qing`er frowned; after which, she saw a lazy looking old man appearing from the constellation in the middle of the air, languidly gazing at the scene playing out below.

He didn’t do anything. He only used the powerful energy fluctuations from his constellation to seal the entire Pill Emperor Hall away.

“You are?

The Pill Emperor, as well as that ancient elder, both turned ashen when they stared at that blurry silhouette in the air. Now that they were heavily injured, just the mere presence of energy fluctuations from the constellation in the sky was able to severely suppress them.

They had never imagined that the Pill Emperor Palace would have so many legendary characters gathering here. Aside from them, there were actually other terrifying existences at the Celestial Phenomenon Realm appearing here.

“Who are you guys? Why have you come to my Pill Emperor Hall?”

The silhouette in the middle of the air didn’t reply, he directly ignored the Pill Emperor.

That lazy-looking man gently landed on the stone platform, glancing at Mo Qingcheng while shaking his head and sighing.

Down in the location of the shattered cave dwelling, that monstrous youth was also staring at the new constellation in the sky. His expression grew incredibly ugly as he asked, “You still have helpers with you?”

“Helper? Even if you are at your full strength, killing you is as easy as flipping my palms, let alone now when you are just a half-alive monster that crawled out of the grave, borrowing the life of others.” The mysterious figure casually stretched out a palm as a supreme formless energy shook the entire place. It was as though he could even control the motion of the Heavens and the Earth.

“Sealing the mountains here to absorb their celestial qi to purify the life force you stolen? Abominable being, face your death!”

With a clench of his fist, the surrounding mountains around the abyss all fragmented and collapsed in an instant, before turning into motes of dust and floating away, carried by the wind.

The monstrous youth turned pale upon witnessing that. After the surrounding mountains shattered, black chains could be seen embedded in them, chaining them all together to produce the sealing effect. Yet right now, cracks simultaneously appeared on those black chains, as they exploded an instant later.

Everything turned to dust. Nothing could escape this swath of destruction.

If the Pill Emperor had this strength, he would have long smashed Qin Wentian into meat paste, even if he had the demon sword with him. Shattering everything with a clench of his fist…how powerful was that? Qin Wentian wouldn’t have been able to block it.

That formless energy shot towards the monstrous youth. He hesitated no longer, stomping on the ground, immediately seeking to escape.

“Can you even escape?”

That mysterious figure stretched his hand out and tightly clenched it once again. The will of his mandate directly exploded the mysterious youth; the monstrous youth’s flesh and blood turned into fragments, as the core of his body transformed back into a skeleton.

Yet, that monster was still not dead. It emanated fearsome evil energy while continuing to frenziedly escape.


That mysterious figure brought his palms together in a resounding clap. That skeleton shattered into eight pieces, yet it still clung on to life, as it continued to run away.

At this moment, a fourth constellation appeared in the skies. The resplendent light of this constellation shone down; the cold silvery light burning the bone fragments of the evil existence, melting it down into a puddle of liquid before evaporating it completely, stealing the last vestige of its unnatural life away.

The old ancestor of the Pill Emperor Hall schemed his way through death and tried all methods to rebirth, but today, because of Qin Wentian, and his love for Mo Qingcheng, as well as the machinations of Luo He and the Pill Emperor, his last desperate attempt to cling to life had disappeared forever.

That mysterious figure flicked his sleeves, directing the astral light from his constellation to fill every crevice of this god-forsaken land, cleanly wiping out all traces of the evil formation set up by that monstrous youth.

After which, his silhouette flickered as he appeared on the stone platform, staring at that beautiful figure lying down on it.

“Child, it has been hard on you.”

This peerless expert had a look in his eyes similar to when he was staring at Qin Wentian. Warm, and filled with gentleness. He already saw everything when he spectated from the air. Qin Wentian came to the Pill Emperor Hall for this girl, and this girl, for Qin Wentian, didn’t mind sacrificing her everything.

Before she condensed that pill, her eyes were filled with endless longing saturated by her love.

She didn’t want to die. She didn’t want to leave. But she had no choices remaining to her.

“Bring the pill.”

That person inclined his head, and he calmly spoke. Instantly, a raging wind gusted by as the languid-looking silhouette appeared beside him with a medicinal pill in his hands. This was none other than the pill Mo Qingcheng had spat out earlier, the one where she used the remaining life force and essence in her body to condensed, a pill that contained her love.

“Both of them are really good girls.” That languid-looking figure infused the pill with his energy before feeding the pill back to Mo Qingcheng. That medicinal pill melted, and dissolved into spiritual qi which then diffused inside Mo Qingcheng’s body.

“Seeing how you treat him, we would not fail to live up to your well intentions. However, in his life, he’s destined to rebuke the Heavens and Earth, shaking the world with his name. If you are to be his wife, you too have to undergo a meteoric rise, soaring up to his level.” The mysterious figure murmured before he turned to the languid-looking figure as he stated, “You, aid her in this. Nurture her to be the wife of our young master. The Pill Emperor Hall isn’t worthy of her.”

“Right.” That figure lightly nodded. He propped Mo Qingcheng over his shoulder, and with a single step, he soared up all the way into the clouds, disappearing in an instant.

After which, that mysterious figure stared up at the heavens, as he shook his head.

And a moment later, his gaze softened as it shifted onto Qing`er carrying the huge roc upon her back.

“Lucky fellow. With two girls of such characters treating you this way, you are much more blessed compared to your father. In the future, you best not let either of them down,” that mysterious figure murmured. As a heartwarming smile appeared on his face, his eyes flashed with the sweetness of past memories.

Laughing fondly, he casually stepped forward. Yet, the entire Pill Emperor Hall was shuddering violently from the power of that single step!

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    1. Well, he wouldn’t grow into someone that reach the apex if he doesn’t experience hardships and is always sheltered by his family. They would have a typical anti-mc-from-a-superior-clan-can’t-recognize-Mt. Tai attitude which is proven to be what leads to their clan being annhilated if he offends someone suprerior and he is in the wrong. The novel won’t sell if he is someone who just uses his background to scare other people of.

    2. Well i believe that kind of approach is the best, how many times you’ve seen in chinese novels characters who hails from superior clans/sects and are young masters of said places, only to provoke mc because they always got away with it. He noticed a beautiful girl that is someones fiancee/wife? I’ll steal it if anything my elders will deal with it later. He has some item that i want? I’ll steal it my elders will take care of that and so on.

      While i’ve strayed from subjects i believe super rich people of this world should take the same approach. Where they just leave their children alone without financial support so they can strive to become as great as their parents, if anything then maybe leave them a small sum of money which they can use to invest into their bussines. The outcome of that would be them investing or creating bussiness and trying to become succesful or simply try to live the rest of their lives with that money.

    3. Well, I have to desagree with you, I get your point but they didn’t just abandon him, he had his Uncle Black and the Qin family, he raised with them, and after thare could be someone monitoring him from far, helping him indirectly, like with Little Rascal, where did that dog come from? Think about it, that girl from the Unmatched real, also he wasn’t really about to die that many times, maybe 3 o so, the first in Chu, but they could know that he was cultivating the technique and would no die for something like that, in the Ancient Realm when he awakened this 3rd eye they had no way to enter and actually was very beneficial for him and then now, he had no way to survive besides they helping him directy, and he did.

      Also you could think that for x or y they weren’t at good spot when he was born and had to leave it temporally but they can’t just show up and say “Hey, we’re your parents, seems you’re doing fine, well, we leave, bye bye” I mean, his parents was the Qin Clan, they biological parents are strangers for him and even so his father still let him help, op techniques and also memory fragments, it’s not like MGA. Well, anyway that’s my point of view, even I understand your point I also understand the plot point.

    4. Simply to say, the family is making sure that their child’s character and dao heart will be firmed and resolute, and wont be influenced by their clan’s power. Yes, there are some exceptions wherein even if one grew up in a very strong family, that person can still experience hardship to form his dao heart and character but it wouldnt be like the experiences someone could get by starting small and simple without any influence/backing. And to be honest, hes actually lucky as he got uncle black before that taught him some stuffs. unlike Chu feng and especially meng hao (literally NO HELP at all until he went to dao seeking). But due to this circumstances and hardships they experienced, it made their will stronger. it made them not to rely on their backings, made them confident, but not arrogant. Just look at ji ning. When he was already a true immortal/empyrean god in 3 realms, he still roamed the minor worlds. (NOT FOR the sake of tempering his will but THERE ARE experiences that can only be found by starting small and simple. AND it actually helped him for his comprehensions. REMEMBER? He became dao father by just fishing in a mortal realm). I do understand your point of view but u need to understand as well that sometimes you need to look at things at a different angle.

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      1. a Miracle
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    1. perhaps a “resurrection” of sorts with him returning her pill to her. It did mention that none of the other females were dead. Also it may just be me but it never said that she died in a indisputable manner. She might just be having her essence taken just like everyone else.

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        and the authors separate the gf of the MC because the authors have no idea how to fking write a relationship or/and what the hell do to motivate the MC

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