Ancient Strengthening Technique on Wuxiaworld + Chapter 573, 574, 575!

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The three regular chapters of today!

AST 573, AST 574, AST 575 (8/14)

Bonus chapters remaining : 6 (Mar)

TL: AMC (573), DragonInWhite (574,575)

ED: TheNoraShinki

TLC: lordbluefire

25 thoughts on “Ancient Strengthening Technique on Wuxiaworld + Chapter 573, 574, 575!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Wow..AST has been one of my favourite novels.Thanks for releasing three chapters today and for future chaps. welcome to wuxiaworld.18 bonus chapters going crazy:)

  2. Those who are in doubt whether to read it or not. I highly recommend it as it is much different novel compare to the rest as it is more slice of life/ harem interaction of MC with his harem and less action. MC in this novel cherish and values relationships and characters don’t fade into background as seen a lot in the other xinxia novel! Although, it is bit slow, but it is quite worth the read.

    -To be honest, I only read one Chinese novel which is “AST”. As RXW introduced the novel that it is the only mature novel on WW with a lot of adult/action scenes, so I am now worried that the adult scenes might get censored from the lordbluefire because of a different system/environment here. I am huge fan of AST and been following it since the beginning! I specially created this account to clear my doubts as I don’t know how the rules and ratings works here. I am really feeling anxious about my favorite novel as the future chapters might get censored now as RXW might not allow lordblue to post NSFW chapters, because the sex scenes are the special charm about this novel.

    1. I like the slice of life/harem aspect, but I can’t stand the constant and long training chapters. There are so many chapters of the MC just training on his own in that secret realm of his, or him training blacksmithing, etc.. I still read it, but I take a break when I see those training chapters.

      Just wanted to give a heads up to those people who are thinking of picking this up.

      1. This is why I read chapters only when it is piled up, so that I can read 20-30 chapters in a go. Thankfully, the translator is pumping out 2-4 chapters daily, it is literally the fastest translation I have seen lol.

        1. i think you won’t regret it since almost all the top novel in GT that move here are updated at 2/3x faster rate in WW, except the series of Rwx work which is at the same pace like CKlaton/Hyorinmaru.
          well i just hope that their pace of update doesn’t decrease when they move here,

  3. Im gonna be completely honest with everyone here. If you want to watch a mc seduce every woman on earth yet simultaneously cockblock himself continuously, this is the novel for you. If you want to read a story with a massively overpowered protagonist with an inferiority complex this is also the novel for you. The mc constantly changes how he acts towards women and the women constantly change how they feel about the mc. Other than the frustatingly bad harem and romance, the setting, the power the mc has, and the…well that stuff is pretty cool i guess.

    1. “seduce every woman” Are we both reading the same novel? It has been pretty much established the real women of this novel are only gonna be the “portraits of the beauty”. As for romance/harem, I dare say that it is much much better compare to other chinese novel. At least, it is in detail, feels real and doesn’t feel short or almost non-existent and feels satisfactory.

  4. …I’ll eventually relive my trauma once I catch-up…Darn MC…

    To all those new to AST, some simple advice
    Question Nothing, Attain Nirvana!

  5. This is a good binge novel since you can skip the chapter long cultivating / farming chapters. Definitely worth a follow if you like up to date novels though, translator is an absolute beast churning out chapters.

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