Ancient Strengthening Technique 584!

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AST 584!  AST 585! (teaser)

AST 584 is a bonus chapter.

Bonus chapters remaining : 3 (Mar)

TL: Piangster

ED: Klaurem

TLC: lordbluefire

6 thoughts on “Ancient Strengthening Technique 584!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Still waiting for the Table of Contents to be fixed, same on GT where it was arrange by ARC, because I got lost in translations already, I was reading by arc hahahahaha

  2. Umm may I have your attention Lord Bluefire, this lowly Rekt one found a small mistake on the next chapter button of chapter 350, it redirects to chapter 343. I hope you will notice me senpai
    Btw thanks for the hardwork Lordbluefire, Piangster, Klaurem, and everyone who made the translation possible!

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