Ancient Strengthening Technique 1389, 1390!❣️Recruiting translators

Recruitment Post:

Urgently in need of translators, if any of you is keen in helping out as a translator and joining the team, please email [email protected]

Bad news:
Starting from next week, we will be reducing the release rate from 15 chapters to 12 chapters until more of our translators are back. The chapter release rate will only resume back to 15 chapters roughly about two to three months time. I dare not make any guarantees 🙁

AST 1389, 1390! are regular chapters! (13/15)

TL: Rila

ED: Rubble

TLC: lordbluefire

PR: Orensan


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  1. Just asking: Weren’t nearly 24 chapters (or 21 can’t remember for sure) being translated before they suddenly fell to 15. Any chance of getting it back to 21/24?

    1. Just saying: Sure they definitely could get back to 24/21 chapters a week IF YOU help them by translating the story. Lazy mother fker don’t complain if you don’t even have the ABILITY to translate the language into English

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