Alyschu&Co presents Spirit Realm! ?

Hi all! This is the surprise I had for you guys.

With our current translation pace for ATG, I estimated that we will be catching up to Mars before the year ends. This means that the ATG Team would then have nothing else to do! That was a terrible thought, so I went and picked a novel for the ATG Team to fall on once we catch up to ATG. I have the blessings of my team for the introduction of this novel early instead of when we catch up, so here it is!

Spirit Realm will be ATG Team’s next project!! However, for now, beginning August 1, I will be setting up Spirit Realm’s foundation with the SR Team.

There will be 3 chapters a week of Spirit Realm from the SR Team until September 2016. I may consider opening sponsored chapters come September, but for now, I think 3 is a good number for us to start with. This will not affect the release of ATG chapters, so don’t worry about that!

Here’s chapter 1, brought to you by alyschu~

ps. Let’s pretend it’s still August 1. 🙁
pps. If anyone wants to join us in translating this new novel, please click the hamster.

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  1. Lol, I actually visited the Spirit Realm page today in search for something to read, but there were no chapters there yet. XD

    Thanks, alyschu and team. 😀

  2. I wish you guys picked up Heavenly star because I think it got drop. It hasn’t been updated over a month. And Heavenly stars is so good. It also by mars.

  3. Thanks! I’ve been looking for something new to read, but it was too daunting to start reading a series with hundreds of chapters out when I don’t have a lot of time. So this is perfect!

    1. Chapter 682 in the RAWs. about 1-3 a week. I think you can see why they are picking something else up since his release schedule has slowed a lot over the last half year or so.

    1. Hey guys, do we tell him no novel currently being translated on this site is wuxia? And that ATG isn’t wuxia too? Or we let this smartass kid think he’s smart?

  4. Ummm… if it makes you feel better, it is August 1st in some parts of the world 😛

    And so, you guys are going to do extra chapters of this new series?

    To be honest, I’d have preferred if those extra chapters were of ATG… but whatever, thanks for the hardwork in bringing us new works…

    We going to get a summary of Spirit Realm so soon? And a chapter? THANKS XD

    Love ya guys XD

    1. It doesn’t make sense to make more ATG chapters if Mars can’t keep up. They’d get less money for the same amount of chapters translated. And SR team is NOT ATG team. Releases of SR won’t affect ATG, as alyschu said in the post.

      Btw, if you caught up Alyschu, does it mean sponsored chapters would cease to exist? Mars’s speed is slower than “regular” chapters’.

  5. guys wanna pick up god of thunder? its being updated once every month or so =/ ask the translator if you guys can pick it up been waiting for that series for ages…

  6. Sigh.. I wish you guys picked Heavenly Star as your new translation work. It looked like such a good novel and I don’t think there is going to be frequent releases any time soon too.

    1. Yeah, one little tiny problem: NO CHAPTER TO TRANSLATE. Followed by anotha one: NO WAY TO GET DONATIONS IF ALL RELEASES ARE REGULAR. inb4 All chapters can be sponsored then! No, people wouldn’t donate becuase it’d be straight up payment.

    1. alot of novels such as Xian Ni/Renegade Immortal, The great ruler, USAW seem like it have dropped, but lets be honest all translators have a own life, not all can be like DB and Ren who treat translating as a main work. So to get back to point, i would accpreciate it if we could atleast get 1 regular chapter a week even if some translator got busy life, 1 chapter is 4 hours and if they dedicated atleast ~30 min each they we could get 1 regular chapter every week, well dont like to complain but it sucks when u get sucked into a novel u like only to see releases have stopped. well glad we got Ren and DB and some others to keep us going while the rest are M.I.A

      Written by: Your very own Lao Ye

      PS: got me to thinking, but translators are almost like drug dealers, they give u a taste of a novel only to get u hooked so u keep wanting more and more and when chapters/drugs stop coming in people rage, get crazy etc, almost like a withdrawal and then u forget the novel/Drugs but stil sometimes check to see if its back in bussines.

      PS2: BTW im no addict only stated some similarities 🙂

  7. Have faith in LORD FIFTH, gain eternal life. When LORD FIFTH appears, who dares to cause strife!

    Dear Friends, many thanks to the Author, Translator(s), (Editors), (Donors) for the awesome chapter!
    Provisionary outer sect disciple, Aureate Sect~

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