Against the Goats 164 and 165

LADIES AND GENTS!! I’d like to thank all of you who took the time to search up pictures of Saber to seduce Scrya! His response: “It’s not like I will translate any faster than this with all these pictures of saber or anything… b-bakas!” My evil scheme to embarrass him plan to make him happy has worked! Thanks guys!!

Without further ado, here are your chapters for today:

Chapter 164 is brought to you by Gloo and alyschu. This chapter was sponsored by Catalina I, Tim H, James M, Yu-Chiang H, and collin b.

Chapter 165 is brought to you by Scrya, choco, gloo, and a piece of alyschu. This chapter was sponsored by collin b, Jason L, and Brett G. Remember to thank those three especially for this chapter!! Especially choco!! She’s back!!

Also, here’s the goat video, which was the teaser preview for Chapter 164 in case anyone missed it..

Edit: Not related!? Blasphemy!! All amusing things are all secretly related to one another!!

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    1. you cannot call her evil that is Immoral, do not go off the right path, while Cliffhangers are immoral, calling people evil just because they are immoral is a way to enter the path of evil yourself and be immoral, also you cannot call her evil cause that is Immoral, do not go off the right path, while Cliffhangers are immoral, calling people evil just because they are immoral is a way to enter the path of evil yourself and be immoral

  1. Phack you!!! Stop changing the titles at your own whim!

    It went to my Inbox!!

    I have filters to move emails with certain titles, authors, keywords, etc to a certain folder and it’s annoying when you people change the titles at your own whim -_-

    1. Hello, his chapter was purged along with him once we discovered his breach of trust and etiquette while still on our team.

      It is a he-said she-said sort of thing but I hope you guys will give us the benefit of the doubt. Gloo spent his time translating all of this so he deserves his rightful credits.

  2. Did you guys know another site is posting chapters of ATG and claiming you guys are stealing their translations? Seems like they just randomly started around ch. 155 or something. I don’t get why they picked it up if they know someone else is doing it already.

    1. it has been explained on reddit (but aly don’t want to talk about it because she don’t want to give the guy more attention that he deserve…)… to make it short (so that aly don’t get angry for us discussing this topic again and again) he is a translator who entered the group… translated a couple of chapters… realized that it wasn’t just a gold mine for him to dig (basically because the quality requested by aly&co required accurate TLcheck and such so the release speed didn’t allow for a large number of sponsored chapter every week ON TOP of the regular chapters that doesn’t come with money)… so he went and opened his own site where he release lower quality translation… and altrough it is pretty low class it would still have been fine… but even went as far as stir up drama and move accusation (that the reddit post have demostrated being false with solid evidence..)… also if you look trough reddit you will aslo find out that this isn’t the first time for him to do something similar… he is basically a money hungry avarage quality translator that want to make money out of other groups projects after they have worked on it for a long time and brought out a project that is well liked and have a large number of reader ready to give out donation…

      he may actualy be samewhat fast but that come at the expenses of quality… he also only release based on donation without any number of fixed free release… and just to close the argument… after he accused aly&co to withold translation (that is actualy true… but for the reason of tl check requiring time… and not some strange consipiracy aimed to get more money… that would also be pretty stupid since releaseing more bonus ch per week would actualy INCREASE the number of paid ch against free ch -_-‘) he went and declared a week of non release to let the number of queued paid chapters accumulate… -_-‘

      ok I went and made a “short summary” aly has asked to not discuss this argument here since this is a place for reader to look at ATG and other wonderfull xanxia that the translator are working on and not a place for cheap drama… ^^ if people want to look more in depth please to go to reddit… there is plenty of discussion on the argument ^^

      1. This was the first I’ve seen or heard of any of it. I don’t do reddit.

        I just saw it on novelupdates and got curious why someone was posting pretty much the same chapters at pretty much the same time. Then I saw he keeps posting one chapter ahead of alys and bragging like he’s winning some kind of race.

        If he wants donations, why doesn’t he pick up something slow that people want to see being translated faster?

        1. Cause it takes time to build up followers who’s willing to donate and he’s not interested in handing out free chapters. So…the fastest way would be to try to steal a project from someone until it dries up and then move onto another project

  3. hello, ATG translation team. I am a guy wanting to join the team for ATG, buuut i just can’t manage to find contact with you guy’s.
    So, sorry for using comments, buut, please, if you are interested, answear me here, and send me a mail.
    [email protected]
    (i will exclude this comment after i have the answer. )
    Sorry for taking your time.

  4. hi..
    i hope you don’t take this as picking sides..
    but can you stop this..?
    i’m not rich neither too poor,, but i donate one or twice because i really appreciate the translators and editors.. it was like a thank you for your hard work…
    but in all sites,, Wuxia World is the most special to me.. I’m already a fan though a lurker when it started with CD’s book 1. To see people’s comments or TL’s posts bashing and insulting others leave a bad taste..
    For a WW fan, this is really sad.
    You already commented on other site?? I hope you keep the negative feelings there..and be happy here with everyone enjoying the fruits of your labor.
    Sorry if i offended you somehow!! But I just can’t keep WW’s image separate from RWX no matter how many novels are adopted here..
    Thanks for the chapter!!
    I’m a fan of the translators, please don’t misunderstand.

        1. Ah ok, sorry, I just got it. gory locks thought that the goat thing was destined to James or whatever his name was.

          So… Alyschu already said that she didn’t want to talk about it anymore so the goat thing probably wasn’t destined to him, just a funny joke, I didn’t quite get it but whatever…
          And if you’re not picking sides, I do. GO ALYSCHU !

          1. LOL.. omg.. I’ll edit my post ASAP. The goat video was Chapter 164’s teaser preview that I found to be hilarious so I reposted it on this post in case anyone missed it… OTL

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