Ads – Here we go again…

Hey guys! I’m going to try and address the elephant in the room (yet again) – ads. Shortly after Christmas, esp. towards the start of Feb., a good number of Wuxiaworld users got hit once more with a wave of bad ads, mostly on mobile, which caused problems and redirects and a fair amount of havoc. I’ve spent utterly ungodly hours on ads over the past year, and this was kind of the final straw. I threw in the towel and finally did something I had been wanting to do and yet resisting for quite some time; bringing in a paid multi-person team of professionals to work full-time on ad implementation, quality screening, and everything else ad-related.  [UPDATE – You can email [email protected] with any reports of ads that are autoplaying sound, redirecting, or linking to porn].

I’ve been watching this team at work for the past week, and I have to say – they are really, really good. Top-notch professionals. As with most things in life, you get as much as you are willing to pay for! Although the ads might ‘look’ the same for now, the back-end has been completely gutted and reworked properly, and the advertisers/networks have been majorly reshuffled as well. As a result, the number of bad ads (esp. mobile redirects) should be greatly reduced now, and video ads should also be curbed (although there will always be a few).

More changes will be coming; some ads might be made more visible while others will be removed. What I’m asking for all of you is – over the course of the next few weeks, let me know what changes you are seeing, for the better or the worse. If mobile problems are better for you – let me know. If problems are getting worse for you – let me know. If nothing has changed ie ‘was bad, still bad’ or ‘was good, still good’, also let me know.

Thank you guys so much for your continued support and patience. Every single translator at WW truly appreciates it and you!



PS – Definitely no DE chapters on weekend of Feb. 27 – that’s my birthday xD.

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  1. I remember having an atrocious time on my phone for this site, and on my work’s internet I think, which was so bad I refused to ever try it again.
    But what I had been doing for the last few weeks is refreshing the page then stopping it from continuing to load after the text was loaded and before the ads were loaded… It was actually quite a pain, but it did stop those redirects, but now that I know I can load it like a normal person instead of trying to get that precision strike is a huge relief.


    I would be usually read on my phne at work and almost 3 out of ever 4 times loading a page I would get forwarded to that app add and most of the time it would take 2 or 3 tries going back than reclicking the link to finally get the page to stay without the add. It was so annoying!

    Thankfully ever since the latest changes I haven’t had a single forward while using my phone or tablet. And the adds aren’t slowing the page down as much either, it use to lag because of the adds.

    Also, I am now getting adds that actually pertains to me.

    Anyway the site is running on my end a lot better and i am thankful to the experts you hired. Keep up the good work!

  3. I’m sorry Ren. I appreciate the work you’ve put into cleaning up the bad ads, but I’m still experiencing issues with them. Specifically, my problem is that the video and animation heavy ads are causing me to experience a lot of lag issues. So much that I can barely scroll, much less navigate and read. I know its the ads causing the lag, because the lag disappears when I enable adblock or stop the page from loading anything past the text. So for now, I’m going to have to keep my adblock on. 🙁

  4. Having some pop up ads who redirect me on my mobile phone to some random sites (can’t remember which ones). But before the new ad team I also had trouble with these redirect ads. There hasn’t been a change for me.

    Edit : using android phone

  5. the lazada ads are getting out of control
    this is my 3rd time trying to comment because the last 2 ones redirected me to lazada
    if i open 10 tabs of wuxiaworld 7 of them would be redirected to lazada
    pls fix asap
    PS: using desktop site

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