Ads and Banners and Videos, Oh My!

So this is a post I’ve been meaning to make for a while now.  Read on only if you are willing to learn far more about the nature of online advertising than you ever wanted xD.  I hope it helps some people get a better understanding of how online ads work!  This is the knowledge that I have accumulated over six months of messing around and learning in the few minutes of spare time I have when not working my regular job or translating.

Why Ads?

The first question most people wonder is, why even have ads at all when the translators here have donations?  Everyone hates ads, right?  Heck, I have to confess it; even I (RWX) have Adblock xD.  The simple answer for it is – long term, I want Wuxiaworld to be a big, completely self-sustaining website that is still free for everyone to read, and in the online world, the only way that can be done is through ads, especially as we grow bigger and possibly begin to need a full-time ‘tech staff’ behind it; I can’t always just rely on the great kindness of volunteers, right?  They have things to do as well!

The next question most people who accept the fact that ads is the way online work is, why does Wuxiaworld, especially lately, have so many “annoying” ads (ie, the video ads) compared to, say, Yahoo News! and these other big websites?  And…well, explaining this is the point of this post.  But in order to fully explain it, I have to take a bit of time to explain the advertising world.  Note that I am not an advertising guy myself – before I started Wuxiaworld, I knew nothing about advertising or servers or any of this, because that’s not my field of specialty.

Direct Sales

So to begin – In online advertising, there is a huge difference between ‘direct sales‘ and ‘ad networks‘.  Direct sales are usually reserved for those huge, huge websites, who will basically negotiate direct deals with huge, huge companies.  For example, Yahoo News! might negotiate a deal directly with the NBA, allowing the NBA to place a (reviewed and approved) advertising banner on their website for a fixed amount of money.  This is the best thing possible, because it allows review of every single actual advertising unit, and also pays MUCH better; compared to direct sales, the amount of money that is made by publishers (ie websites) through ‘ad networks’ is maybe 10% of what the companies pay, because there are so many middlemen!  The ads are also much safer, because the website can manually verify and approve every single ad that appears on the network.

Ad Networks & Middlemen

Because in the grand scheme of things, Wuxiaworld just isn’t ‘big enough’ (yet), almost every single ad that we have here is through an ‘ad network‘.  The way these work is: Companies create ads, which they give to their ‘ad agency’.  Thousands (or more) of ad agencies ‘feed’ into a single ‘ad network’ (hundreds of which often join into an ad ‘exchange’), which then create (internally) an invisible ‘bidding’ system; each time you load the page, a tiny packet of information about the page you are on and your country gets sent to the ad network, and the ad agencies will automatically ‘bid’ an offer for that pageview; a U.S. based company, for example, probably won’t ‘bid’ very much (if at all) for a pageview that comes from India.  Based on who ‘wins’ the bid, the ad network will load that companies advertisement.  This all happens in about 0.10 seconds!

This, FYI, is the reason why when you guys do see a problematic ad, it is so hard when you guys just tell me, “that ad about money loaning”; there’s usually almost no chance that I’m seeing the same ad as you guys, especially if we are in a different country!  In general, I’m only working with really big ad networks, and they have a really rigorous ‘vetting’ process, but of course, there’s always a chance that something slips through the cracks.


Okay, so now we have established that Wuxiaworld goes through ad networks (or the larger ad ‘exchanges’ made of many ad networks).  At the same time, there are two types of ad networks (well, it’s not that clear cut, but let’s just simplify it for now); those that bid by amount paid by click, aka ‘CPC‘, and those that pay per view, aka ‘CPM‘.  Google’s Adsense, the biggest ad network in the world, is mainly ‘pay per click’.  The amount of ‘supply’ of ads for pay per click is basically unlimited, because the advertisers don’t pay anything up-front.  CPC is great for ‘information’ type websites, such as laptop review websites, camera review sites, etc., and the ads are pretty relevant.  But for us, not so much.


Here’s the problem; y’all don’t click xD.  Which makes sense, btw; you are going to want to read the ‘next chapter’, not shop for [whatever]; this is a reading website!  Here’s some actual stats on the ‘click based’ ads which I use to automatically ‘backstop’ when there are no ‘view based’ ads available.  As you’ll see there, for example, on June 18th, for the 380,000 pageviews that these ads got, there was 101 clicks for a total clickthrough rate of 0.03%; in other words, for approximately every 3500 pageviews, we got one click; the other 3499 ads were basically shown ‘for free’.  Great for the ad companies, not so much for us.  The total amount generated from those 101 clicks?  ~$36, of which WW gets 80%.  Which is better than nothing, but not really worth even just me spending 6-8 hours a day for, much less the five other people here.

FYI – Directly asking for clicks or encouraging them in any way = BANHAMMER SMASH!  It’s considered fraud and will get the account shut down, or worse.


So as you can see…despite the good amount of traffic that we get, most of it basically doesn’t ‘pay’ at all.  Fortunately, though, over the past few months, I got WW into some ‘CPM/pay per view‘ networks, which are much harder to get into.  Popups are also considered ‘CPM’, but Wuxiaworld will never work with any popup networks!  If you see any sort of popup, let me know at rwxwuxiaworld(a)!  So anyhow, CPM networks work the same way as the CPC networks do, but instead of being based per bidding offer per ‘click’, they just bid a flat rate, once again based on a number of outside factors.  Again, this is all invisible to both you and me, and nobody has any idea what ad is going to show up at any point in time.  This works MUCH better for Wuxiaworld, but then a different problem comes up.

See, the advertising world goes through ‘fads’, and right now, one of the biggest ‘fads’ in the United States and developed countries in Europe/Japan for ‘pay per view’ ads right now is the funkily-coded ‘in-banner video’ (IBV).  Those are the (freaking annoying) videos that pop up in those square ad boxes (called 300×250 boxes) which have always been the most popular ad unit.  Because this is the biggest fad right now, the advertising companies have lots of budgets for these ‘IBV’ ads, and so the end result is…behind the scenes they are winning all the bids.

I wasn’t even aware of any of this until two or three months ago, when people started complaining about like three or four videos going off at the same time and choking their computers (I’m under this weird firewall that keeps me from seeing many of the ads at home, as my IP is ‘blacklisted’ from some of these exchanges).  I was like, ‘what the heck?!’ and started investigating, which is when I learned all of the above.  This puts me at a big dilemma; the only way to stop these video ads completely is by removing the CPM ad banners and going back to CPC, but for CPC, people don’t click!  (see above).  There’s no way to ‘just’ stop the video ads, because again – I don’t have direct control over any ads; the network does, and the ad being served is dependent on who ‘bids’ the most money.

This is also why I have pretty much stopped directly asking for people to turn off Adblock; I’m kind of embarrassed to, right now, with the problems not fully resolved!


The way I’ve gone with right now is using this compromise by using a mixture of ‘CPC’, ‘CPM’, as well as a single (much lower paying) CPM ad network that is currently 100% refusing all IBV ads (although some still sneak through).  In principle, this should guarantee that no more than 1-2 videos should ever play at the same time (mobile is another story…sigh).  In the future, I want to reduce it to just 1, or even none.

Long Term

In the long term, as Wuxiaworld grows larger, that gives us more negotiating power (as in Xianxia, might makes right!) with the ad networks/exchanges/agencies to make special exceptions for us that they aren’t currently willing to make, with the final, ultimate goal being ‘direct sell ads’ that would pay ten times (literally) better, have no (or limited) videos, and which would be individually vetted by myself.  That’s still off in the distance, though, but hopefully not too far!


So there you have it.  All you ever wanted to know about online advertising (more, probably xD) and how things work.  I hope this was of interest to some of you, and also helps explain some of the issues that some of you (mostly Americans) have been seeing!  Thanks for sitting through this, and I hope this didn’t put you too much to sleep.  Here’s my promise to you; as time goes on and as we do better, the number of ads will only decrease, not increase.  You can screenshot it.  That’s a promise!

If you are having actual problems because of the video ads – Go ahead and Adblock us for now!  Seriously!  When I finally, completely resolve the issues, I’ll be sure to let everyone know and start harassing you all in the chapter announcements again xD.

Okay, typing this up was my break from translating xD.  Back to CD.  Will have it up in an hour’ish!  xD



106 thoughts on “Ads and Banners and Videos, Oh My!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Which is all well and good, if the last time I visited Wuxiaworld without an adblock (3 hours ago), the wuxiaworld tab hadn’t ended up using 2.3GB of RAM, crashing my chrome and slowing the Laptop to a crawl… I’m torn between risking adblock free and supporting the server costs and running adblock but thus depriving you of that support..

    1. Sorry, I don’t intend to appear unappreciative. Thank you for spending so much time compiling this valuable information. My earlier comment is just something that I noticed earlier and I wanted to address.

      1. You aren’t unappreciative! I made this post because I wanted to explain to everyone what’s up. Although you’ve all been very nice here, I lurk on a lot of sites and I notice the grumblings elsewhere xD so yes, I know some people are having issues!

    2. If it’s doing that do you, then just Adblock it! Seriously! I don’t have that problem, but I know some people do. I just put that into this post as well! I’m sorry for that!

      1. for some context, I have a plugin that blocks/logs requests and when I unblock advertising requests, I get 234 requests from ads :/ so for now still going with adblock. Sorry.

        1. No problem, Wyrme! Yeah, the reason why you get so many is because one of the networks, if an ad doesn’t load (for example, because of Adblock), it tries to automatically load another one, hence ‘234 requests’.

        1. The CPM stats are across (literally) six or seven different networks, whereas the CPC is just the one! Plus, this isn’t a “here’s my detailed financial disclosure” post, this is just a post explaining what and why we are doing what we are doing xD

    3. Well you could try turning of adblock but install noscript and only allow a part of the adds (like randomly allow half of the scripts), maybe that’s an acceptable compromise?

  2. Ohh… Interesting, and it’s fine with the ads! As long as we have WuxiaWorld! 😀

    The most support I can give is to not let adblock run on this site, I’m sorry I can’t donate (yet). Perhaps when I can earn my own money ^^

    1. I agree. I can’t donate either since I am still just an student and rely on my parents. But I love wuxia world and I want to support it and see it rolls. Since I can’t donate the only way I can support is through ads. I never minded ads from the very beginning and I never will. Thanks for all of your hard works 🙂

  3. My only comment would be that there are good ad networks and bad ad networks. Most “asian” websites for some reason use the bad ad networks, in particular ad networks that use macromedia flash.

    I personally had never installed adblock but after having wuxiaworld basically kill my computer (thanks to flash) multiple times I ended installing it.

    I would make a couple of suggestions:
    – First, for people who have donated to give them a special login to the website that either turns off ads or at least turns off flash ads.
    – Alternatively, if possible find an ad network that doesn’t use flash.

    Anyways, just the thoughts of a roaming kitten-hater.

    1. Turning off flash ads isn’t a level of granularity I have access to yet, unfortunately! If you donated, PLEASE feel free to just Adblock and move on 🙂

  4. One thing, when you said “As you’ll see there, for example, on July 18th”
    But it’s only June 20th? I don’t think Wuxiaworld was, well, existing much last July 😛

    EDIT: Also, is there any way to individually change our settings/browser that you know of that will stop these video ads from at least bugging out? I know that this won’t really solve the larger problem since only a very small percentage of people would go to that much effort but I’d like to, at least…

    1. One way I’ve found that works wonders is to just disable Adobe flash for this site.

      I discovered this by a happy accident a little while back when Flash had that security issue in one of its latest versions and I was too lazy to roll back.

      I still see some of the interesting ads (like the ones about books that seem to be banner ads) but I no longer have a problem with those annoyingly numerous videos.

      If I didn’t do this, I would be completely unable to come to this site at all.

      (case in point, I just scrolled up and see five “click here to activate flash” boxes)

  5. google ads work on IP. so people in different countries see different ads. some people have video ads and some dont. im from israel and i havent seen a single video ad. im curious how ads can annoy someone? because i dont understand why so many people complain. if you donate you can just adblock, but if you dont i really cant imagine how you can consume his work without even contributing to him. the least you can do is to click a few ads and just deal with it.

      1. i dont know where these people live, but if its not a third world country, then they can afford a normal pc. people who say their computers cant handle some ads sound fishy. i can build a computer that costs less than a happy meal at macdonalds and it will do just fine. and if ads lag your pc, then its fine. you are not watching a tv show here, you are reading. a few seconds or even minutes of lag/delay depending on your ineptitude, will not ruin your experience. if ads crash or lag your PC then you have some problems with your machine and you might need to fix it. sounds serious.

          1. my chrome is using 130MB ram right now, and i have 6 websites open with ads and even music on youtube. people just need to take care of their PC’s, because im sure the ads are not the issue here.

          2. to be fair some people also have issues with more than just adds contributing to it for example a bad plugin added to their web browser, badly coded flash from adds + memory leakage is a pain or might even have memory leakage from other sources and just attribute it to the adds, not to mention some people have virus’s that they dont know about due to crytped FUDs and R.A.T’s and whatnot. not everyone but some, or even malware or PUPS slowing the system down

            so like i said it all depends on the persons pc and what they have on it running knowingly or unknowingly

        1. Don’t assume you know everything. These ads are 100% poorly coded and DO slow down computers because of how badly coded these ads are. We aren’t talking about a few seconds of lag. We’re talking about these ads chewing up gigs of memory and crashing flash, slowing down every other instance of flash, that sort of thing. Just because you don’t see these ads or think “I’ve never experienced this, therefore it must not be true” doesn’t mean you’re right. Because frankly, you’re 100% wrong and you should stop presuming that other people have a negative experience because they’re ignorant. The ads on this website, as much as I love Ren, are causing HUGE issues and they’re the exact reason he just made a huge post about it.

          1. Now, now, let’s be polite with each other :). Edited your post very slightly. And leetdood, I promise things will only get better, not worse!

          2. Thanks, Ren! I actually read all of Stellar Transformations with adblock off, so I was just a little annoyed that someone was saying my computer must suck because they didn’t actually experience the video ads. I totally get why these ads happen, and I wasn’t trying to complain about them 🙂 Just was saying they are actually causing issues for people when this guy was trying to say it’s just bad computers.

        2. Plusikplus I refuse to believe that u can build a computer for less than a happy meal, yes it is cheaper than buying a full made computer and there is better warranty but there’s no way building a computer is that cheap.

        3. A week ago I bought a new alienware computer that cost 1,500 USD and works pretty much perfectly (other than generating heat as a gaming device.) My operating systems is on a solid state disk drive which makes it even faster. I’ve updated all software and everything works optimally–HOWEVER, flash instances on wxw still end becoming 2gb at some point. I’m almost certainly more computer savvy that you are given the time I have spent programming and with computers in my life.

          I can assure you in this case you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    1. Rather than a problem with the adverts in general its afew REALLY obnoxious ads that cause issues within the browser, either slowing your experience to a crawl or straight up crashing your browser…. Hell i’ve personally seen ONE video multiple times on a single page.

      Oh you also get the ads that play sound… most video ads play muted but they can also play with sound REALLY loud or you get the ads that pop-up if you accidentally mouse over it.

      Ad block would be a non issue if advertises stopped being obnoxious and kept video/sound ads along with pop-ups and all that jazz out of the viewes faces.

      I get video ads on video content but having video ads and all that shit thrown in your face wherever you go on the internet is simply taking the piss.

        1. I personally read on my ipad since it doesn’t play the obnoxious ones but leaves static ads. I’m guesing that the majority of video ads are pay per view rather than per click so there is no easy compromise.

          Could you offer some type of reward for viewing clicker ads? It might make people more willing to click.

          1. Again – against terms of service! Offering any reward or even any encouragement for clicking ads = BANHAMMER! I’ll put that in the post.

  6. All i can say ive read like 30 words and had to skip these wonderful explanations!
    I know u put a lot of effort into it so let me say im SORRY i TRIED REALLLYYYY
    i wanted to know all about Ads but my will was to weak i gave up im sorry :/
    though i deactivated ad blocker on wuxia so take it 🙂

    plz let me expirience once again such a wonderful explanation which i will most likely skip again 🙁

    1. LOL it’s okay, Horos, it isn’t exactly the most exciting subject xD. This is really for that 1% that cares. Thanks for joining and for being a fan! 🙂

  7. Hey RWX. Love these informing posts of yours. Gotta say that learned a lot from this even though I have some experience being the middle man in the ad war. From my experience working in an ad network it can get really ugly fast since the middle man pretty much only gets paid if their ads get through. This is in my opinion the heart of the problem. The guys want money = they put in some dirty ads. A “friend” I worked with went as far as to break the law just to get his ads on a site. Something like an ad that is so small that it actually isnt even seen but gets registered. They dont care if its actually shown as long as they get money. They dont care if the site gets mad as hell and stops approving their ads, There are million sites to put the ads into…

    Btw love the work you do and after your new donation system for using other translators donates to clear the queue for Coiling dragon made me respect you way more than I thought possible. Really helps out lesser translators and motivates em to translate more. Thank you for the site and the awesome work you do RWX

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words and for sharing your experiences, GraceBernelli! Yeah, I can’t wait for the day when I can get away from the networks and just work with some regular, direct advertisers T.T

  8. Ill click on the adverts every time I’m use my laptop to view a chapter and I am sure if you asked on a post then most of the other users would do the same..

  9. some of the ibvs isn’t properly blocked by adblock, so having NoScript as backup should do the trick.

    also ren, i’m still seeing few avatar that is >90kb. obviously that plugin doesn’t work much >.>

  10. Me personally, I didn’t use to even have ad-block. I put up with the initial lag because…why not. But when I started getting random videos turning themselves on that couldn’t be turned off….I learned to use ad block.
    It’s too annoying when you’re reading, listening to music, maybe homework, or some kind of side project and a random video turns on with an obnoxious voice or message.
    Now I love ad block, lol. I also don’t leave WW on in the background either. But I guess if you ever get the auto-play with sound videos gone I would consider taking ad block off because…. I can, I guess. *shrug*

    I take it off for a couple other pages like sousetsuka because I haven’t had any of those types of videos yet.
    On that note, rather than reminding in posts about it, sousetsuka has something that only mentions ad block if it detects you are using it. I don’t know how it works, but maybe it would be something amusing for you or whoever to consider at a later time.

    1. Yeah, there should never be video with sound. That’s 100% against TOS, and those I can actually report and try to get the ad agency kicked from the network. I’ve reported quite a few of them…

  11. You could make a special page with click adds, and we could add exception for it in addblock and click a few times, you can link it in every chapter so we don’t forget to.

        1. Click like a normal person viewing normal ads. That’s all needs to be said. Even suggesting stuff like clicking extra, or people suggesting that they click to get Ren money, can get him in very hot water. People should probably stop talking about clicking anything.

  12. By the way,does it count as a view if i F5 the site or do i have to press on something?
    Cause if so i can just casually refresh the site some times when im doing nothing.

  13. I had about 3 video ads going off at the same time a couple of weeks back. It was made worse because my IDM started popping up windows in my face with download prompts, two for each ad. Glad that passed.

  14. Thanks for writing this post I learned some interesting stuff. I just disabled adblock on wuxiaworld 🙂

    This may be a stupid question. What is considered “a view” ? Do I have to spend certain time viewing the ad? I am asking because I tend to turn on read view in firefox (which removes everything except from chapter) as soon the page is loaded.

    btw I really enjoy CD thank you for translating it.

  15. Hmm I found this to be very interesting and informative. I might have some workarounds for people who want to support the server but dislike seeing the ads.

    The fist one is a suggestion for RWX. I know that has a way to hide ads mainly to increase speed while watching videos but it may be possible to implement something similar here. So basically the page would load you see the ads and if one is lagging you hide it with the individual switch.

    The second one is a suggestion/project of mine. I’m working on what I call a Fullscreen Reader extension for Google Chrome which will basically allow me to read a WordPress post in fullscreen at a click of a button (later including custom text/background options) using the HTML5 fullscreen api (javascript). The suggestion is simply adding a button using that same api to the top of the post that the user can click and make just the post itself fullscreen. The reason I’m suggesting it is because it keeps the rest of the page loaded (including the ads) when in fullscreen and you don’t even have to see them just like it does when you watch a Youtube video. I’m not sure if it will have too much of an impact on the RAM usage though.

    Anyways I hope this helps in some way.

    1. Honestly, I don’t know! I’ve never used it before. All I know is that if the ad doesn’t ‘load’, there’s no revenue. With regards to how the other things work…I’m not sure how. But yes, that switch is a great idea! It’s been on the ‘to do’ list for a while 🙂

  16. This is also I have pretty much stopped directly asking for people to turn off Adblock; I’m kind of embarrassed to, right now, with the problems not fully resolved!

    Shouldn’t it be

    This is also WHY I have pretty much stopped directly asking for people to turn off Adblock; I’m kind of embarrassed to, right now, with the problems not fully resolved!

  17. im fine with ads make your money, my only problem is when i get the video ads that are like 30 secs long but locks my browser to the ad until its done thus making me unable to scroll that is annoying even more so when they constantly play back to back multiple times making me just stare at it hoping another video ad doesn’t pop up. that is the only thing that frustrates me if there was a way to prevent this i would be happy.

    1. Yes, this is another 100% against ‘TOS’ thing. These are ‘bad ads’! Is that happening right now? If that’s happening, please locate it for me (on Chrome) by hitting F12, ‘inspect elements’, point to the ad, copy/paste it to me at rwxwuxiaworld(a)…then Adblock it!

  18. I dont know how you managed it… I used Adblock for years, stopped it for some sides after i read “please turn adblock off” too many times…
    worked well for weeks, however… 2 days ago my Browser started to slow my PC down, then i read the Post here, started adblock on this side again – no Problems for me anymore… i really dont know… my Setup is too good to get slowed down by 3 Tabs with ads (since i have between 80 and 500 open at all times with up to 2 1080p streams…), i can’t understand how they do it… ads can be aids (however, still allowing them on 4 other sides atm… dont mind some ads as long as i dont have to close the pages to watch my streams)

    1. Don’t worry about it, reent! Once things stabilize, I’ll be sure to let everyone know. I think it really is based on individual configurations (and holy crap, 80-500?) as well as what ads you end up getting served.

      1. I’m bad for the tabs too… I’m more like a hundred though… at my worst… . What I wanted to say though was: I have a weird problem that isn’t a problem. A while ago, I turned off my adblock… but strangely I still can’t see ads… and I have absolutely no idea what’s causing it…

        1. While I was at it, I thought I’d mention how I “read” the stories on WW, because technically I don’t read them. What I do is I open each chapter that I want on my laptop and save them to pocket using cntr+shift+s. I then open the “articles” up on my phone and have it read to me. It is to be noted that neither the Kobo or laptop versions have that feature. I find the robotic voice convenient and my eyes don’t get strained. Also while I listen I generally do Sudoku puzzles… which is a small story itself… anyway I thought it may be of some interest to you, to see how some of the different ways your readers interact with your site.

    1. Errr, the thing is, it’s on a ‘rotation’, not on a ‘slot’ basis due to fill caps and some other things, so I can’t just point to it. Don’t worry about it! 🙂

      1. Well atm I see:

        Although soon as I enable Lijit:
        Nuestar AdAdvisor
        all show up as well.

        i suppose I could play around a little bit. I just don’t wanna bother putting the click ad up at all. Since I wouldn’t click so no point

        1. Lijit USUALLY has no video ads. The click ad is AdExchange (Google’s). AppNexus has some video ads, some not. Komoona doesn’t have them, I -think- (that’s one of the newer ones I brought in to replace the ad slots).

          1. Well the video ads ones. Well labeled as Video ad providers are:

            There was another one, but didn’t catch it on one reload

            Ah spotXchange that was the one I missed earlier. Not sure if this can help some of the others put some stuff up or not an only get non-pita ads

            Also one named not labled as a video provider, but a damn fishy name lol

          2. Never heard of those. Again – these are on ad networks and ad exchanges, so multiple networks might be doing the ‘bidding’.

          3. true, but if people knew which sites to block. they could setup a better filter, and atleast let in some of the not quite as bad ads

  19. Go ren! I ad no idea about all this D: well least the ads arent affecting me 95% of time,so i can run/watch those 2 videos on each of the multiple ww tabs open ?

  20. hmm i would love to just unblock everything and let the ads stay but the thing is that when the ads are there, when i scroll down, the post isn’t the only thing that scrolls down, the background itself does too and then there is just a white wall for a background (not exactly sure what this is technically called). so i have to refresh multiple times to make sure the background keeps loading properly while i scroll down to finish reading the chapter/post/comments. not sure but feels like this is my computer’s problem itself but i kinda doubt it cause my computer isn’t old or outdated so… just letting you know what the problem is

    oh ya thanks a lot for that wonderful explanation i really wanted to know how these things worked 🙂

      1. hmm you might have heard of it but maybe my explanation wasn’t clear enough. just to let you know, the same thing happens to me on gravitytales. the background doesn’t stay put for some reason and i have to refresh a couple times to finish reading the entire thing. happens way less on this site. only time it happens here is sometimes when i click the video ad to play and then scroll down and then it only happens sometimes and usually works fine after 1 refresh

  21. Haha, Ren, even I think some of your ads are so hardware intensive! Thankfully, my pc’s got plenty of ram to spare, but if it were my laptop, I’d start asking for offline copies of your translations.

    Not to rain on your parade, but I try to keep adblock off most of the time while here.

  22. yeah problems with ad.
    the video ads do affect me but that is while am visiting wuxiaworld on my laptop. so instead of that I read on my Tab and click on the ads once in a while.
    but I still encouraged wuxiaworld fans to still click on the ads, it will help Ren and other Translators better.

  23. I never use Adblocks in Wuxiaworld since my computer is powerful enough to load the ads without any lag.

    I hope the others who are in the same situation as me will do the same :).

    Let’s try our best to support Ren-bro’s team!!

  24. I am personally using something quite different from adblock to completely shut down scripts instead of ads, with whitelist of base urls (“”, for example).

    Because it works somewhat differently than the standard adblock, I would like to know what urls to whitelist (and potentially what urls cause the videos to blacklist them, because my internet is not that great).

    As far as I am aware, this system (NoScript on firefox) is not as used as adblocks, because it requires a better understanding of what to whitelist and what to keep blocked, but it would not be strange if I was not the only one using it.

    All this to say that if you make an other post about ads in the future, it would be nice to include that type of informations, because the reason to block scripts is to only allow targetted scripts and avoid a lot of potential “viruses” that come through those inclusions.

    1. mithos, thanks for joining the community! I’m not a tech guy, and I’m not sure how these things work. The purpose of the post was more on the ‘ads’ part 🙂

      1. Fair enough, then I’ll just experiment a bit, I managed to get a few of the ads to show up for now.

        By the way, I just registered, but I have been reading here for a bit now, I just didn’t have anything to post.

        I’ll throw in a big “thank you” for your chapters as well as the aggregation of so many good novels that are all in proper english.
        It’s so much easier to get in to the stories when you don’t see grammatical errors twice per phrase.

  25. Oh my, I didn’t even realise that there were ads on Wuxiaworld – I’ll try and keep it switched off on here in the future <3
    EDIT: Oh damn, my browser self-combusted upon disabling it, looks like these ads can be a little strenuous for those of us less blessed with newer tech :p
    PS. Ren, do you know if anyone's looking for proofreaders or anything? I'd like to do my best to help out if possible

  26. no problem from me for you getting ads.. as long is not annoying.. ahahahah..
    i make exception on my adblock to accepting your ads..
    i don’t want lose place to read.. heheh

    and one more suggestion.. its better when click ads its open with new tab or new windows,.

  27. Wow… Maybe I’m just really lucky or my settings were magically in a good place, but I’ve Never had any videos or stuff on this website. I see the banner ads and other basic static ads but that’s it, no adblocker or anything, whether it’s on my phone or my comp. Maybe it’s Cus I’m living in India?

  28. RWX I just found about WuxiaWorld a few days ago and I just wanted you know thats its one of the few spots of Paradise on the net. Ads or not!!! I really respect and admire all you guys who keep it up running and all the translaters and editors that give it a reason to be up also. Thanks guys!

  29. Yeah, I’ve been feeling a bit annoyed lately when trying to read.

    At first the loading speed is bad, but as long as it’s loading I don’t really mind that. It’s not like I actually care to be the first person to post or anything, lol.
    But the most annoying part is when I’ve loaded the page and I’m scrolling down to keep reading and the page no longer responds thanks to the ads… ugh.

    At this point I’d much rather have a couple of pop-ups that I can immediately click away. 😛

    Anyways, thanks for the explanation.

    1. Vlaeghe, are you still having this problem? There are some ads I found doing this and I’m trying to get rid of them. I think I did, but let me know if it is still happening.

  30. I don’t know why, but I seem to get a lot of video commercials… Well, I guess it has to do with where I’m from.
    So yeah, it still gets fairly laggy from time to time.

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