AC, AGM, IRAS, TMW Halting on Wuxiaworld

Friends and readers, it saddens me greatly to be saying this, but the translators for Absolute Choice (cktalon), Ancient Godly Monarch (lordbluefire), I Really Am a Superstar (cktalon/Legge), and True Martial World (cktalon) have advised me that they have accepted a lucrative offer from Qidian International (QI).  As a result, they will be halting their translations on Wuxiaworld and will be continuing their translation exclusively on QI’s website.  This decision is effective immediately, and the Wuxiaworld-completed chapters are being moved from the ‘active’ menu to the ‘completed’ menu temporarily until I figure out a better way of dealing with them.

Personally, I’m feeling a bewildering mishmash of many emotions right now.  Sadness and pain, certainly; from the very first days, I’ve always hoped and said that any novel which is started here will be finished here, and a move to a website threatening legal action against us doubly stings.  A certain perverse pride, for sure; QI offered our translators a salary which is four or five times what the other QI translators are making, which I view as a testament to the ‘worth’ of Wuxiaworld translators and the ‘rightness’ of our focus on quality.  However, more than anything else, I feel humbled and thankful; QI actually emailed many Wuxiaworld translators with similarly attractive offers, but most of them elected to stay here with us instead, even though I certainly cannot match the numbers they threw around.  I have and will continue to do my utmost to live up to their (and your) trust.

I want to make it clear that while QI refused to respond to any of my emails or engage in any discussions whatsoever, all three translators did advise me weeks ago of their interest in QI’s offer, and I appreciate their honesty and transparency tremendously.  We were and will remain friends (lordbluefire will continue to work on Ancient Strengthening Technique on Wuxiaworld), and if you were their fans and readers in the past I encourage you to remain their fans and readers; this community and the circle of translators is far too small to nurse grudges and start up feuds.

All three of them did want to make parting statements, which we’re all putting here as well so it is all in one place.  All I have left to say is au revoir, mes amis; which is to say, goodbye till we meet again, my friends.  You made what you felt was the right decision for you, and I genuinely wish you nothing but the best and offer you my support.

lordbluefire’s statement:


Hi, this is lordbluefire here.

I would firstly like to thank RWX for the opportunities he has given me to be hosting my novels on his site and he has been nothing but nice and fair to me all this while. I would like to emphasize that I have consulted him before making the decision and was appreciative of the advice he had given. After careful contemplation, I have eventually decided to shift Ancient Godly Monarch (AGM) to Qidian International.

The main reason for me is the licencing issues. After spending a year and half, countless sleepless nights and translating close to 600 chapters, I really do wish to continue this series, finishing this project and not have it cut short halfway.

There are of course many other factors such as my personal economic situation within which I won’t go in depth into.

I guess it’s inevitable that we would be swept into the inevitable legal drama and public backlash but I really hope the readers wouldn’t blast this series because of a decision I made.

We’ve communicated and I have RWX’s full support in this. I would still be on Wuxiaworld with [Ancient Strengthening Technique] and I’d like to truly thank RWX for the kindness, patience and everything he had done for me.


cktalon’s statement:


Hi guys, CKtalon here. As previously known, I was in discussion about moving to Qidian International. After several back and forths between my lawyer and theirs, I will be moving True Martial World and Absolute Choice to Qidian International (QI).

I would like to thank RXW from Wuxiaworld (WW) for hosting me and the novels I translate for the past few months. I will not comment on any legal disagreement between the two businesses and I will leave it to their lawyers.

Now, why did I make a move. There are various factors. Just like how when I moved from Gravitytales (GT) to WW, one of the main reasons was licensing. I would like to iterate that WW did not invite/poach me to move to WW from GT. It was purely of my own choice. As you all know, I’m in close contact with TMW and AC’s author. I have also consulted TMW’s author, Cocooned Cow (CC) about the move, and he was supportive of it. He believes that he will get a cut of revenue earned by QI, approximately 10-20%. However, when QI manages to earn enough from their ad revenue to give him a cut remains to be seen.

I have privately offered to give him a lumpsum of money to thank him for his wonderful work, on behalf of the generous sponsors and the support from the international readers. I have given similar offers to AC’s author, Pear Lands In The Autumn Spring (PLAS).

Another big reason why I’m moving to QI is because I do want to work with these authors in the future. CC is contracted to QI for a few more books and PLAS has plans for another book which would be signed with Qidian.

Finally, about the rumors about paywalls, during the signing of the contract, I received firm indication that they have no plans of a paywall this year. They have not thought beyond that, but they are exploring various means of monetization that will still allow people to read chapters for free. Future plans include tipping, Patreon-like advanced chapter functionalities, and the possibility of VIP non-ad accounts.

I truly believe that this is for the best of author, translator, publisher and readers. From my point of view, the growth of Qidian is not detrimental to WW either since WW has authorization rights to 20 of Qidian’s most popular novels. New readers that are attracted to Qidian’s platform would also visit WW for Qidian’s top novels and top novels from other publishers.

Regarding the release of chapters, due to the transition, there will not be anymore chapters released on WW due to my binding contract.

AC chapters will be released on QI in about 36 hours.

As for TMW, chapter 1041 was just released. I’ll get to it as soon as possible. Any chapters that should be released today will be released en masse together. Also, QI does not allow splitting of chapters, so for AC, there will be some huge chapters that will be released in the coming days.

For Patreons, the current chapter the highest tier has access to is at Chapter 470-5. You will immediately be caught up with the latest raws once the shift is completed.

For TMW, I will continue keeping up with the raws as I still have 48 (+3 for this week) chapters in backlog (and $89). I will keep track of these figures and it will be listed in future announcement posts on QI (some time in mid-late July).


legge’s statement (and poem!):


Hello everyone, I am Legge, translator of the novel, I’m Really a Superstar. From today, I will be moving IRAS from WuxiaWorld to Qidian International after some consideration in the past few weeks.

I would like to thank WuxiaWorld’s support in the past few months, from Ren and the backend support staff like Yn5an3 & Guan Zhong, to fellow translators that I have spoken with before. Thank you.

I would like to assure you all that I will be continuing to translate the novel to the best of my abilities even after the move, so I am hoping that you would continue supporting this series.

“Lightly I leave,
“as lightly I came;
“I gently wave goodbye,
“to the rosy clouds in the western sky.

“Quietly I leave,
“as quietly I came;
“I flutter my sleeves softly,
“Not taking any wisps of the clouds away.”



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  1. I started reading TMW on Gravity Tales, I continued reading it on WW and I will continue reading it on QI. If, at some point, QI decides to use paywalls, I will decide if it’s worth paying or not.

    Other translators (e.g. the ones from volare) decided to drop translating the novels from QI because they want to avoid the licensing issues. Between dropping the novels or moving them to QI, I prefer the second option because at least I will have the chance to continue reading them.

    Through to be told, I was more disappointed when these translators moved from Gravity Tales to WW, because most of them didn’t even bother at that point to explain why they were leaving and a lot of rumors started spreading about Gravity Tales and GGP. But after finding out that they moved because they wanted to avoid the licensing issues, I understood their reasons. If I understood these reasons back then, I understand them now too. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t support the idea of paywalls and the way QI tries to steal translators from WW and Gravity Tales, but I have no intention of blaming the translators for this situation.

    To the people complaining and blaming the translators, I have 2 questions:
    1. What if a big company comes to you and says it will pay you 4-5 times the amount of money you earn right now, for the same amount of work and same conditions? Are you seriously telling me that you will decline that offer? Just think for a few minutes what impact on your life will have earning 5 times more money and then sincerely answer this question.
    2. What would you do if a big corporation comes and says that your job is not legal and that they have the power to make you lose it? And that the only option to continue doing it is to join them?

    1. Your 2 questions :

      1) just try to read the contract QI wanted them to sign… They’re no better than slaves and renege on a lot of rights and their traductions no longer belong to them (the translators).
      Even if I could earn 5 times more money like this, I wouldn’t because I consider than dignity is not worth so little… Even more since they can already live with only their translation
      (if they needed more money just to live a correct life, then it would already be more understandable… but it’s not the case actually.).

      2) If QI could really do that, why would they need to use underhanded means like that and so much ?

    2. For your first question, if i do my job out of passion i will stay loyal to the company i already work for, if i do it for money than its no brainer question.
      For the 2nd question, if it was the situation i mean there’s nothing to ask, its either you keep working or not.
      but i assume its not the situation, and i also assume this started as hobby and not a job and they just turned it into their job.
      Now i will ask you a question, whats worst, a rich person losing all his money or not having money in the first place, or in another words would you rather something you attached to taken away from you or not having it in the first place?

    3. This post was about concerning the future of Wuxiaworld. I mean you have enjoy the novels themselves, while many of us enjoy the world that Wuxiaworld brought to us. We feel grateful to wuxiaworld and thus we are willing to stand for it.

      None of us here are stubborn kids, who can’t pay for Novel.

      As I said in a previous comment, money is money, but it feels very-very ungrateful when you just move to QI, when Ren is in a legal war with QI. They moved to Wuxiaworld, because QI promised to future incensing. Now QI backstabbed them , they backstabbed Ren.

      Don’t make us think how we will feel when we get so much money. Think, how you will feel when your own friend will back stab you like that. I’m sure Ren is very broken. And this is what our concerns are about. No one here is poor enough to pay for paywall.

      But it concerns the community. I’m sure you must have known what yen press done to baka-tsuki. Atleast, they were professional; these QI people are just totally garbage like in terms of conduct. Do visit Novel Update forums for a while. And how much, QI is trying to dirty name of REN and Wuxiaworld, and how unprofessionally they started this war by berating Wuxiaworld in a public platform.

      Sorry, I do care for Wuxiaworld.

    4. Truthfully, I prefer the first option because it shows the person has better morals and principles at least, folding to money is not what I’d call an admirable trait.

      Regarding your questions,
      1. I actually had this situation a month or two ago, while the difference in wage wasn’t as large as 4-5x the amount, it was nearly 1.5x my hourly wage. I ultimately stuck with my company despite the other company’s higher wage because my company hired me straight out of college, when I was frantically looking for a job to support my family especially since my family was having financial difficulties at that time.
      2. Regarding this, Qidan doesn’t have the right to claim any of the translator’s jobs are illegal. Translation is a perfectly legal occupation. They may or may not have permission to translate their novels but that doesn’t make said job illegal. If they don’t have authorization, they can always drop said novel and pick up another or put the translation on hold until the dispute between WuxiaWorld and Qidan is concluded.

      While I didn’t expect the translators to jump ship, it doesn’t really come as a shock. Since they can leave GravityTales, the site that essentially made them go from zero to something, leaving WuxiaWorld must be even easier.

      Needless to say, I’m dropping both AGM and TMW because I refuse to support Qidan. If I can drop TKA which I loves to bits and back, I can most definitely drop those two novels. If you want to support the author, give me a direct, “Donate Money to Author of _______________” button, but Qidan will never get any money from me. I don’t advocate supporting a corrupt company who enjoys throwing their weight around while conducting themselves in a inappropriately.

  2. This dont really bothers me cuz I dont really read any of those novel but it makes me feel sad that there is NTR in WW.

  3. i guess like a ton of other readers who dont like commenting and just like the reading part i would have kept myself in the dark and never tried commenting but recently and with the whole license idea getting out of hand and Qi not respecting the translator and the already existing site i thought i might try and give my own opinion.
    i droped every single wuxia that i read before since the moment they entered QI , maybe if they respected the translators more i would have even paid for it but sadly they did not and now that Korean section has been added to you rsite i think im going to drop the whole Chinese novels and stick to the Korean ones hope you guys can stick a deal before things get outa hand with the Koreans would been an option and i think that the Korean part would be better than the Chinese par tin dealing and respecting the translators,
    dont know if i conveyed the main point or not .:)
    hope to see you in future man , dont give up.

  4. the translators leaving for QI I can understand. For money, for personal reasons, whatever, it’s their choice. However what I am angry about is the fact that they were so abrupt about it. They have clearly more or less decided to leave already for a few months but they chose to only inform us now and did not even have the decency to tell us earlier and stop at the end of an arc instead they leave us hanging. This is quite clearly a ploy to get us to go to QI to get our reading fix.

    I love these translations and won’t stand for people making use of this love to make more money. I hate to discriminate but it’s obvious that QI is like a typical China company that wants to get monopoly of the market and will resort or unscrupulous means to do so. I will not support QI and hope that others won’t too. Although the novels are fantastic and the writers are not at fault but I are not willing to support such a corporation.

    I will like to thank the translators for their contributions to our community but would like to express my disapproval of your actions.

    1. CK has posted about this on NU and it was pretty much a given that he will switch, especially after what he did on reddit about half a month ago (straight out said that WW stole 11 novels from Qidian, which is not the case, so he basically attacked WW even back then). His noble “support the author” excuse is a terrible one. Buying the licence (which WW did in the past when it was still possible) does the same, just in a different form. It’s about how much he can make. There is a reason why he spent so much time negotiating a deal for himself, it was certainly not for the author. Then again, this certainly sounds better than “I was bought by QI, because I care deeply… about money”.

  5. Well no more Qin Wentian for me then. Patriarch RageBanana will be raging when he come back from his holiday to see that he can’t get anymore first. I guess this is it. I’ll come back later years in the future when I have a grand kids just to check on Qidian whether AGM is fully translated or not. By the time I’m already old and senile, throwing the money for Qidian will not be a concern. But now, I’ll hold onto my principle.

  6. It’ll be a shame to see TMW go. I put it on hold around chapter 500 and kept debating whether to resume it, but it looks like I don’t need to think about it any longer.

    It’s inevitable that some translators will have personal concerns that trump the community’s principles or some of their readers’ concerns. But having personal concerns (say, financial ones) isn’t evil, it’s the natural behavior of someone who is trying to take care of themselves. If QI’s actions were resulting in people dying or something then I would morally condemn these translators, but I see this as merely a conflict between corporate greed and the common good, and feel that the moral impact of these translators leaving doesn’t necessarily outweigh the importance of them taking care of themselves.

    I’m really thankful to the author of TMW and the translator for all the work they did on those chapters I enjoyed in the past.

    The one thing I object to is one of the translator’s comments that QI has “no plans” for a paywall. I have seen this phrase before, and it’s basically corporate speech that appears to deny that a paywall is coming without actually promising not to put one up (not that they would feel bound by such a promise). The paywall model is clearly possible when you look at the success of Patreons; people are willing to pay money for translations in some sense, it’s just a matter of their perception of what they’re paying for. QI is obviously playing the long game, using secret or overt threats while avoiding going on the defensive, hoping to co-opt the community as much as they can to minimize negative publicity and not spend too much money before they achieve a virtual monopoly that’s unaccountable to the community. Crunchyroll did the exact same sneaky things, although in Crunchyroll’s defense, they’re a smart and competent company, unlike QI which just wants to kill all competition and give readers translations that only need to be barely good enough to keep reading. x.x

    1. Jack can relate to this situation. Jack is a vegan and is against animal cruelty. However Jack is poor and needs money so he is working for a company that supports animal cruelty in the form of drug trials etc. Jack cried and spent many sleepless nights when he had to disect a living frog for an exam :'(

      Jack is sure that the translators also made this decision in a similar manner when they made the choice to leave ww for QI. Just like how Jack made the choice to disect the innocent frog for his exam grades and ultimately for future money…

  7. I’m seriously feeling a burst of emotions here.while I understand the need to earn money its just that till now even though there have been such good novels being uploaded on qi , I stuck to my principles and didn’t even access qi once………….now it just feels like I’ve been playing around the whole time……………just can’t accept it yet……….I understand the need but I don’t have to like it…….guess no more tmw and ac for me…..still I wish all the translators who are shifting the best of luck and hope they continue to enjoy translating whether it be at qi or anywhere else

  8. I’ve been reading novels on this webpage a month or two after wuxiaworld first came on the scene and still remember the small community of readers with RWX chatting with us in the comments sections. So if it helps RWX and WW I won’t read any novels that leave WW for QI. While i don’t know the whole situation I would be lying if i say I don’t hold it against the translators for leaving the site that nurtured the english wuxia scene and lets leave it at that.
    As long as DE SOTR MW & WDQK don’t leave i’m happy. I read other novels too but just not daily since some stories are slow etc.

  9. Though Jack initially stared wide eyed and slack jawed when he saw these novels appear on QI, Jack subsequently snorted in disdain. Coincidentally, all 4 of these novels were dropped by Jack many months ago as he didnt feel sufficiently entertained by these novels.
    Reading this post, Jack didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Jack also hopes this comment doesn’t cause anyone to cough out blood and faint.

  10. I will definitely continue to support lordbluefire, as I can understand his move and he has not completely abandoned WW for QI. Im glad the other translators are standing strong and staying with WW. I hope WW will continue to resist QI and the fanbase and translators both will fight back against this attempt to gain a monopoly.

  11. I didn’t want to write a comment but i feel that this is a sad moment. All the people d3dxcr, hehehahadd, shone your comment are really good and correct. I want to add that all these translator that are leaving for more money i can understand that it is human nature to want more money so not blaming that. But what they don’t realise is that after they move there and after few years when all the chapters there will be charged they will lose majority of there loyal follower because they don’t have a sense of loyalty. This was mentioned by another commentor on this forum, at that time will they really be getting this much money which wad promised or will the employee be able to pay them that much. It also sad that they didn’t leave at a low point in the story rather at a high point. This was a big slap to the face of loyal fans. Also you can tell that most of the people who left were those who were on another site and then came here and then left again. They really don’t have a sense of belonging to anyone. If i said something which may offed translator and i am sorry and also grateful for what you have done up till now but it still leaves a bitter taste leaving like this. The only novel i’m sad about leaving is ancient godly monarch. i feel that if the translator for that novel didn’t leave with that novel but the other one it would have been good. I read both of the novel but if from both i have to choose i rather see the other one go then this one.

    1. why drop it? just cause you dont want to read in QI doesnt mean pirate sites have gone extinct.

      I am against those kinds of sites, but you could say QI managed to be an exception

      I also agree about greed, if everything was free and licenses too were free, only needing an agreement from the author. Oh and if paywalls didnt exist.

      on second thought thats impossible isnt it?

      I am 100% sure qidian will put a paywall eventually btw!

    1. I like to see it as a difference between short-term and long-term goals and vision. You and I don’t know the personal situation of these translators such as financial struggles. I do agree that the better approach would have been to schedule a video call with RWX and ALL translators involve to re-think their goals and vision for the future before deciding on accepting the offer.

      I sent some of you private messages if you want to hop onto a video call and chat between fans about the future of light novels.

  12. So I have finally been driven to make an account in order to post this.
    This shows that once again people have neglected to learn from history.
    When power becomes concentrated such that a single company rules a entire market no one but that company wins.
    Carnegie Steel, Standard Oil and even today’s diabolical Monsanto all have shown utter disregard for consumers and employees below senior management.
    To gather their strength they may offer fancy pretty packages, but history has shown again and again that those who take such deals will be disposed of once they are in power.
    Qidan has achieved this monopoly in china and has already shown that seeks nothing less than to spread its grasp globally. As such any delusions that they will respect their bargains are sweet lies. In a Wuxia/Xianxia or nearly any other type of story does the guy who betrays their family and friends for fortune ever make it in the end? Or are they brutally disposed of afterwards because even the antagonist were sickened by their lack of loyalty?
    That is all there is to say really…The Novels Speak for Themselves.
    I pity those fools tempted by QI’s sweet lies or coerced by bitter poison but will offer no aid when their time comes for they were warned.

  13. I can’t help but remember a famous phrase in Xianxias, ‘There are no eternal friendships only eternal benefits’, lordbluefire ,cktalon and Legge are like cultivators who changed sects due to better cultivation ressources, from a logical point of view it’s an inteligent move but are we humans just calculative and emotionless creatures? I don’t think so especially when this is there second ‘Change of sect’, unlike Xianxias ,having low moral values might not give them heart demons, but I am sure that the future people they will work with won’t regard them as trustworty and loyal, I believe that loyalty should be a principle that must be preserved no matter the circumstances.

  14. I…Can’t say I have much to say except that from what I gather QI just basically shamelessly went behind the WW community and handed a blank check….That some accepted as for the accepted I don’t read any of the novels that got accepted and as of now due to this post I am going to refuse ever starting a QI novel, EVER! QI is thoroughly destroying its own market for Western readers. Eventually nothing will remain.

  15. “After several back and forths between my lawyer and theirs, I will be moving True Martial World and Absolute Choice to Qidian International (QI)”

    It’s very clear that QI didnt give them a good offer, but a good threat.
    I hope WMW won’t be the next, rich people somewhere please give a lot of donation to this series so the translation will be finished sooner…

    1. they hav lost all face tsk tsk. kinda ironic on how all these xianxia novels talk about is saving faces. wheres your honor! death before surrender!!!! ah fooey guess heroes only exist in novels nowaday. (turns and slowly walks away)

  16. I’m sad to learn the decisions of those translators… That’s their choice and I do not have the right to judge them…
    But I’ve to thanks WuxiaWorld, cause before your site, which I love, I didn’t even know what a xianxia was… WW has given me every day for almost a year now, so much pleasure, smile and laugh and I really think with all my heart that WW is fantastic and awesome, I think WW deserve respect and a lot of gratitude from clearly a lot of people!!!
    So I will always stay faithful and loyal to WW ! Guys you’re the best and nothing will make me go somewhere else… Til death do us apart, I hereby pledge allegiance to WW !!!

  17. I’ve been reading novels at WW for About two years now. It honestly surprised me when I saw that there were so many un-dropped novels, and I enjoyed it. finally have tons of great novels without worry that they might be dropped.

    I’m honestly Disappointed. AC is one of my favorite novels, so to see it leave such a great website, it baffles me. I just hope you are happy with your decisions, you spicy chickens.

  18. Just register just to post on this hah.

    sad to hear about TMW, i really have no idea about the rest. so tell me, is this like a big money making thing? i feel like more then half of the xianxia novels out there are just plagiarizing each other and once in a while u find something worth reading. i cant see people forking out real money for these stuff unless it to just support the fan service thru donations but since QI is an actual company i doubt the whole donation scheme will actually work. what yall think? will they sink or will they take over the english-chinese novel deal?

  19. To be honest, I think bluefire is the only one able to say that it was for personal reasons. Either he is really good at playing emotions, or he really does have troubles financially. The others come across as forced, and you can practically see there noses being led by the money. For most of these guys I feel disgust and even anger, but for lordbluefire, I just feel sad.

  20. Is it just me or do y’all find it ironic that the novels that they translate are about a character who “will stand against external pressures and forge their own way through their own indomitable will.”

  21. I don’t care about how amicably you split but I will say this I do not support turncoats. Wuxiaworld was the reason for your novel’s popularity and your contract with QI but in its time of need you turn traitor and run with open arms into the people trying to destroy the site. Many of these wuxia novels speak about loyalty and repaying karma. It seems you the translators did not learn anything from these novels. Many of these wuxia novels speak about friendship and the way you should treat your friends. Obviously these translators learned nothing from these novels.

    I would wish the translators goodbye and good luck but I won’t lie and betray my feelings. Regardless of what happens to wuxiaworld, don’t come back. Traitors.

  22. i mean as long as their isn’t paywalls it’s ok. i dont really keep up with the community and just read to read. i just hope the best for both the translators and the other readers.

    1. it will be 100% paywall……. they are just waiting for fans to flock on their website and get addicted to their novel until they want to spend money…… and thats the signal to put paywall……

    2. I mean look. The way they have tried to muddle the name of Wuxiaworld made me opposed to them. No one here has problem about paying some money. Even if it was expensive, I’d have payed, but how bad and unprofessional they have been in Novel Update forums towards Wuxiaworld; I believe, they are like evil sects of any popular xianxia novel.

      Why we rage is; we love wuxiaworld. Wuxiaworld brought us into this world. I remember reading Coiling Dragon, as my first novel. Then, I remember how Ren developed this website and made these novels so popular. I mean look TMW is pretty generic, AC is just to much filler, and IRAS is no nationallist. If these were not in popular website like, Wuxiaworld and Gravity Tales, I shit you not, these would never have reached their present popularity.

      Now they betrayed REN, but also me, and moved to site which had shit-talked the entire fan-translation community(check novelupdates forums). CKtalon even shit-talked Wuxiaworld a long while back on reddit. Dude, this is so wrong.

  23. u traitors did u return the money u swindled out of WW readers?not even the latest chapter that u lot posted has any hint of defecting….now u lot run to QI for their money…and then u will swindle them too for ur own site in future?

  24. This really saddens me, because we can’t be sure about other novels, since QI is being so aggressive on hiring translators :/ I was binge re-reading MW and TMW was going to be next. TMW was the first novel i picked up outside of WW novels, was my first gravity tales novel and i liked it very much, IRAS grew on me too, i was so happy when the novel came to ww it made my life easier, but some stuff must go so others can appear, wish all the best to the translators and i am sure they know if QI doesn’t really fly, they still have a “Core Disciple” status here in WW.

    *Flying away with sad thoughts*

    1. still, its sad to see Elders fall to the possition of a Core Disciple.

      well, its not their fault, I hope however that they will realise their mistake before its too late.

  25. Ok,it’s decided i have to give up those novels. No way in hell am i supporting that greed cooperation that only sees us readers as possible revenue. STAND WITH ME FELLOW DAOIST!

  26. Everyone hating on qidian grow up, it saddens me to see a great site like wuxiaworld struggling but qidian accepted to let them continue translating on wuxiaworld, but they declined because they didn’t like the contract. The novels are qidian’s intellectual property, you can keep saying chinese companies monopolise bussinesses but so do western countries try translating a harry potter book before j.k. rowling has sold the rights and see how fast you’re fined and broken down to the ground. I like wuxiaworld and I like rwx but to me what qidian is doing is totally understandable, as for the matter of them coming after wuxiaworld only when it had become a succes, it is simply because they see a potential to make money with THEIR intellectual property and they wanted free advertisement afterwhich when they started it would be profitable for such a company. To me it’s not despicable and very reasonable.

    1. we dont hate qidian.

      we hate qidian international.

      well, the word hate is making it sound bad
      but i am disgusted, to read on QI, when they slander, lie, enslave and try to destroy our peacefull comunity.

      Translating novels in the begining wasnt an 100% for profit, unless you are blind you can clearly tell, that QI is a piece of sh*t, I will tell you, QI is like an infection, how would you like to see our comunity become?

      seeking too much money will come bite you in the end, although i relate to their problems, working with QI is dangerous and you cant dissagree

      edit: an extra something, I will never forget how QI tried to destroy WW, those fcking QI bstards, well would you work there if given the choise to choose between WW and QI

      of course not, unless you cant see clearly, it doesnt worth it.
      I dont know about you but the very thought of their contract let alone how they suck in marketing, would give me nightmares

      edit2: wait that doesnt solves my curiosity, would you work? answer truthfully!

    2. I wonder who’s more immature, a group of people hating a certain group for having unethical business practices or a person who tacks the ‘immature’ and ‘child’ label on the group despite being entirely uninformed? Because you, my good sir are entirely misinformed about the whole situation.

      ‘qidian accepted to let them continue translating on wuxiaworld, but they declined because they didn’t like the contract.’

      WuxiaWorld did not decline because they didn’t like said contract, there is a legally contract in place between Qidan International and WuxiaWorld. There were also oral promises given to WuxiaWorld however Qidan International renegaded on said promise, and went to a public form to slander their contract partner. Then when WuxiaWorld sent out a counter-statement, Qidan International took to the forums to slander their partner even more. All of Qidan International’s actions have been both unethical and unlawful, both of which is emphasized in the Western World, which happens to be their targeted audience. The only reason why Qidan International hasn’t gotten their comeuppance is because they are a Chinese Company and demanded that all legal stuff takes place in mainland China and in China, money is what rules the world.

      ‘The novels are qidian’s intellectual property, you can keep saying chinese companies monopolise bussinesses but so do western countries try translating a harry potter book before j.k. rowling has sold the rights and see how fast you’re fined and broken down to the ground.’

      Secondly, do you even understand what a monopoly is? A monopoly is when a singular entity owns nearly the entirety of the market share. J.K. Rowling owns all rights to The Harry Potter series through copyrights. She does NOT have a monopoly because she only owns what she herself writes. She does NOT own a majority of the reading market and she does not own the rights to the majority of the books on the market, therefore what J.K. Rowling has is NOT a monopoly BUT a sole ownership of the Harry Potter franchise. Qidan International on the other hand holds a near monopoly of the novels in their native language. Nearly 60-70% of the novels are on Qidan’s site so they do hold a monopoly on said market. Currently, Qidan does not hold a monopoly on the novel’s translation market however they are trying to achieve this, and a monopoly in the Western world is ILLEGAL.

      ‘ I like wuxiaworld and I like rwx but to me what qidian is doing is totally understandable, as for the matter of them coming after wuxiaworld only when it had become a succes, it is simply because they see a potential to make money with THEIR intellectual property’

      Thirdly, intellectual property. There are copyright laws regarding intellectual property. The copyright inherently belongs to the author unless the author signs those rights over to the publishing company (which is what Qidan is claiming). However these copyright claims don’t give them the rights to the translated chapters, which follows the rules of derivative work. The original work and translated work are two different copyrights. Having the copyrights for the original work gives Qidan and the author’s the inherent right to make derivative works and the right to authorize others to make derivative works. The copyrights for the derivative works belong to the people who made said work, in this case the translators. In the chance that said derivative work is unauthorized, then the original copyright own can ask for the unauthorized work to be removed, but they hold NO rights to lay claim to those work unless the author of the unauthorized work sells them their copyrights. Qidan International’s intellectual property only encompasses the original work which is in Chinese. Qidan is not writing their own translations therefore Translated Work do not count as their intellectual property until the translator decides to sell their copyrights to them.

      Lastly, there isn’t anyone who can find fault with a company who wants to be profitable and make money. That is the purpose to a company after all. However finding fault with a corrupt company who throws ethics and the law out the window for money is acceptable. In the Western World, business practice is important. Consumers are less likely support a company who practice unethical practices. Public image is important for Westerners, a fact Qidan doesn’t quite seem to understand. To me, wanting to be profitable isn’t despicable, however continuously doing unethical and unlawful actions in the name of profit deserves the label of ‘despicable’.

      In conclusion, Qidan International is a corrupt business who only knows how to lie, cheat, and steal their way to the top. The only reason they’re still able to operate is because they forcefully make all legal actions follow the court system in China, and China is one of those most corrupt countries in the world. If this followed the Western Legal System, Qidan International would be deader than last night’s dinner.

      P.S. Before making a comment attacking an entire group as being ‘childish’ and ‘need to grow up,’ you should grow up first and actually know the situation. Commenting in such a self-righteous manner while being misinformed is exactly what a ‘child’ does.

    3. i think they earn a good sum of money because of these novels that they have been translating for quite a while.

      Inevitably, everyone is feeling upset about the translators leaving, including me and RWX especially. But RWX still treats them as friends, as seen from his post, means he understands their decisions. There’s certainly more details in here that we don’t know of. Perhaps we can learn from RWX and just wish all the best to the translators. Whether we follow them to QI or not, is our own choice to make.

    4. Nice comment! You’ve said exactly what I feel (but I couldn’t put it in words as well as you). Specifically, the lines: “I think, it’s your time to grow up, and learn to protect things you care about.” and “While, your opinion comes from the view of a man living in society, we the non-grown up infants, have our opinions that comes from our heart.”

      In the arguments with QI’s paid shills that have taken place in the NU forums, the shills always attempt to use fatalistic arguments to persuade people. They repeatedly say, “QI is the copyright owner. Ren can’t win against a giant. In a few years, everyone will have accepted QI as the face of novel translation. Get over it.” In part, I think it’s a somewhat of a cultural thing, because the Chinese seem more pragmatic and calm about the idea that “might makes right” (which isn’t nearly as universal a principle as they may think it is, of course) whereas Westerners tend to let themselves get angry over injustice and strongly express themselves. (Disclaimer: I know little about Chinese culture and don’t even know the language, so this is just my amateur impression.)

  27. haaa~

    I aprove of their choise but I am more afraid that they will regret it….


    I am not sure, I cant help but feel anxious for them, I mean this choise is a huge one, not one that can be made easily
    if i was in their place, I wouldnt choose QI, no matter how dire my econimic status became.

    but this is life isnt it?

    not many people have the ability to resist, especially when money is involved, so although i am saddened I wont judge them for their decision.

    however I also want to see my favourite novels completed, so if QI can help with that, then I can partially ignore what they have done, to support my favourite novels!!!

    if QI really helps the translator community to get larger and better in a way that doesnt hurt the entire novel community that will be nice, wouldnt it?

    Also that being said, I just have this ginormous difficulty to believe that they just had a change of heart.
    From their known behavior and atitudes, I just cant bring my self to trust them.
    From what I know, trusting QI wont turn out well…Not only that, but I want our comunity to be clean of garbage.

    but when something brings profit, I guess this is inevitable, isnt it? maybe QI will show a better atitude from now on?

    only time can tell…. oh! is that asking too much from QI? ok.

    I wont go to QI to read those novels, as there are many ways to read them, unless QI has changed hands I dont think I be reading from there.

      1. also, I was hapily binge reading Renegade Immortal, why does another QI announcment come and ruin my mood?

        I cant comprehend what is QI thinking, werent they finished?
        stopped bothering us?
        why havent they stopped with their bullsh*t slave contract yet, I dont want there to be more victims.

  28. Damn QI,fck off far away pliss.I’m new to wuxiaworld and still even doesn’t get to read half of all the novels here.

    And out of the 4 novels halted on WW I read 2 of them already,which is AC and IRAS.I don’t really care for IRAS but AC is a masterpiece in my opinion although it’s slow-paced and alot of cliffhangers but that just shows how much effort and detail the author put in the novel.

    Coincidentally,I was just about to read TMW soon and next AGM but then this shows up.I don’t know much about translators lime CKTalon,legge and lordbluefire and so far people mostly called them traitors and as I can see,it seems they transferred here not long ago?I won’t comment on them and hell I don’t even know of who this ‘Ren’ guy you guys are talking about.

    But as I can see he looks like a nice guy and I also support him and WW and I heard about QI deeds long ago and they can just go to hell in my opinion.These sort of people shouls just die faster and I don’t really like them-ehh screw that,

    I HATE THEM AND HOPE THEY DIE SOON.But regardless of them or the so-called “traitors”,I think if u are a fan of those novels it’s best if u don’t give up and continue to love them like u always do.

    I once accidentally typed “” and it became
    “” and though I don’t know how this website is related to “” if there’s even any connections between them,I checked it earlier and discovered it still updates AC
    (well at least AC),but from the looks of it,it updates the other 3 too so u guys can check it out if u want,just sharing by the way.


  29. RWX, this is a hard blow, but you are now in a telephone-booth fight with a giant who’s got unlimited stamina (money). The only Achilles point it has is it’s greed. My advice is to shift gears and step on it, rope in more novels and expand like crazy to have more content on the page, cos the only thing people like more than reading good novels is reading good novels for free, and lot’s of them. Also create some ads. Good luck future Giant Killer.

    1. I think Wuxiaworld should stop the translation of non-copyright Qidan novels, and just move to other publishers. QI is a dick, and unless you cut it, it will act mighty and powerful. But, QI really dug a grave. Hell, I’m sure people have already started process of pirating these novels.

  30. Aw well. This is certainly unfortunate because wuxiaworld is and has always been my favourite translation website. I hope that our departing translators will one day all return and bring back their translations as well.

  31. It feels sad that when I finally found a warm place to read novels, All these things dumps a huge bucket full of water on top of my head… I actually considered dropping my hobby of reading but I just can’t…

    I’m really sorry to the translators who will transfer to QI… I won’t be able to follow you on the other side… I really liked your translations and reading the novels really made my days… Although I understand that you considered everything and I also think that the contract although it might restrict you a bit but will bring you more money… I really hate poachers and people who gets poached… Though it may be a personal trauma, I’m really sad that I can’t continue reading the novels you translate… I’m very particular about the translators and authors since their commitment and hardwork brought this novels to us readers… But two things that irritate me is the dropping of novels and transferring to other sites…

    I really hate QI since in my opinion, it is a hateful money-grabbing site… If they really want their novels to be known and read by a lot of people then why not just format their site to be similar to what baka-tsuki did… They have the TOC but it is linked to the site of the translator…

    I know my opinions are a bit childish and I know that you are doing your business but someday life will just take it back from you… One day, you will just gather bad karma and will suffer disasters… Although not now, but I tell you… I will be back with complete interest…

    I will be leaving for at least four years… When I come back, prepare yourselves… Although not personally but you will feel the bad luck having a black cat pass right in front of you…

    1. I kept quiet for the baka-tsuki incident but this time I will focus my studies and get it back to you one day… One blow is painful but followed by a second expect ten more to come to you… Even if my life gets ruined, I will drag you down with me…

  32. Well, I won’t visit the qidian site, so want don’t want I have to drop those series.

    And because the qidian pay enough, I guess, my patreon won’t be needed.

    Time to cancel some patreon

  33. I really have to say I’m incredibly disappointed because I really loved some of the novels that are being moved to Qidian. But, I absolutely refuse to read from there, as there actions truly are underhanded. For fellow followers of the novels that don’t want to read it on Qidian I suggest you go to Though the translation quality is not up to par with WW it is still fairly readable and, the novels are all either complete or up to date with the raws so you can go ahead and read ahead.

  34. I’m a salesman. I consider myself to be a rather practical person. I 100% understand the call to more money and can’t say that I have any issue with them moving for such a reason. HOWEVER, where they moved does infuriate me. I may be practical, but I’m also loyal. There are lines in the sand that should be treated as 300 meter walls and never crossed. Abandoning all loyalty and dignity to sign yourself over to such an underhanded group is inexcusable to me; particularly since it doesn’t seem as though they actually NEED the extra cash. It seems to just be, “Hey, more money!” Again, the moving for money part isn’t the issue, but the choice of destination is.

    The first web novel I ever read was coiling dragon here on WW. I love to read more than pretty much anything else in this world and I love the novels here. WW opened up an entirely new world of reading for me and the community really made me feel as if I was apart of something great. That feeling is valuable and frankly, doesn’t truly come around often despite social media sites and such being in a larger boom than ever before. Online communities usually feel so thin and fake to the point that I disdain them. I don’t make accounts for them. The only ones being YouTube for convenience sake, a couple other web-novel sites for comments, and WW. The greatest of these being WW. The novel community is something special; at often times more like a family then a collection of anonymous strangers. WW brought many of us into that world, and gave us quality to boot.

    I can’t condone the actions of those who betray such a great and meaningful community for the enemy.

    That said, I LOVE reading; furthermore I love reading 3 of those novels. As such, I will continue reading them; but with adblock and total assurance that they won’t get even a cent from me. When they do put up the eventual paywall, I will cease reading those novels. I won’t knowingly support them while aware of the underhanded methods they have taken against WW and the novel community as a whole. Whether it be the translators or the site they moved to.

    As a side note, I’m pretty good when it comes to business and business theory (not to toot my own horn). To be frank, what Qidian is doing….isn’t good business. Here’s the thing, even massive corporations that have the finances and influence to pull off such underhanded business methods have to be careful of the backlash that can come from extensive use of these methods. It can seriously hurt profit or in some rare extreme cases, even cause a big business to collapse and/or be absorbed. Any two-bit business-man worth his salt will be able to tell you that harming/betraying your target prospective consumer is foolish. As is openly harming or targeting a competitor that hasn’t done anything wrong. The issue with mudslinging, is that you get your hands dirty to do it, and everyone can see those hands, and the actions they take.

    Qidian is foolish, and are only harming themselves in the long run. After-all, they AREN’T such a big business that they can as easily get away with the methods they are using. They don’t have the financial, influential, or consumer backing that is required to come off unscathed by their actions. Public opinion and action are very important. If they continue as is, and the novel community continues to remain true to its roots, I expect that we will one day see the collapse of Qidian; or at the least, a drastic decline in overall worth.

    I look forward to such a day… as malicious as that is. Stay true novel community, and do not be swayed by temporary benefits at the cost of what can currently still be a bright future for web novels. It’s fine to read, but do not do so to the benefit of those who would threaten the community that we have come to love. Of course, that’s my advice, but I don’t really have any right to tell you what to do; as such……..choose wisely.

  35. i feel saddened about ckatalon, who knows the real reason for his moving? is it really that he is a man with no morals, who can stab those who help him for a few bucks more? could i have read ckatalon wrong? and thought him to be someone who wanted to share chinese culture/novels to us westerners?

    Could Qidian have learnt of his real identidty in china from his dual citizinship and maybe threatened him in some way or ways?
    Don’t forget in china qidian is big company thats very rich and that can eat a commoner as ckatalon alive.
    Personally i dont think ckatalon would do this for a little bit more money!

    I guess only ckatalon himself and his family/ closest friends would know the real story

    I wont lie i also would feel temped by 4-5x increase in monthly payment from work, but depening on the situation i might or might not accept such an offer, if i already got a stable income with food and a roof over my head and im happy at current work and got good co-workers i would never go to a place thats bad even i i get more money.

    I got an idiom here and thats “Money Talks”
    1st Example:
    Money gives one power and influence to help get things done or get one’s own way

    2nd Example:
    Money can influence what is done or how it is done. He was a fool to take the job, but money talks, so of course he took it.

  36. its disappointing that they sold out to QI… I could care less if they went to some other site, but QI have been total douches since day 1… they neglect on their contracts, and its surprising that such talented and active translators choose them for their releases; especially when CKtalon talks about licensing a book release when they actively steal art from other individuals without their permission. lol enjoy your shitty ass stolen book cover

  37. Didnt some of them come here for the same reasons they are leaving anyone claiming no morals has to be retarded and even if it is for more money if you are offered 4x the amount you make now for the same job you are just plain stupid loyalty gets you nowhere but stranded at the bottom they had gotten the prior notice thats good enough really they are good people for moving to ww for the reasons they did but pos for moving again for the same reason grow up idiots

  38. Im gonna Miss Blue Fire although i can read all of their works on qidian It Just wont be the same qidian just doesen’t give that same “I’m Home” Feeling like WW but hey man i dont know them so i cant judge them so every man is their own

  39. the truth that I did not know much about the situation that was happening in the community since I was waiting for the chapters of my favorite novels to accumulate.
    I was reading almost 6 to 7 novels in IQ but now that I know what they are doing I will go to uninstall the app and support REN anda the WW Community .
    sorry for the errors in my writing I do not know the lenguage one hundred percent

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