AC, AGM, IRAS, TMW Halting on Wuxiaworld

Friends and readers, it saddens me greatly to be saying this, but the translators for Absolute Choice (cktalon), Ancient Godly Monarch (lordbluefire), I Really Am a Superstar (cktalon/Legge), and True Martial World (cktalon) have advised me that they have accepted a lucrative offer from Qidian International (QI).  As a result, they will be halting their translations on Wuxiaworld and will be continuing their translation exclusively on QI’s website.  This decision is effective immediately, and the Wuxiaworld-completed chapters are being moved from the ‘active’ menu to the ‘completed’ menu temporarily until I figure out a better way of dealing with them.

Personally, I’m feeling a bewildering mishmash of many emotions right now.  Sadness and pain, certainly; from the very first days, I’ve always hoped and said that any novel which is started here will be finished here, and a move to a website threatening legal action against us doubly stings.  A certain perverse pride, for sure; QI offered our translators a salary which is four or five times what the other QI translators are making, which I view as a testament to the ‘worth’ of Wuxiaworld translators and the ‘rightness’ of our focus on quality.  However, more than anything else, I feel humbled and thankful; QI actually emailed many Wuxiaworld translators with similarly attractive offers, but most of them elected to stay here with us instead, even though I certainly cannot match the numbers they threw around.  I have and will continue to do my utmost to live up to their (and your) trust.

I want to make it clear that while QI refused to respond to any of my emails or engage in any discussions whatsoever, all three translators did advise me weeks ago of their interest in QI’s offer, and I appreciate their honesty and transparency tremendously.  We were and will remain friends (lordbluefire will continue to work on Ancient Strengthening Technique on Wuxiaworld), and if you were their fans and readers in the past I encourage you to remain their fans and readers; this community and the circle of translators is far too small to nurse grudges and start up feuds.

All three of them did want to make parting statements, which we’re all putting here as well so it is all in one place.  All I have left to say is au revoir, mes amis; which is to say, goodbye till we meet again, my friends.  You made what you felt was the right decision for you, and I genuinely wish you nothing but the best and offer you my support.

lordbluefire’s statement:


Hi, this is lordbluefire here.

I would firstly like to thank RWX for the opportunities he has given me to be hosting my novels on his site and he has been nothing but nice and fair to me all this while. I would like to emphasize that I have consulted him before making the decision and was appreciative of the advice he had given. After careful contemplation, I have eventually decided to shift Ancient Godly Monarch (AGM) to Qidian International.

The main reason for me is the licencing issues. After spending a year and half, countless sleepless nights and translating close to 600 chapters, I really do wish to continue this series, finishing this project and not have it cut short halfway.

There are of course many other factors such as my personal economic situation within which I won’t go in depth into.

I guess it’s inevitable that we would be swept into the inevitable legal drama and public backlash but I really hope the readers wouldn’t blast this series because of a decision I made.

We’ve communicated and I have RWX’s full support in this. I would still be on Wuxiaworld with [Ancient Strengthening Technique] and I’d like to truly thank RWX for the kindness, patience and everything he had done for me.


cktalon’s statement:


Hi guys, CKtalon here. As previously known, I was in discussion about moving to Qidian International. After several back and forths between my lawyer and theirs, I will be moving True Martial World and Absolute Choice to Qidian International (QI).

I would like to thank RXW from Wuxiaworld (WW) for hosting me and the novels I translate for the past few months. I will not comment on any legal disagreement between the two businesses and I will leave it to their lawyers.

Now, why did I make a move. There are various factors. Just like how when I moved from Gravitytales (GT) to WW, one of the main reasons was licensing. I would like to iterate that WW did not invite/poach me to move to WW from GT. It was purely of my own choice. As you all know, I’m in close contact with TMW and AC’s author. I have also consulted TMW’s author, Cocooned Cow (CC) about the move, and he was supportive of it. He believes that he will get a cut of revenue earned by QI, approximately 10-20%. However, when QI manages to earn enough from their ad revenue to give him a cut remains to be seen.

I have privately offered to give him a lumpsum of money to thank him for his wonderful work, on behalf of the generous sponsors and the support from the international readers. I have given similar offers to AC’s author, Pear Lands In The Autumn Spring (PLAS).

Another big reason why I’m moving to QI is because I do want to work with these authors in the future. CC is contracted to QI for a few more books and PLAS has plans for another book which would be signed with Qidian.

Finally, about the rumors about paywalls, during the signing of the contract, I received firm indication that they have no plans of a paywall this year. They have not thought beyond that, but they are exploring various means of monetization that will still allow people to read chapters for free. Future plans include tipping, Patreon-like advanced chapter functionalities, and the possibility of VIP non-ad accounts.

I truly believe that this is for the best of author, translator, publisher and readers. From my point of view, the growth of Qidian is not detrimental to WW either since WW has authorization rights to 20 of Qidian’s most popular novels. New readers that are attracted to Qidian’s platform would also visit WW for Qidian’s top novels and top novels from other publishers.

Regarding the release of chapters, due to the transition, there will not be anymore chapters released on WW due to my binding contract.

AC chapters will be released on QI in about 36 hours.

As for TMW, chapter 1041 was just released. I’ll get to it as soon as possible. Any chapters that should be released today will be released en masse together. Also, QI does not allow splitting of chapters, so for AC, there will be some huge chapters that will be released in the coming days.

For Patreons, the current chapter the highest tier has access to is at Chapter 470-5. You will immediately be caught up with the latest raws once the shift is completed.

For TMW, I will continue keeping up with the raws as I still have 48 (+3 for this week) chapters in backlog (and $89). I will keep track of these figures and it will be listed in future announcement posts on QI (some time in mid-late July).


legge’s statement (and poem!):


Hello everyone, I am Legge, translator of the novel, I’m Really a Superstar. From today, I will be moving IRAS from WuxiaWorld to Qidian International after some consideration in the past few weeks.

I would like to thank WuxiaWorld’s support in the past few months, from Ren and the backend support staff like Yn5an3 & Guan Zhong, to fellow translators that I have spoken with before. Thank you.

I would like to assure you all that I will be continuing to translate the novel to the best of my abilities even after the move, so I am hoping that you would continue supporting this series.

“Lightly I leave,
“as lightly I came;
“I gently wave goodbye,
“to the rosy clouds in the western sky.

“Quietly I leave,
“as quietly I came;
“I flutter my sleeves softly,
“Not taking any wisps of the clouds away.”



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  1. i feel saddened about ckatalon, who knows the real reason for his moving? is it really that he is a man with no morals, who can stab those who help him for a few bucks more? could i have read ckatalon wrong? and thought him to be someone who wanted to share chinese culture/novels to us westerners?

    Could Qidian have learnt of his real identidty in china from his dual citizinship and maybe threatened him in some way or ways?
    Don’t forget in china qidian is big company thats very rich and that can eat a commoner as ckatalon alive.
    Personally i dont think ckatalon would do this for a little bit more money!

    I guess only ckatalon himself and his family/ closest friends would know the real story

    I wont lie i also would feel temped by 4-5x increase in monthly payment from work, but depening on the situation i might or might not accept such an offer, if i already got a stable income with food and a roof over my head and im happy at current work and got good co-workers i would never go to a place thats bad even i i get more money.

    I got an idiom here and thats “Money Talks”
    1st Example:
    Money gives one power and influence to help get things done or get one’s own way

    2nd Example:
    Money can influence what is done or how it is done. He was a fool to take the job, but money talks, so of course he took it.

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