AC Chapter 99

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Chapter 99: Stabbed Into My Heart

China’s capital. Battle Arena Corporation headquarters.

“Chairman, the management systems and safety mechanisms that control the virtual world which the Missus is in are all crippled. The competition temporarily cannot be suspended. However, the technical team is doing their best to troubleshoot the invading virus. We believe they will soon expel the Arch-Cardinal. Please wait a little longer!”

In a long hallway, a white-shirt elder strode quickly and proceeded forcefully despite his white hair. A man in a suit and sunglasses was following closely behind as his tone sounded anxious.

“Wait? Xiao’er is currently in danger, and you want me to wait?”

Xiao Lingtian frowned as his voice was filled with an angry tone. His eyes were filled with worry.

The suited man attempted to persuade him, “We informed America’s intelligence agency the moment the Arch-Cardinal appeared. We believe they will soon nab the Arch-Cardinal. Missus would definitely be fine.”

Xiao Lingtian sneered upon hearing this. “All the power of the Arch-Cardinal comes from the Bishop of Virtuality. Even if all four of the Arch-Cardinals are killed, the Bishop of Virtuality can immediately create another four with a simple thought. The American intelligence agency would not put in any effort for two Chinese nationals that provides no benefit. I can’t place my hope on them.”

“I know you are worried about the Missus’ safety, but please do not hastily use the ‘Battle Holy Arrow’!”

The suited man hurriedly said, “Although the technical team has managed to reverse locate the Arch-Cardinal to be in San Francisco, USA, you will definitely alert America’s Department of Defense if you were to shoot the arrow at San Francisco. You might even affect Sino-American diplomatic relationships. And even the ‘Battle Holy Arrow’ will find it hard to tear through America’s defenses. Furthermore, there is the bunch of monsters known as the Revengers there. Your arrow might not only fail to stop the Arch-Cardinal, but it might also result in a catastrophe!”

As the suited man spoke, the duo arrived at the end of the hallway where a silver metallic door stood. Xiao Lingtian went to the authentication panel by the side and began a complicated authentication process by scanning his face and doing a thumbprint identification, as well as providing his saliva for analysis.

Xiao Lingtian turned around and glanced at the suited man. He said with a resolute tone, “This arrow is meant to stir the American Department of Defense. If they can’t be bothered with the lives of two Chinese nationals, then my ‘Battle Holy Arrow’ will definitely make them look up. Furthermore, I have to save Xiao’er regardless of the consequences even if there is no guarantee she will be saved. If one arrow won’t do, then I’ll use two. If two isn’t enough, I will use all the ‘Battle Holy Arrows’!”

Upon hearing this, the color on the suited man’s face changed. His voice slowly turned distant. “Are you insisting on persisting in this willful act?”

Xiao Lingtian did not respond. After he finished the authentication procedures, the silver metallic door gradually opened. There was only a glass platform in the spacious room and on it, there was a purplish-gold bow and seven pure white arrows.

The bow’s name was “Azure Descendence”, a sacred artifact that had been passed down through the Xiao family for hundreds of years.

And the seven arrows were called “Battle Holy Arrows”. It was developed by the Battle Arena Corporation’s research department over a period of seven years, spending tens of billions of Chinese currency before they barely managed to produce these seven holy arrows that possessed the ability to destroy an entire city.

These seven arrows were what the Battle Arena Corporation used to ensure its safety in the Chinese business industry. In this era of rampant calamities, if they lacked the strength that matched their wealth, they would be ruthlessly denied the qualification to participate in the shady business world.

At this moment, Xiao Lingtian was willing to lose everything to save Xiao Xiao.

“You are ruining the Battle Arena Corporation by doing this!”

The suited man saw Xiao Lingtian grasp the Azure Descendence bow and sling the seven holy arrows on his back before leaving. Gritting his teeth, he threw himself in front of Xiao Lingtian and took a deep breath. He said agitatedly, “Missus is your granddaughter, but what are the employees of Battle Arena Corporation to you? They too have children. They have the duty to support their families. Can you really harden your heart to disappoint them and make them lose everything? Are you going to destroy the Battle Arena Corporation’s foundation built up over ten years because of a meaningless stubborness? This was established by you single handedly. Isn’t it also your child?”

Xiao Lingtian faltered in his footsteps as a slight struggle flashed in his eyes. He then sighed and said, “Ten years ago, for the Battle Arena Corporation and for the Xiao family estate, for so-called righteousness, I lost my son and daughter-in-law, while Xiao’er lost her parents. And at this moment, with the same choices placed in front of me, I have to choose to be selfish this once even if it is wrong.”

“I will arrange for the corporation’s employees to take up jobs in other companies. I still have that bit of power. If the United States Department of Defense denounces China, I will personally head to the United States and take up all responsibility. Although I am just a lowly businessman, I still know some important figures. I believe this old man’s head isn’t worthless.”

Xiao Lingtian was adamant.

The suited man’s eyes flashed a ferocious color but he lowered his head to prevent Xiao Lingtian from seeing it. He hurriedly followed Xiao Lingtian’s footsteps along the hallway. The hallway’s exit began to appear in front of them. Once out of the hallway, Xiao Lingtian could immediately pull Azure Descendence open and shoot out the Battle Holy Arrow. This arrow would fly across rivers and mountains, crossing dozens of countries before arriving in San Francisco, United States.

After this arrow, the Battle Arena Corporation’s reputation would be left with nothing. All his ambition would just be reduced to disappearing bubbles.

“Is this the end?”

The suited man sighed. A dagger in his sleeve inched out quietly.

“Let’s end it here.”

A lazy voice was heard coming from the exit. A silver-haired youth dressed in a blood-red robe suddenly came out into the light. As the youth walked, dozens of red skull-shaped flames floated around him as they issued strange screams from time to time.

“Young Master Red Lotus!?”

A look of shock flashed in Xiao Lingtian’s eyes as he suddenly thought of something. He turned to look at the suited man and said in disbelief, “You secretly informed the Ministry of State Security?”

The suited man bowed his head and said, “This was my only way to stop you.”

A trace of disappointment flashed in Xiao Lingtian’s eyes. After he sighed, he turned to look at the silver-haired youth and asked, “Since the Ministry of State Security has deployed you from the Dragon team, have they hardened their hearts to stop me?”

The silver-haired youth yawned and said weakly, “That’s true. Although I don’t think letting you shoot a few arrows would be a big deal, the few old men in the Ministry of State Security treat this ‘international peace’ as importantly as their lives. So don’t struggle and obediently put the Azure Descendence back and relax yourself with a full-body massage. Of course, if you insist on not coming to your senses, I don’t mind playing with you.”

Xiao Lingtian’s facial expression changed as he said solemnly, “Young Master Red Lotus, although you are a genius not seen in a hundred years, and the Dragon team broke tradition by recruiting an elite like you, you are still too young. Although I have been in the business world for decades, I have never fallen back on my cultivation. If this becomes a life-and-death struggle, I’m afraid you are no match for me. For Xiao’er, I can’t care too much. I am even prepared to kill you who they call the future of the country, so…”

“So noisy!”

The silver-haired youth’s cold shout interrupted Xiao Lingtian’s words as his lazy expression slowly turned cold. He sneered, “It appears you aren’t going to listen to advice. Fine, I don’t like wasting time either.”

As the silver-haired youth said that, he suddenly took a step forward. Dozens of flaming skulls instantly gathered around his body, turning into a gigantic blackish-red skull. The gigantic skull ferociously opened its mouth and let out a deafening scream.

“For Xiao’er, so what if I become a desperate ignorant man!?” Xiao Lingtian sighed helplessly as he raised Azure Descendence. Numerous green beams of light immediately appeared in the air as they gathered in his palm, condensing to form a green arrow.

The suited man was standing not far behind Xiao Lingtian. A fierce look flashed in his eyes as the dagger in his hand quietly protruded.

At this moment, the sounds of anxious footsteps came from the other end of the corridor.

“Missus… Missus has woken up!”

In the most luxurious private room in the Battle Arena Corporation, Xiao Xiao sat up from her virtual immersion cabin. Her hand held her chest as she took a deep breath while her heart continue palpitating. Moments later, she calmed down.

Her mind recalled all that had happened in the virtual world as well as that sudden stab. She knitted her eyebrows and took a long while before they gently eased up. A lovely smile suddenly bloomed on her beautiful face.

“I see.”

Xiao Xiao hugged her knees and placed her head on them. She dreamily said, “Shi Xiaobai, that knife of yours has stabbed into my heart.”

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