AC Chapter 98

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Chapter 98: Go on First

A door of darkness fell from the sky, and from it undead legions emerged, each and everyone having intense killing intent. The sky was filled with flying bone dragons, while the land was trampled by skeleton soldiers. It looked no different from doomsday.

Xiao Xiao, who had slumped to the ground, was drained of all her Psionic Power. She found it difficult to even keep her upper body up, so how could she muster the strength to escape?

The bone dragon that was closest to her suddenly began to flap its bony wings which in turn stirred up a furious storm. Its sharp talons shimmered with a cold sheen as it charged at Xiao Xiao with a deafening roar.

“Am I going to die?”

With her death approaching, Xiao Xiao’s heart was complicated but calm. It was complicated because she had to draw the curtains on her life that had yet to become interesting. It was calm because she had done her best. At least she had never really given up.

As her vision gradually turned hazy, she suddenly saw a familiar figure jump out of the skeleton soldier clump. The figure was rushing madly at her at a speed as fast as lightning. In the blink of an eye, the figure had caught up to the racing bone dragon.

“Little pervert!”

Xiao Xiao’s gaped her little mouth.

He passed through the door of darkness and leapfrogged rows after rows of skeleton soldiers. He had come to save her and had already chased up to the bone dragon!

At this moment, the bone dragon had also realized a minute figure running on the ground. With an angry roar, it suddenly turned and plummeted downwards, rolling a storm alongside it to attack Shi Xiaobai!

“Be careful!” Xiao Xiao hurriedly shouted.

Shi Xiaobai did not seem to hear it as he only cared about his desperate run forwards. Just as he was about to reach Xiao Xiao, he suddenly turned around and kicking off with his right foot, he jumped up high towards the bone dragon’s sharp talons!

The gigantic bone dragon’s shadow completely shrouded Shi Xiaobai, as though he had been swallowed by darkness. The bone talon swiped down at him in a ruthless manner!

Shi Xiaobai raised his short knife as he faced the bone talon!


A loud noise erupted from the collision, as though a rock had hit a hard wall. At this moment, Shi Xiaobai’s figure was grabbed by the white chilling talons and instantly disappeared!

“No!” Xiao Xiao screamed.


The bone dragon suddenly looked up and roared. Its roar was filled with anger and fear.

“Peng! Peng! Peng…”

The sounds of explosions and ruptures emitted from the bone dragon’s body as thick bones broke one after another and fell to the ground, resembling a grayish-white rain that poured down from the sky. In seconds, the gigantic bone dragon was reduced to a pile of bones on the ground.

In the middle of the heap of bones, Shi Xiaobai stood up and patted his body, clearing the bone fragments off his body. His eyes were calm and indifferent.

Xiao Xiao was dumbfounded

Could this Pig Slaughtering Knife not be so ridiculous?

However, it is pretty cool.

Having survived the calamity, Xiao Xiao revealed a faint smile. At this moment, Shi Xiaobai had turned around and headed towards her. He leaned over and reached out both his hands.

Xiao Xiao’s smile stiffened but soon softened.

More than ten bone dragons flew over in a rage while hundreds of skeleton soldiers marched forward like a torrential flood. Xiao Xiao knew that not a moment could be delayed; hence, when Shi Xiaobai ran towards her and appeared as though he wanted to carry her, she did not show any resistance. However, she felt somewhat embarrassed about the princess carry she was about to receive.

But, but, but!

“Why are you carrying me this way!?”

She was thrown over Shi Xiaobai’s shoulder in a fireman’s lift. Xiao Xiao’s face blushed so red that she wanted to dig a hole and jump into it. However, she quickly realized Shi Xiaobai had done so to free his hand for his knife. A fireman’s lift just needed one hand.

Fine, she understood the logic, but this position is too…

Xiao Xiao tried her best to straighten her upper body but she had no strength at all. She could only let her chest rest on Shi Xiaobai’s back. However, as Shi Xiaobai began running, her upper body constantly bounced. Her soft lumps on her chest struck his back again and again.

This was so embarrassing!

However, the ceaseless pursuit by the bone dragons and skeleton soldiers would overwhelm them at any time. It was not the time for her to complain about such matters.

As the color on Xiao Xiao’s face oscillated between red and white, she cursed the ungentlemanly pervert in a manner too deep for tears in her heart. However, just the thought of the critical situation they were in, and how he had rushed from the other end of the door of darkness like a knight to save her, made her heart feel warm.

“Hey, little pervert, what’s your name?”

Xiao Xiao suddenly remembered that she did not know his name. Although asking another person of their identity in the virtual world was a big taboo, they were after all sharing weal and woe. If they really failed to escape this disaster, they might end up being buried in the same piece of land.

If she did not even know his name, wouldn’t it be too lonely?

Xiao Xiao did not hear the answer she wanted to hear because a door of darkness came crashing down in front of them without any warning. It shook the entire jungle.

The door of darkness in front of them produced thousands of undead legions that began to charge at them, while there were bone dragons and skeleton soldiers chasing them from behind. Both the front and back was a dead end!

At this moment, the only choice was left or right!



A door of darkness suddenly crashed to their right.


Almost at the same moment, another door of darkness fell from the sky, landing on the road to their left.

Gigantic bone dragons, armor-wearing skeleton soldiers, bow-wielding skeleton archers… A dense horde of undead legion emerged from every direction as they encircled them. There was not the slightest gap!

The skeletons army stopped marching forward about ten meters away from them. They raised their bone sabers and were filled with intense killing intent.

The skeleton archers also stopped more than ten meters away. Their arrows were all aimed at the two people who had no way out.

The constantly hissing and growling bone dragons were circling the skies, as though they were dark clouds that blocked out the sun.

A cassock appeared in the encirclement as he let out a taunting laugh.

“The game ends here.”

The game ends here?

Xiao Xiao struggled to get off Shi Xiaobai’s shoulder. She barely stood up as she leaned on Shi Xiaobai’s shoulder. She looked at the Arch-Cardinal not far away and asked with an ugly expression, “Doesn’t your undead summoning… require a casting time?”

The three doors of darkness that had completely blocked their paths had nearly appeared at the same moment. It was in completely at odds with her speculation of the casting time mechanism.

“Casting time?”

The Arch-Cardinal did not seem in a hurry to order the undead legion to tear the two of them to pieces. Instead, he said with interest, “I, who have received the favor of His Grace Bishop of Virtuality, can summon the doors of darkness at any time. Of course there is no summoning time.”

“You are lying,” Xiao Xiao coldly said. If there was not casting time, then why did he not summon the door of darkness right from the beginning to corner them into despair?

However, just as she said that, the Arch-Cardinal gently waved his hand as a door of darkness immediately opened in the distance. Bone dragons and skeleton soldiers poured out like a flood.

A look of disbelief flashed past Xiao Xiao’s eyes as she said with a trembling voice, “Why?”

Was everything she guessed wrong?

But why?

Why did he constantly give them the chance to delay time despite having the ability to completely overwhelm them?

“Looking at pitiful worms constantly struggle, constantly going from having hope to despair, and then gaining hope from despair, until they fell into absolute despair. Such a delightful matter must not be missed, am I right?” The Arch-Cardinal sneered and said, “Unfortunately, time is limited for me, so the game can only go this far. So, it’s time for you to die obediently.”

The moment he said that, the Arch-Cardinal flew up to a distance of a hundred meters. He gently raised his hands as all the skeleton soldiers, skeleton archers and bone dragons readied themselves. They were just waiting for the Arch-Cardinal’s hand to go down to indicate for them to charge forward and engulf the duo.

Xiao Xiao could not help but tighten her grip on Shi Xiaobai’s arm as a hint of despair flashed past her eyes. Being surrounded by layers of skeleton armies and bone dragons that completely blocked out the skies, there was not even a trace of hope for them.

Everything was ending just like that?

What indignation.

“Shi Xiaobai.”

Suddenly, a calm voice resounded in her ear. Xiao Xiao was slightly surprised as she turned her head to see a pair of black eyes that seemed to sparkle at a magnitude brighter than the stars.

At this moment, Shi Xiaobai’s gaze was extremely calm. None of the undead legion that surrounded them or the impending death seemed to shake his will.

“This King’s name, Shi Xiaobai,” he said.

Xiao Xiao finally reacted. This was an answer to a question from not long ago.

This belated answer did not seem too late.

“Xiao Xiao. My name.”

Xiao Xiao’s panicking heart suddenly calmed down as she reached out her hand and said softly, “Nice to meet you.”

To be able to get to know you at the final moment is indeed something fortunate.

Although she felt extremely indignant, she also felt a tiny consolation. Maybe there was no need to be so sad.

Shi Xiaobai did not stretch out his hand to grab the soft hand but instead said with a calm voice, “Then…you go on first.”

Go on first?

Xiao Xiao was stunned for she could not figure out the meaning behind the sentence immediately.

However, a short knife stabbed into her chest suddenly. It was direct, quick and merciless as it stabbed through her heart.

She did not have the time to ask why.

She did not have the time to take a glance at that pair of dark eyes to find out what emotions they contained.

Xiao Xiao’s vision turned black as she lost all consciousness.

AN, might be a real spoiler for some

Author’s Note: According to normal cookie-cutter plots, Shi Xiaobai will bring Xiao Xiao along to resist the Arch-Cardinal and finally make their breakthroughs after struggling. Despite Shi Xiaobai’s Crab Steps having risen to the Dominating Refinement, he would still fall into a despairing situation, and finally Kali or One-Pun would appear to save the day. Alright, that was actually how I planned to write it, but since many people were grumbling in the comments section that the plot has gone on for too long and is filled with filler, I decided to abandon all the stockpile for the virtual world after a lot of thought. This chapter was rewritten just today. I’m determined to not do cookie-cutter plots, and instead, take the untrodden path.


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